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Avatar m tn it's about 15 minutes long, just keep re-looping from blood tests, the only thing i can tell you is i had high blood ammonia (but haven't re-tested lately)...I would often smell something coming from me that smelled ammonia-y... i used to think it was gas, but the noise-producing aspect of that ruled it is definitely something electro-magnetic...
29837 tn?1414538248 Was thinking the other day how nice it would be to visit your city. Maybe after tx when I have the requiste energy. Don't know much, have read little, about ammonia levels. But if you read the post in a thread started by Pluggin Away yesterday he makes reference to ammonia levels, brain scatter (great term) and lactuose. Just a few threads down. Take care.
Avatar f tn I looked into tryptophan and hypothesized whether we are able to digest it properly. It was interesting to learn at high concentrations the by-product indole from tryptophan produces feces odor while lower concentrations has a flowery smell. I would suggest reading more about tryptophan, see link above. A lot of people have also reported fungi being the cause which most possibly could.
Avatar m tn // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I still have PATM but its not noticeable that much. From my observations, I believe the cause is overheating in our body. We tend to get nervous or heat in our body which produces and exhadles some gas from our body which is allergic to humans.
Avatar m tn Due to the presence of large amounts of urine in the blood vessels, the inhalation of large amounts of urine and odor, the patient's body began to heat, heart rate, pulmonary edema, dyspnea, ammonia poisoning. At this point, taking antibiotics can quickly alleviate the disease. (2)fecal odor: Principle in patients with extreme tension, in a drive, will continue in the faeces of Escherichia scatol inhalation of blood vessels. Driven by the blood, the blood vessels first reach the anus.
Avatar n tn and something i havent dont yet but really want to is lick wer cement i dont know when it rains and the smell of the cement and the rain just does domething to me and gas omg i loveeee it so much old car gas new caw gas big truck gas i go to the gas station and pump the gas my self i even get a little on my hand or mostly my feet so i can smell it while im driving.
192055 tn?1263559137 It dry my respiratory ways, the loungs felt heavy and short of breath. Stupid... If a car runs out of gas, you don't put diesel in it... So, That was for me and I hope it help you too. By the way: exercise helps a lot because it puts your entire system in balance. Not heavy exercise, but let's say twice that you're doing right now... And if you don't do, it's time to start.
Avatar n tn hi lee802 did you see my posts? i just found this article.. try chiropractor is one suggestion on here, try wheat free menu i feel better if its an IBS, blood test for celiacs, chrones diease is possible see gastroenterologist? Pudendal nerve entrapment From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pudendal nerve entrapment (PNE) is a source of chronic pain, in which the pudendal nerve (located in the pelvis) is entrapped or compressed.
Avatar m tn in fact the patm symptoms seems to reduce if we don't care because we seem to emit some kind of gas or metabolites (maybe ammonia is released by these worms your doctor found) that makes people have these reactions and it gets stronger if we are stressed.
604197 tn?1292308636 Switch to electricity instead of gas. Read labels carefully in case you are using strong chemicals that need ventilation. Hope it helps.Take care and God bless.
233616 tn?1312790796 // It’s theorized that this test is inefficient for those of us that are undergoing HCV treatment. The ribavirin obviously causes increased hemolosys, retiring RBC’s ahead of their 120 day schedule. This is thought to render the A1c test ineffective; people/diabetics that are undergoing HCV treatment with ribavirin should consult with their doctors remind them that this might be an issue to compensate for.
Avatar m tn Hi truthfulp, here are the answers to your questions/comments: 1) I never said that I avoid all carbs; not sure where you are getting that from. When I still had PATM, I avoided white carb products (white bread, white rice, etc.) because they have more sugar. Instead, I ate whole wheat bread and brown rice (or quinoa, a wheat product). It's not a good idea to avoid all carbs; we need it as part of a balanced diet.
Avatar n tn // This stuff is in all sorts of stuff including household cleaning products.
Avatar m tn //en.wikipedia.
Avatar n tn Within the hour of eating and with about a 3 minute warning my stomach bloats up with gas. I go to the bathroom immediately have diarrhea. My ears get hot and ring, I start to sweat. the pain in my stomach is so intense the next thing I know I'm on the floor with someone slapping me to wake up. I don't know what to call it - Fainting or a sezure. When I'm out I feel like I'm shaking but my husband says I'm not. I do have constipation but not when this happens.
Avatar n tn // Let us now about how you are doing and if you have any other doubts. Regards.
Avatar f tn This offers some immediate relief. Spray directly to the bottom if you have an itch at night. The ammonia turns them away from coming out. I'm contemplating dip used for animals to kill the eggs. This worked for crabs once - that I got from an on-base bunk back in the Marines. This would be highly toxic and nothing a pregnant woman or woman wanting to get pregnant should consider. Yes - please keep adding to this forum. The problem's not going away soon mostly likely...
Avatar n tn SwanSong: Very, very interesting. I am currently experiencing an outbreak on my lids just these past few days. I am so upset because I really thought I had this thing under control. I too have Hashimoto's!! Also, my new eye rash followed a day of scrubbing bathrooms with all sorts of cleaners, bleach , Windex, ammonia, & disinfectants!!! My allergies also kicked in & I started shooting Naxonex up my nose , which I just Googled to lean contains Benzalkonium Chloride!!