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Avatar n tn Is it safe to recolor your hair with ammonia and peroxide free, a day after coloring also with ammonia and peroxide free dye?
Avatar f tn I asked my hairstylist about the whole dying hair thing said it was fine its an old wives tale and just be in a well ventilated area while getting it done.
Avatar f tn Yes its fine. I dyed my hair once already with ammonia free hair dye.
Avatar f tn I just had this huge argument with my mom last month about if it was safe or not so I called my doctor and she said it was perfectly fine to dye your hair during pregnancy
Avatar f tn My doctor told me I can only highlight my hair because it wouldn't touch my scalp...but since my roots are dark I want to color my hair to match my roots. Has anyone colored their hair while pregnant?
Avatar f tn Is coloring your hair b in second trimester OK
Avatar n tn There is also ammonia free hair dye... Another option.
1391695 tn?1298143389 If you are going to be doing your hair at home. Clairol has a ammonia free/peroxide free color that won't hurt your hair. It won't do the job that permanant color will do, but it will make your hair look and feel better. It is called Natural Instints loving care, and Clairol makes it. You can get it at most drug stores.
Avatar f tn Keep it ventilated, ammonia free, and i also did my roots last so it wasn't too long on it. Lastly my hair dresser had told me as well its ok to dye hair. Hope that helped a little.
2203249 tn?1338994046 That makes sense tho as to why not to dye it, color is rough on hair. He will freak out if he loses all his hair he's always been known for his hair like I said a bit of a beauty king haha. He may want to reconsider dyes while under treatment if he doesn't want it to thin too much.
Avatar f tn I asked my doctor and she said don't use permanent, just use semi. I actually dyed my hair today and all is well. I'm twenty weeks btw. I used ammonia free.
Avatar f tn Use ammonia free dye. There is less of a color selection but it's worth the extra precaution. Never ever ever bleach your hair while pregnant though.
1577200 tn?1331729319 lisa i am not a professional but i am a hair stylist im pretty sure it is safe for u to color your hair but however it is not safe for you to smell the fumes from coloring your hair.
Avatar f tn When you go into your 2nd trimester I hear it's safe... but has to be certain kind of dye. I'd ask your doctor for the okay before hand.. I'm waiting till my pregnancy is over with though.
Avatar f tn I dyed my hair at 10 weeks. Just be in a well ventilated room and get ammonia free hair dye.
Avatar f tn Being in the 35+ group I'm sure you also had to face this dilemma: did you continue dying your hair normally or did you let those greys & whites take over? Is hair color bad for the baby? What did you do?
3210965 tn?1345686380 I have to admit that I dyed mine one last time, a neutral ash brown, with a gentle, ammonia free hair-dye that goes by the names, either "Herba-Tint" or "Nature-Tint"...same company and product, etc. It is imported, I think from Germany, and it smells good, and is MUCH more gentle thean Clairol, for sure! That being said, I dyed it that neutral color, to blend with my silver at the temples, and then went 26 weeks not dying it, woot!
Avatar m tn Recently, she was told to try Love Your Color from Cosamo, a newer PPD free color without any ammonia or bleach and it worked great. What a blessing it has been for her to find a product that works.
Avatar f tn 16 weeks ... Can I color my hair or is it harmful to my baby. Please let me know...
Avatar n tn She said a dye that is ammonia free is fine, like the wash out (not permanent) kind. I got an ammonia free permanent dye. They're harder to find but they exist lol.
Avatar f tn I was told ammonia free hair color is okay.
14089185 tn?1439421185 I dyed my hair and my baby is completely fine. Just use ammonia free hair dye, I didn't leave it in as long, and make sure you have windows open as well.
Avatar n tn Yes especially ammonia free hair dye, semi permanent, or henna
Avatar f tn Yes.
Avatar f tn I'm 25 weeks and I really wanna dye my hair. I heard that ammonia free hair dyes are save. Is that true?
Avatar f tn I'm wondering what kind of ammonia free hair dye to use
Avatar f tn ^^ ammonia free hair dye is safe : )
8222051 tn?1408288693 Is it the fumes thats bad or the actual dye chemicals on your scalp? I want to do a color correcter on my hair cause it looks like shi but id have to color correct and then dye it....