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Avatar f tn Chlorine bleach, or sodium hypochlorite, is a lung and eye irritant. If mixed with ammonia or acid-based cleaners (including vinegar), chlorine bleach releases toxic chloramine gas. Short-term exposure to this gas may cause mild asthmatic symptoms or more serious respiratory problems. (Source: Washington Toxics Coalition) You could try the following remedies. To be on the safe side, don't mix chlorine bleach with anything -- or just avoid chlorine bleach altogether.
9310208 tn?1410862885 I use dishsoap on counters, vinegar water and dshsoap mixture on floors, water alone on mirrors, green or natural toilet bowl cleaner that has low odor, and antibacterial cleaning wipes that I wear gloves with in the bathroom that don't smell too strong. Vinegar on counter and cutting board when sanitizing. Vinegar and baking soda paste mixture in oven and let it sit before scrubbing. I never have used many chemicals to clean (except the bathroom). I felt it was still pretty sanitary.
338963 tn?1253664422 I know that there came a point in my pregnancy at the beginning and at the end that the very SMELL of ammonia or bleach made me vomit. So I just stopped cleaning and made my hubby do it!
398501 tn?1334705873 Maybe you could buy Natural Instincts (it is ammonia-free) and have your SIL put it on for you at her house. That way you get color, though it is NOT permanent, it is inexpensive and it doesn't have the ammonia that is so worrisome.
5036298 tn?1362650527 Not to say that is causing your current issues, but just generally speaking. Ammonia based products especially are very caustic, and I would imagine you are probably working with a few products that contain ammonia. It sounds as though you also may have some GERD (reflux) issues going on (just my opinion). Anxiety can sometimes cause GI issues, and vice versa. I would recommend talking with your doctor about that.
Avatar n tn Sometimes the cleaners they use on floors can make me go nuts, especially if it's ammonia based. I am not able to shop in Walmart because they use cheap ammonia cleansers and I don't think a single Walmart employee anywhere knows how to mix it up correctly. Anyways, Walmart stinks. Literally. Um, oh, back to the mall... right.. Go by Yankee Candle or a perfume store... more sensory overload. Lots of kids screaming, people talking, sound of walking... all add to the sense of sound.
541196 tn?1293556536 Clean any soiled areas with an enzyme cleaner designed for use on pet urine and stool. Regular detergents and other cleaners will not break down the urine or feces, and if the cat smells any urine or feces on a carpet or floor, the cat may continue to use that spot to eliminate. In some cases, the carpet or carpet padding may need to be replaced. Clean the litter boxes at least once daily. Wash the litter box weekly.
3060903 tn?1398568723 All-purpose or glass cleaner can be used in a pinch, but it's important to avoid ammonia, bleach, or abrasive cleaners on stainless steel. Abrasive sponges should also be avoided; all of these can alter the sink's finish. Thoroughly rinse out your sink. If you have a stainless sink, salt and acid in food can potentially damage the finish, so it's important to rinse food and liquids to prevent pitting. Sprinkle baking soda onto the surface. Working it into a paste, rinse thoroughly.
Avatar n tn I don't care for strong smelling candles, perfumes, cleaners ect. Does anyone else have these sensitivities? I would just like a break from this horrible smell of smoke. I feel horrible and my stomach is so upset. It smells like I'm sitting in the middle of a casino surrounded by smokers without the fun of the slot machine. Actually I never go to the casinos because I hate the smell of smoke I guest know would be a good time to go.
Avatar n tn As they grow they look like black specks. The females bite often on the arms and also get in your hair. Air cleaners help. When you clean the filters you see small white glue-like residue. Foggers help for a day or two. Since they are drain flies I am beginning a 5 day treatment plan that includes pouring a half gallon of bleach down all drains at bedtime.
Avatar n tn It is possible that the shampoo or soap you are using is fruit based or fruit scented. I would try switching out all my soaps/shampoos/detergents to something else and see if the problem resolves itself.
Avatar m tn you might want to look into Fibromyalgia......based on you mentioning you have other pain symptoms, back & also your ocd etc,................we have an over acute sense of pain/touch,....... everything really,.....more recent research points at CNS involvement.. I often feel "the crawlies"....its not "in my head", but then its not insects either, just my central nervous system playing tricks on me.............
472570 tn?1274689487 considering how many 'afflicted ones' exist based on various internet sites should be enough of an impedus for the medical/scientific community to check into this matter of a hellish existence. I can see them in bright light, almost translucent, long trails and very adaptive and blend into anything, under fingernails, every weave of fabric, electronic air vents on any gadget no matter how small or large. the live, breed and feed off me. no doubt. the question is: why?
Avatar f tn He said that the laxatives, etc are strong, they are like colon cleansers and it totally removed everything from your colon.... I am not sure if those STRONG colon cleaners they give work or not but it totally cleans your colon (I guess pin worms can still be stuck to the colon wall but I am not sure) I just wish they would go up in there and remove and clean my colon. I mean at first the pin worms were soooo bad... I was itchy all the time! NOW I am not at all itchy at night...
Avatar n tn I cannot think of what can be more problematic than not being able to sleep--But this is besides the point. He also mentioned that he hated to order another sleep study based on the fact that I physically don't meet any of the criteria that will lead him to believe that I need one, i.e., obesity, smoking, heavy coffee drinker, heavy alcohol drinker--I'm 5' 9" and my weight is 150 lbs; I do not smoke or drink. I pedal my bicycle to work every day. Approximately a 20-mile round trip.
Avatar n tn SwanSong: Very, very interesting. I am currently experiencing an outbreak on my lids just these past few days. I am so upset because I really thought I had this thing under control. I too have Hashimoto's!! Also, my new eye rash followed a day of scrubbing bathrooms with all sorts of cleaners, bleach , Windex, ammonia, & disinfectants!!! My allergies also kicked in & I started shooting Naxonex up my nose , which I just Googled to lean contains Benzalkonium Chloride!!