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1008841 tn?1293602560 that is to say, some patients who have hepatic encephalopathy (HE, or confusion due to liver dysfunction) do not have elevated ammonia levels, and sometimes ammonia levels can be elevated without apparent HE -- docs usually use the guidelines Hector provided above to diagnose HE as opposed to just declaring it based on ammonia levels. Flowerchild: you can calculate your own MELD score if you have a copy of your lab reports from bloodwork by using this site: http://www.mayoclinic.
Avatar f tn I assume you had a different type of smell prior to noticing this. I have done much reading and research on vaginal odour, as this issue once caused me great anxiety. As it turns out, the feuding over whether or not to ****** is still somewhat alive, although I gather the concensus is that sparingly and in moderation, using a slightly acidic pH (hence dilute vinegar in water) is not terribly harmful.
Avatar f tn Anyone else have this? I'm 35 weeks and my urine smells like ammonia. No burning when I go no fever...
Avatar m tn s going on for a minute I thought someone put a spell or something on me but I drink vinegar and water apple side vinegar and the smell is there it change to smelling like something else but it's still there if I find a solution I'll post it.
Avatar f tn welll i toke two hpt test the first one i drank a lot of water and it diluted the result witht the second i held my urine and myself and dh can see a line wainting to come thru but it is very fiant. and its 4 days late for my cycle. i dont think the hpv can cause ammonia smelling urine but not for sure. they might proscribe metronidazole(flagyl) or metro-gel. or clindamiacin for bv. baacterial infection. when yyou have your pap smear they wil do the whiff test. if not bv thenit could be uti.
Avatar m tn I know its gross, but I'm 16 and did engaged in unprotected sex with my boyfriend about a week and a half now. My period ended three days ago, and the next day after I experienced a brown discharge, but that ended only for a day. Perhaps that was only for to clean out the left over blood from menstruation. Now yesterday and today I'm having this white, creamy, and very few bubble discharge from my vagina.
Avatar f tn And we have folds of skin around that area where it is easy to have bacteria get trapped and smell or urine gets stuck in the pubic hair or area as well and that can smell like ammonia or vinegar too. You are right, good cleaning does help. Again, thanks for posting!
9310208 tn?1410862885 I use dishsoap on counters, vinegar water and dshsoap mixture on floors, water alone on mirrors, green or natural toilet bowl cleaner that has low odor, and antibacterial cleaning wipes that I wear gloves with in the bathroom that don't smell too strong. Vinegar on counter and cutting board when sanitizing. Vinegar and baking soda paste mixture in oven and let it sit before scrubbing. I never have used many chemicals to clean (except the bathroom). I felt it was still pretty sanitary.
Avatar n tn Your sweat and sebum in the vulva can ferment urine so that the natural ammonia mixes with the secretions and bacteria to produce this ammonia-like scent. I have found success wearing only cotton knickers and went from pantyhose to thighhighs. Also, a very dilute white vinegar warm water wipe down of the vaginal lips, especially around the urethra (pee-hole) and under the clitoris helps, but I would caution you to do this gently. Scrubbing will irritate and make it worse.
Avatar f tn but sometimes straining to go to bathroom, belching and burping, white spots in stool and yesterday a little blood in the stool. At the time I met with the gastro doctor, was asked if I had blood in stool and I hadn't then. I spoke with someone in his office yesterday and told her about the blood and she said, oh that's not natural.......scared me to death as I had a friend who died of colon cancer six years ago...
4043517 tn?1374010173 First get my bowels working and my ammonia down. I'm out for a few weeks right before Xmas, that figures.
Avatar f tn Otherwise, women have discharge of various consistencies and colors related to our hormones as they change over our cycle and regular discharge can be something we smell while not being foul or bacterial related. Urine has an ammonia smell and vinegar sounds a bit like that. Anyway, the best thing to do is to have a doctor swab the discharge and determine what's going on. I know you probably don't feel like doing that but all women have this from time to time.
Avatar f tn A a week ago i had my pd and it was not normal only had it for 3 days and I was off and on and then 2 Days Later I started discharging white stuff and it smells like vinegar and my stomach has been killing me for the past 3 weeks now
Avatar m tn Other suggestions would be doing a vinegar cool rinse or trying neem shampoo. But I really have to filter the water and do the other things too. My other shampoo I switch back and forth with is Neutrogena Clean shampoo. The green one.
Avatar f tn I captured hundreds of them by setting out open jars half filled with Apple Cider vinegar. They are drawn to the smell and eventually fall in and drown. Then - you can see them. Floating specks in the vinegar.
Avatar f tn I use alcohol on a Q-tip and it stops them for a bit. We are using enzymes, diatomaceous earth, permethrin, wash clothes in ammonia and borax. We have tried all the oils and potions we can find. We have moved 3 times in 1 year and even stayed in a hotel for 3 months. We cannot get rid of them. It's hell on earth. We need help.
Avatar f tn Yes! Magic erasers are AMAZING!
3097131 tn?1357088481 Ammonia levels can be controlled from diet. I have to watch it or the Ammonia build-up will send me to ER. They can even cause fever and chills. Severe confusion and weakness is a sign that a trip to ER may be needed.
Avatar f tn Chlorine bleach, or sodium hypochlorite, is a lung and eye irritant. If mixed with ammonia or acid-based cleaners (including vinegar), chlorine bleach releases toxic chloramine gas. Short-term exposure to this gas may cause mild asthmatic symptoms or more serious respiratory problems. (Source: Washington Toxics Coalition) You could try the following remedies. To be on the safe side, don't mix chlorine bleach with anything -- or just avoid chlorine bleach altogether.
Avatar f tn I seem to be sensitive to the chemicals added to the water these days. They tend to add both ammonia and chlorine now. My skin hates this. If you have any asthma, that's an even better reason to get a whole-house filter that filters out ammonia and chlorine (chloramine is the chemical that results). For the shampoo you switch to when not using Nizoral, consider Neutrogena Clean green formula.
338963 tn?1253664422 But, I was watching an organic living show the other day and they said to use vinegar and water as a cleaner that is completly safe and hazard free. It is one part vinegar: Four parts water. I have been using this, and it is amazing! It cleans things that my previous cleaners didnt touch!
992128 tn?1364375342 Its fairly watery i think I have been wearing panty liners. But -TMI warning - kinda smells like vinegar or something... its not massively strong, but I can smell it when I go to bathroom, change liner etc... some days its stronger then others - progressively getting less i think... . I dont think its thrush thats normally white and chunky isnt it? Anyone had this too? I am freaking out I have some serious problems, never had it before.
Avatar f tn it also had a smell to it and it smelled like vinegar. i had been doing some research with the babies father and he is freaking out because we saw on some site that it could be amniotic fluid and i can not get into the doctors until friday and it is now monday so i thought i would ask some more experienced people this is my first pregnancy any information will be greatly appreciated thanks for taking the time to read and answer this question for me!
797873 tn?1265740119 Mine is little different because where ever I am at this smell stays in, my room , at work and in my car.. and the smell changes all the time it depends what I eat. I also get thursty If I dont drink water. I start to get a dry throat and mouth... If i drink anything else that is not water my breath gets worse.. please help!
190885 tn?1333029491 i've eaten at least two a day ..they're made with white vinegar..salt..and spices....i'm wondering if my enzymes going up a little could be my body just adjusting to my change of diet...i'll get another vl in a couple weeks..of course as we all are i'm anxious to get a little further and monitoring blood work the best i it normal for liver enzymes after tx to do this?...thanks...
1073863 tn?1256691990 they have products with an enzyme that will do this, the area that was pee'd on will need to be cleaned with this product. Bleach/vinegar/ammonia and such products as you may have already found out will NOT work. good luck.
Avatar m tn He will take a shower and then towel dry. He smells great. The towel smells like ammonia, then after it drys it is just horrible bo. He gets mad because I wash his towel after one use but it stinks up whole bathroom. He does not smell it. What could this be? Please help this is something I can not take.
5536514 tn?1373503602 I am sorry for not keeping up, but without getting too personal, Ive had a really rough couple of years mentally due to the murder trial that is still going on for my daughter.. Still hepc free. just started xfaxin for ammonia levels and hoping it helps. Im actually minimizing my health problems, because I know that there are many of you in worse shape then me. No sense is pissing and moaning.
Avatar f tn Hence to avoid this smell you would need to carefully look at your diet and lower the protein and cheese content in it. Since I cannot examine you and know other related conditions you may be having, nor is a detailed history possible on net, I have listed the various possibilities that should be looked into. Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral. Take care!