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Avatar m tn Nitrogen compounds from the protein that is eaten enter the enter the colon and are degraded by the bacteria we have in our digestive systems. This frees up the ammonia. It is then absorbed and transported to the liver via the portal vein. When a liver is healthy, it rapidly and efficiently takes the ammonia from the blood stream and converts it to glutamine which can then go to the kidneys and turn into urea to be excreted.
Avatar n tn I am overwright but consider myself athletic. I can smell the ammonia in my nose and on my breath. I've had blood work done and my liver function is normal, ammonia levels normal, blood glucose and a1c is normal. I have been diagnosed with non -alcoholic fatty liver and I have insulin resistance. Anything would be helpful!
Avatar f tn Lactulose is the standard treatment, it binds to the ammonia in the body and makes it pass through the intestines. But if that doesn't work, there are antibiotics that can be used. Rifaximin is considered the best (and unfortunately, most expensive) one. It kills the bacteria that produce the ammonia. Other antibiotics that are sometimes used are neomycin and paramomycin. So, if anyone else has a loved one who is not being helped by Lactulose, ask a doctor about these antibiotics.
Avatar f tn He won't return to the doctor since being diagnosed over 2 years ago. He drinks 2 ltrs of wine a day. He has a terrible body odor of ammonia and the bathroom has a constant ammonia odor I find terribly offensive. I feel I need to clean it all the time. I think I started this post just to ask if he would excrete ammonia in his urine if his levels were high; it's beginning to appear to me that this is the case. Any idea if this is an early or later sign of the progression of this disease?
Avatar m tn I know all the other stuff are symptoms, but I havn't been able to find anything about this ammonia body odor. Is this something that occurs or what are the causes of this? I've read it can be a sign of liver or kidney damage. Has anyone experienced this with the onset of HIV? I'm waiting a little while longer to get tested for HIV. For one, because I want to get better insurance before I do.
Avatar n tn This site has a table about 1/2 way down that indicates what normal ammonia levels are at various ages. A little bit further down the article explains that ammonia levels do not necessarily correlate with the symptoms of encepalophy. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn For the past 2 summers my husband smells of ammonia when he sweats. We went to our regular dr. who after blood tests told us his ammonia level was 51. A repeated test a month later his ammonia level is 32. They did an ultra sound on his liver, galbladded & ducts which all looked normal. Should we seek an opinion from an expert in determining if there is something to be concerned about? He is not a body builder and does not eat excessive amounts of protein.
30678 tn?1217992847 The acidification of the contents of the gut causes a reduction in the absorption of a chemical called ammonia. The presence of ammonia in the gut causes water to be drawn into the lower bowel, which causes an increase in the water content and volume of the stools, therefore relieving constipation. Lactulose is also used in higher doses to help reduce a complication associated with liver disease called hepatic encephalopathy.
Avatar f tn Hi there. Thanks for the interest. I take a B12 injection every 2 weeks. Last lab check, it was still zilch. He said that it's due to malabsorption. Said dietary supplement would do no good.
Avatar n tn We don't know where to turn for help or answers. We are in Watertown, NY and don't see a hepatologist in the phone book. Do you have any information or suggestions as to what might be going on with her body or a doctor you could recommend - even in Syracuse, NY? Thank you for your time and assistance.
5611452 tn?1370974704 Sometimes the doctor will take in to account how you are feeling/acting then add in the ammonia number. I have also read that there are times when a person is having no trouble at all but then they are told that there ammonia level is high I was told that the lactulose would not bother my sugar...
Avatar n tn we have not started tx as of yet we see the liver dr this wednesday to find out where we go from here his blood levels are all very low his platlet count was 65 and he is nearing needing another blood transfusion.
Avatar f tn People cough because our breath smells like ammonia. Causes of ammonia breath odor are h pylori gastritis and chronic renal failure. Please get checked for h pylori, change your diet, do not skip meals!, and try be less anxious when people react to you because then the odor gets stronger. H pylori and halitosis is the cause. H pylori is #1 cause of stomach cancer. I suffer from PATM and I am h pylori positive.
1391695 tn?1298143389 That just sounds crazy to me. The chemicals that enter our body from meats, fresh fruits, vegetables and processed food far exceed any harmful chemicals that could enter the body through the scalp. Even with organic foods chemicals are stil present.
14315163 tn?1433901017 Of course when he will be able to get a transplant depends upon where he lives. You indicated you live in California. Here in California we have long wait lines and a person could need a MELD score between 30 -40 depending on his blood type. Lactulose is considered the first-line therapy for HE. The usual oral dose of lactulose is about 15-30 ml given twice a day to induce 2-3 soft bowel movements daily.
Avatar f tn When the liver is struggling it can’t convert protein properly and it ends up as ammonia that passes out into the blood stream and makes our body toxic. Ammonia is an irritant that causes dry throats, coughing, sneezing etc. This theory ties up with people who have stopped eating protein and moved to a plant based diet, giving up alcohol which damages the liver, and more recently someone saying tamarind had helped them. Just a thought that this could be worth further investigation.
Avatar m tn His body was really restless and they had to sedate him to stop his body from moving so much so they can medicate him. His ammonia level at the highest was 75. He also had esophogeal varicies, and was vomiting up blood. They put a shunt in his liver to stop the bleeding. So far that has helped to stop the bleeding and his ammonia level went down to 48. He is still unconscious, though, and on a respirator. He also has MRSA and is running a fever. They have him in isolation.
Avatar n tn You to have take proper nature food for certain period of time, that way new cells will born, old bad cells will be out and our system will come into good health. If any fungi comes in our body, we will have power to fight and it fix it automatically. That is how our body is designed. We are not eating what ever food designed for us. There is no studies proves that Tiger or elephant got sugar or heart attack. Because they eat only the food designed for them. Not like us.
Avatar f tn You have ammonia in your body from gastro issues. I would suggest detoxing it out with Ornithine, Arginine and Lysine. Contact me if you have questions.
1046832 tn?1255011862 I agree, it is a chemical smell, somewhat sweet w/ ammonia. Crack accelerates sweating and it gets in your clothes. I have been around people where the smell is so bad that it burns your nostrils. Bad hygiene doesn't help either. Crackheads are not overly concerned with bathing. But even if they do, it will come through their pores and urine. Very bad smell.
Avatar n tn I know this sounds wacky but, just as our menses are tied to the moon's subtle gravitational shift, so are the other fluids in our body and it riles up the germy little residents of our bodies. There are about 100 known types of trouble causing worms,microbes,fungi,paramecia,etc. in the western world and doctors can test for about 2 of them definitively. There are lots of resources online that list healthy foods and habits.
Avatar f tn Cree's sodium level is improved, but potassium is low. Ammonia is still high. She's still in the hospital, but sends greetings to all.
Avatar m tn We are many here with this illness and we will help you beat it. We're all in the same boat. And we help each other. Even though our welcome might have been a bit off. Many of us are treating at the moment and are stepping through a lot of brain fog and other issues. And then some of us can be a little sarcastic now and then... don't mind us... Or like you did with me, you said your mind and kind of put me into place. That's cool, too.
192055 tn?1263559137 Now think about this for a minute. It was around that time in my life when GMO's started becoming all our produce. And I'm sorry to say even though the studies done showed it cause tumors or cancer inside mice at alarming numbers, they still went along with it. Eat a store bought tomato then eat a homegrown natural organic tomato it will blow your mind (if you didn't like tomatoes before you will then), same goes for all other produce. And Its not just the taste, its the color, texture, smell.
5611452 tn?1370974704 Hi Shelley, I'm sorry that you're having to add one more diagnosis to your list of complex health issues. I don't know as much about Cirrhosis from NASH as I do about Cirrhosis due to Hep C, but it's unfortunate that your GP didn't figure it out sooner (before Cirrhosis developed).
Avatar m tn My doctor did mention that he wanted to see me when the condition was actually occuring. There is an article in our local paper on a disease when people lose their sense of smell completely. It's called anosmia. I don't think that is related to my problem, but reading about what folks go through with that disease is very interesting. Anyway, good luck in finding a cure. Please keep me posted. Thanks, Dave.
Avatar n tn Have you taken the drug Accutane sometime in your past? It does a number on the mucotaneous tissues in the body and causes side effects setting in years after ingestion. The medical community as a whole is unaware of Accutane's LATENT side effects. If you've taken it check out the ACCUTANE ROACCUTANE ACTION GROUP FORUM. There are literally thousands upon thousands of people unaware that their health problems stem from use of this highly toxic chemotherapy agent.
Avatar n tn As a general precaution, If you are smelling ammonia in your urine, it would not be a bad idea to go to your general practitioner (family doc) and have a hepatic function panel done to rule out serious liver issues. In our urine, Ammonia acts as an absorber and leads to water absorption. There is a mistaken belief that the ammonia can be attributed to a lack of protein.