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Avatar m tn How long have you been treating now? In the beginning first months the brain fog and lethargy just overwhelmed me. My old boss wanted to fire me BAD (thank God the new boss came in and promoted me because he understood how hard I was trying). I was an IDIOT. Then somewhere soon after that my brain ironed out for the most part. Still tired but not so desperately concerned that I had really developed a brain injury from the meds.
505363 tn?1211210560 so, with doctor out of town, no reliable history of good medical care even for my seizures or doctors who listen to me or understand that i have a strong intuition and understanding of my body, and a week or so to wait for my titer results, i'm miserable. most of all, i want to know if any of you had this ammonia and toxin buildup in the brain... and if you have any layperson suggestions as to what to do.
Avatar m tn -Fecal -Onion like -Ammonia when I sweat like crazy -Socks -But in most cases, it's like I haven't showered for weeks. Doctors couldn't find anything unusual about it and categorized it as overactive sweat glands. Advices on basic hygiene methods like I'm a caveman who didn't know about deo. I must point out that I sweat profusely throughout the day. How do I know I smell?
Avatar m tn One of my friends was the Viet Nam Vets Hep C top folks and he told me I would have died of old age before the Hep C did it Lots of information on the website you suggested --- going to take a lot of time to read through I just feel like the treatment changed pathways in my body from side effects that never reverted back to the way they were prior to treatment ---- almost like road work where they divert traffic and when the work was finished the original road never opened back up I have been
Avatar m tn The amount of tylenol in my system was off the charts ( alt ). My ammonia levels were so high I was in and out of consciousness and hallucinating horribly! Well, I have turned my life around, but am dealing with the consequences. I also have many other illnesses and it is a tricky situation because of the meds I am, that to take what I cant take, what will kill me? On top of the Hep C , developed chronic pancreatitus which is very painful too.
Avatar n tn I still tried a lot of things to see if dust allergies was the cause i tried claritin,benadryl, bought carpet allergen stuff for carpet, new allergen pillow,wash blankets in hot water and curtains in hot water , vaccuum twice a week,dust a lot i did all this and nothing worked so i think i have that staph that is what is making my turbinates swell i dont even have the classic symtoms to an allergy.
Avatar f tn ) About 30% of people who treat suffer from depression 3) Brain fog, chemo brain is often a reported symptom of TX 4) Symptoms of the brain which pertain (usually) to high ammonia in the brain due to damaged liver. This would generally be for stage 4's- cirrhotics. I'm mentioning these distinct types of brain issues and believe that they are of organic (ya know, caused by bad chemicals) origion as opposed to being "depressed" because the job sucks or ya feel bad.
181575 tn?1250202386 Combination therapy (CT) using telbivudine plus lamivudine and monotherapy (MT) using telbivudine alone in a 2005 comparison of 104 patients did not show a difference in effectiveness. 5. Combination therapy (CT) using lamivudind plus adefovir and monotherapy (MT) using lamivudine alone in a 2003 comparison showed CT superiority: by week 52, CT group remained virally suppressed, HBV DNA levels increased in the MT group. 6.
211940 tn?1267884866 of the pure, food-grade kind horses get fed--along with Algaecal) or to give my immune system a boost for whatever reason. Not sure if it has to do with fluoride in the water (don't usually drink fluoridated water of any kind) or something else purportedly innocuous.
Avatar n tn I've had blepharitis for 15 years and the only people that talked any sense were Sunderland eye hospital You may solve it (or make it easier, it's never solved)by bathing your eyes 4 times a day in salty water. Baby shampoo made mine worse.
Avatar n tn I was experiencing sudden hair loss after being on birth control pills for 7 years. Blood work was all good, and no unusual stress had occurred. My dermatologist, a female, said that she has found that discontinuing the pill will often slow or stop the hair loss. The condition is called "telogen effluvium". If there is some "shock to the system", as many as 70% of the scalp hairs are then shed in large numbers about 2 months after the "shock".
Avatar n tn My wife thinks that I'm making things worse by turning all the clocks in the house (the ones that chime) off in order to avoid knowing the time so I don't panic by learning that I have ONLY a few hours left before I have to get up and get ready for work. Again, she thinks I am creating a great deal of anxiety for myself. Yes, I have a sleep study two years ago. I did not experience the tremor that night.