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598816 tn?1219546166 I found at Walgreens they sell some cleaner called Holy Cow. It's supposed to be organic and free of alcohol, ammonia, vinegar and VOC (whatever that is?) I am trying their glass cleaner and it works pretty well. I agree with mom888 about certain chemicals. I think in our family some of the fregrances aggravate some of us, either the smell, or causes headaches. Personally I'm not a fan of bleach.... I use it sometimes to sterilize pots, but the smell is strong...
Avatar f tn (including sever hair loss for 4 years now, memory problems and i'm only 29 years old) i have done many tests and everything is OK, but i still I'm suffering from many health issues that no doctor can find the reason for.
Avatar m tn After seeing a bunch of different specialist including a toxicologist and getting tested for everything you could think of, I was finally told to have my house air quality checked. I did and my formaldehyde levels and VOC levels were elevated. Which obviously they were way higher when we moved in. By this time it was 9mths after my bazaar symptoms started.
Avatar n tn The explaination of mineral def makes sense - I'm surprised I did not figure that out myself - since I read up on homepathic/herbs/def and advise others and not focus on healing myself - I will give the minerals a try and advise in a month.