Ammonia and zinc iodide

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1358341 tn?1282213443 Hello, my 19yo cat cured from CRF, but I'll have to continue treatment. And I don't know if after being cured, if she shall continue treatment or not, because usually cats don't get cured of CRF. She'll soon re-start her treatment: Renalzin + Probiavi probiotics, Renalzin made her Phosphorus get lower and the probiotics made her Urea get lower, and both made the Creatinine get back to normal levels:
Avatar n tn lombs bacitracin zinc and polymyxin b sulfate ophthalmic. The medicine cleared away the itching of the eyelids as well as the coloring/inflammation. Then, I got pink eye in my right eye. Cleared up. Then I got pink eye in my left eye. Cleared up. Now my eyelids a swelled very much so and my eyeballs itch as if I have cotton or sandpaper in my eyes. My eyes arent red just swollen and itchy. I do not have allergies and the eye doctor said that if my symptoms did not clear up to come back.