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5611452 tn?1370974704 I just got my ammonia levels back. They are 78. I know that normal is between 11-35. 78 doesn't seem that much higher than 35. I know in some labs just a few numbers off isn't that big of deal, but in other labs it's major. So how bad is 78? Is this a dangerous level? I know my Dr. wants to "up" my Lactulose but when I told the nurse that called that it really shoots up my blood sugars, she has to go back and talk to the Dr. before changing it. Also, this is just my PCP Dr.
3097131 tn?1357088481 What I want to know is what can they do about his ammonia level other than Lactulose and Xifaxin.Thanks in Advance..Hello everyone its been awhile since I have been back here,I am doing fine still at SVR and still having check-ups every 6 mos.
Avatar n tn The high ammonia levels are a side effect of the cirrhosis. He should be taking lactulose. His diet should exclude red meat, iron and salt. Sorry, that's all I know.
Avatar m tn She has some sleep apnea but primary physician doubts it is of issue here. Serum ammonia was high but we think it is better now as confusion she was experiencing has improved. Any thoughts as to what this might be?
Avatar n tn i have had 2 bandings in the esophagus in last 3 yrs and have elevated ammonia levels now- lactolose dropped it considerably.feel pretty helpless at this point,is there anything on the horizon? or do I just chug along?
1475202 tn?1536274577 Also a couple of days ago due to my ammonia level being high (68) I took a zinc sulfate 220mg prescibed by my specialist to help with the ammonia. In less than a hour I was experiencing the worst pain I ever had. It was in my entire abdominal area and all the way across my lower back. Finally I tried a warm bath and it took the pain away. My specialist even called in some pain pills for me called Dicyclomine 20mg. which also helped relieve the pain.
Avatar n tn My sister has liver failure, but I feel like I am getting more questions than answers, what are the right questions to ask to find out where she is in the process, she is currently in a rehab to get back on her feet after spending 30 days in the ICU restrained do to confusion, she has a very disteneded belly and has alot of diarrhea also using a walker to get around, this is her 3rd time in the hospital for drinkig and ammonia levels so high she was out of her mind, there is no talk of a drainin
Avatar m tn it's about 15 minutes long, just keep re-looping from blood tests, the only thing i can tell you is i had high blood ammonia (but haven't re-tested lately)...I would often smell something coming from me that smelled ammonia-y... i used to think it was gas, but the noise-producing aspect of that ruled it is definitely something electro-magnetic...
Avatar n tn This occurs when protein in the gut is absorbed into the bloodstream and converted into ammonia which, because of his impaired liver function, accumulates and results in impaired brain function. I'm sure they are limiting his protein intake and possibly administering drugs to help with this condition. The yellowish tint is jaundice which is the accumulation of bilirubin in the blood stream and can be the result of liver dysfunction or obstruction of his bile ducts.
Avatar n tn I've just had to stop depakote cold because of ammonia buildup in my system. 19 - 60 is considered normal 1 week my ammonia level went from 68 to 93. True, this is rare, but just beware. You sound like you want to take charge of your health (you should see my files at the house...all that the doctors have). I know that the docs are doing their best, but let's get real...they do see more than one patient a month. Also, don't rely just on one doc. I use my pdoc and internest both.
1046633 tn?1253702328 A recent posting suggested checking my ammonia levels. That never occured to me, I will ask for this on Thursday. Any information that you can share with me will be helpful.
Avatar n tn It is vital you have a good liver specialist you can TRUST to work with you but ultimately we are all in charge of our own medical care and that can require us to be aggressive in getting the care we need and in doing research. I'd push for more answers and learn all you can about the process once you have been diagnosed with ESLD and where you stand with your liver function scores. Does he have you on meds to help with your swelling? Are you on laculose?
Avatar f tn I was called back an hour later and was advised that the blood had gone stale because whomever was in charge of the ammonia level test was called into a meeting. I raised a stink over this and all the other previous B.S. The doctor called me back and apologized. I'm just feeling crumby over this whole deal. To top things of I got smacked by a semi on the way to work last week. No injuries and vehicle damage about $3000 which the trucker covered out of his pocket.
1396756 tn?1283527077 Well I feel bad about my advice because it may be impractical, or simply unfeeling, and I am not you, and I don't know what other responsibilities you have, or what your life is like. But I do know what I would do.... I would start taking over the care of that dog, and if she doesn't like it let her moan about it. But that's what I'd do. He hasn't got very long to live. He needs some good times. The only problem I do realize is the vets bills. So it does depend on if you can afford to do that.
937805 tn?1319621388 ammonia is 25 no signs of Hepatic Encephalopathy other that i like to go to bed late and sometimes get irritated over nothing. Thank you for responding to my question. MELD used to be 10 2 years ago, i really don't know what's now.Thank you once more!
Avatar f tn In addition, with cirrhosis, foods that are high in sodium and ammonia need to be avoided. Table 2 identifies ammonia- and sodium-containing foods. TABLE 2.
Avatar m tn Around 7 yrs ago, Joe received the news he had HCV and quickly had a biopsy which showed he had cirrhosis. The summer before he finally became so symptomatic, he had to go to the Dr., he was in charge of the summer baseball leagues for our town. He 'd always been go -getter, very energetic and on top of things but by that summer he couldn't remember anything. His normal personality had always been congenial but now he was angry at everybody and everything.
Avatar m tn Good Morning, I'm wondering when you saw your doctor did he/she run do blood work and if so what is your bilirubun-AST-ALT-platlette count and ammonia level? You can obtain a copy of your lab results from your doctors office for nearly free of charge. Are you taking anything for your anxiety?
Avatar m tn when you meet with your doctor ask if you may obtain a copy of your results. They will give you one free of charge. Take the copy home and place it in a folder. From then out always ask for a copy of any testing you have done. It can be helpful down the road to be able to refer back to these. I hope the best for you my friend. If anytime down the road you feel uncomfortable about discussing your health here in the forum, Medhelp offers Private messaging or email. God Bless you and your family.
Avatar n tn It sounds like you are on lactulose due to your high ammonia levels. If so, I think you may have cirrhosis. It is important you stay on this medicine or you can become delirious. I know because it happened to me. Also, eat a very low salt diet. This will help to prevent a condition known as acsites. Don't use ibuprofen. Do some searches about keeping your liver healthy. And, I don't know if I need to say this but don't drink ANY alcohol. Med-cal allows you to own your own home and car.
1742220 tn?1331360327 Javier went to Japan about a week ago, and he was having trouble getting the person in charge to do his Visa and paperwork right. Then the person said everything was in order and he was good to go. Today Javier came in and he kept standing in the classroom. He wouldn’t sit down. I said, “what, do you already know you’re moving to Charlotte’s class? Go ahead. Congratulations!
1032715 tn?1315987834 Even a bigger problem I face is that since my liver isn't functioning correctly it has lost the ability to filter out all the toxins from my blood. Mostly ammonia is the biggest problem. So as the ammonia level gets higher in my blood it travels to every organ in my body slowly causing more damage to these organs including the brain. This is where Hepatic Encephalopathy comes in (HE). Remember the liver is the only organ in the body that has the ability to heal itself.
Avatar m tn My theory is that if you are exposed to long term effects of this it actually gets enough into your own body that in a sense you become electrically charge and in a sense your body is contaminated with this radiation then as we walk around this energy is emitting from us. This energy does dry out peoples throat, mucosa, even intestines and stomachs causing people to rub their eyes, cough, sneeze, scratch etc.
5611452 tn?1370974704 Also there were numerous posts about ammonia and HE. As though HE is diagnosed using ammonia levels. That is not how HE is diagnosed and since you are not compliant with Lactulose who can say what you HE status is. Due to so much misinformation it is especially important to be under the care of a hepatologist who is the only one who can assess your true health status. And as I stated it is false that any surgery is "Too much risk to liver and it would put me in hepatic crisis".
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Avatar m tn Both in teens or 20s. Getting brain fog before stool, smell ammonia, pain RUQ which was explained as IBS and muscle pains for years. I worked out all the time, so they told me to take tylenol or IB all the time. Now impotent, unable to cry, cant sleep even with drugs, etc. Sorry not to MAN UP but I'm thinking about my 4 and 7 y.o. girls, etc.
3211536 tn?1359389169 Red meats cause hepatic encephalopathy because the meat is hard to digest and create lots of toxins like ammonia. So all red meat should be avoided. Cirrhotics should eat many small meals throughout the day. This helps the absorption of nutrients. You should eat until you sleep. As the liver fails more just not eating while sleeping can be like a normal person not eating for 3-4 days. There is no diet for everyone.
696701 tn?1463669932 Everyone will disrespect you and make life miserable when you are so forgetful. Also, lactulose is really gross but keeps the ammonia out of your bloodstream/brain. If you don’t manage your care yourself, you’ll probably get worse. You have to do it yourself. Depending on first 1Dr, then another you won’t be getting comprehensive care.Take charge and insist you get the help you need. Best of luck!