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Avatar m tn I know all the other stuff are symptoms, but I havn't been able to find anything about this ammonia body odor. Is this something that occurs or what are the causes of this? I've read it can be a sign of liver or kidney damage. Has anyone experienced this with the onset of HIV? I'm waiting a little while longer to get tested for HIV. For one, because I want to get better insurance before I do.
Avatar f tn I copied and pasted this info from WebMD. IUn used "urine and ammonia" in the search field. Within the article was a subsection dealing with smell. Here it is. I hope it helps: Odor Changes Urine normally doesn't have a very strong smell. If you get a whiff of something particularly pungent, you could have an infection or urinary stones, which can create an ammonia-like odor. Diabetics might notice that their urine smells sweet, because of excess sugar.
Avatar n tn hey lately I have noticed a strong odor of ammonia in my underwear....and I smell it through my clothes....and yeah I shower everyday..but it's really prominent....I'm not a cat!!!! why do I smell like one?
1008841 tn?1293602560 that is to say, some patients who have hepatic encephalopathy (HE, or confusion due to liver dysfunction) do not have elevated ammonia levels, and sometimes ammonia levels can be elevated without apparent HE -- docs usually use the guidelines Hector provided above to diagnose HE as opposed to just declaring it based on ammonia levels. Flowerchild: you can calculate your own MELD score if you have a copy of your lab reports from bloodwork by using this site: http://www.mayoclinic.
Avatar f tn For the last year and a half I have been experiencing a strong ammonia body odor to a weird meat odor. I am a 31 year old male that works out 4x per week. I've read post where some ppl experience this same issue when they are working out, however this issue is constantly surrounding me. I eat a well balanced diet with a lot of vegetables, carbs, and lean meat. I've been to several doctors and had numerous of test completed in the last year and a half and they all seem to have no answers.
Avatar m tn My car and apartment takes on my body odor. I can shower for an hour and a 1/2 and immediately after coming out of the shower I still have this weird off body odor like ammonia or fried meat? I eat pretty healthy. Drink lot's of water. I've noticed that over the past months that my bowel habits have changed. More cramping, constipation and diarrhrea. I've also noticed blood in my stools. Bright red to be more specific.
Avatar f tn Occassionally when having a bowel movement, I notice a very strong odor of ammonia. It reminds me of the odor at the camp outhouses. I haven't been able to figure any similarities between instances (recent eating habits, activities, etc.). We eat a round diet of meat, veggies and fruits. My bowel movements for the most part are good in regularity and consistency. The only medical condition I've had lately was with high blood pressure.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have had cultures performed from my GYN doctor (which ALL cameback normal),drink water, shower, use Summer's Eve Vaginal Wash, ****** once a month- even though I did not do it before becuase when I was younger they would give me yeast infections- I have had for the past 6 months AMMONIA SMELLING odor which is VERY concerning to me- I DO NOT feel comfortable and it is affecting my self-esteem! I know it sounds crazy but I feel as though as I am running out of options?
Avatar f tn People cough because our breath smells like ammonia. Causes of ammonia breath odor are h pylori gastritis and chronic renal failure. Please get checked for h pylori, change your diet, do not skip meals!, and try be less anxious when people react to you because then the odor gets stronger. H pylori and halitosis is the cause. H pylori is #1 cause of stomach cancer. I suffer from PATM and I am h pylori positive.
Avatar f tn Thanks for comment. i don't know i can't smell any bad odor on my body but when i'm at clasroom the whole classroom smell like old urine. sorry but sometimes like old man. nothing work for me.
Avatar n tn Immediately following use of the neti pot, I am noticing a very strong ammonia odor. What might this indicate? Is there something I can do to prevent this? There are days when it is overwhelming.
Avatar f tn He won't return to the doctor since being diagnosed over 2 years ago. He drinks 2 ltrs of wine a day. He has a terrible body odor of ammonia and the bathroom has a constant ammonia odor I find terribly offensive. I feel I need to clean it all the time. I think I started this post just to ask if he would excrete ammonia in his urine if his levels were high; it's beginning to appear to me that this is the case. Any idea if this is an early or later sign of the progression of this disease?
121828 tn?1333468091 D Hope the best to you and piggy :D Oh and i was a teen so i went WEEKS without cleaning her cage ><
Avatar f tn Most often, it's the bacterial breakdown of apocrine sweat that causes a strong odor. Ammonia smell of the sweat could indicate liver or kidney disease. Take regular baths and wear loose cotton clothes.Pls avoid taking heavy fatty meal and eat nutritious,healthy food.If the ammonical smell still persists then pls get yourself evaluated for liver or kidney disorders. Take care and pls do keep us posted on how you are doing.
Avatar n tn In patients with advanced cirrhosis, the liver is no longer able to metabolize the ammonia and convert it to urea so the ammonia builds up the in body producing and travels to the person's brain with psychological and other effects. If you have advanced liver disease you blood levels for bilirubin, creatinine, and INR should be abnormal. Did your doctor perform a "liver panel"? "Muscle aches and arthritic type pain" are not symptoms of ammonia buildup by the way.
Avatar n tn Other metabolic waste products such as glycosylated wastes (protein wastes) and byproducts of abnormal cell oxidation may also be the cause of the ammonia odor. If the problem is from kidneys, dialysis is usually ordered. If the problem is from too much protein consumption, generally reducing the amount of protein will relieve the problem. It is common in vegetarians who go on the Adkins diet.
Avatar n tn My question is, based around the above, and the fact that I'm otherwise extremely fit and healthy (regular runner, occasional weight training, swimming), is it reasonable that cirrhosis could sneak up on me in a year, and if so would the liver's loss of ability to process ammonia be an early sign, or is this usually encountered with later disease?
Avatar n tn Those foods coupled with someone not drinking enough water and the urine will become more concentrated and yellow, occasionally giving off the ammonia smell. For this, you simply need to increase your intake of water consumption to help the body flush out all the unwanted toxins.
1654058 tn?1407162666 " I entered hospital last week w a 14. Leaving w 53 and they gave me an RX for lactulose." 14, 53 for what values? Ammonia should be listed under ammonia on blood test result. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is common for GI bleeding to exacerbate hepatic encephalopathy.
Avatar n tn I have the same situation, I have a odor that smells like chemicals, maybe ammonia. But I have this other odor other times, my husband notices it but when i recently went to the dr. he did an exam, a pap, and u/s (vaginally) and never mentioned anything about an odor. I know it's there but if he isn't aware of it should I be worried? Also, I think I have a leaky bladder, could that be the odor??
Avatar m tn In patients with advanced cirrhosis, the liver is no longer able to metabolize the ammonia and convert it to urea so the ammonia builds up the in body producing and travels to the person's brain with psychological and other effects.
Avatar m tn Hi, How are you? Sweat is usually odorless. Bacteria and metabolism of protein and amino acid may cause odor and the ammonia-like smell. Other considerations include your diet, physical activity, stress, conditions like hyperhidrosis, diabetes and liver issues. Check with your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn Checked several times even in saliva and it was negative. Her GI doctor had test done for ammonia and it was normal. As days went on it was not only in breath but also coming from sweat. She felt very bad off and on and had clammy skin and the odor was very strong. So strong that it permeated whole house. No one seems to know or worry about what it is. Can anyone help?
Avatar f tn My period was on for the rest of the week. When my period was done. I realized I my vaginal discharge has an odor and it smells just like my boyfriends semen! What does this mean? Could it be an std?
Avatar m tn Hi, As mentioned from your other post,bacteria and metabolism of protein and amino acid may cause odor and the ammonia-like smell. Other considerations include your diet, physical activity, stress, conditions like hyperhidrosis, diabetes and liver issues. The raw lines and bumps with pus may be caused by irritation. allergic reaction, infection and skin conditions such as intertrigo. Check with your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn Genital Odor Ever since I was a little girl I've always had a fishy odor in my vagina. I'm a clean person, I shower every day and don't use soaps that will harm me. I am 20 years old and still have that smell. I always went to doctors as a kid to see if they had a solution but I always got the same answer, to wash very well. I have no idea what it is.
Avatar m tn Hello everyone reading,since 3 years ago more a appeared an strange odor,i was at the university,when i heared someone saying that it looked like someone have "released" himself....well at that time i didnt noticed a lot,allways have been healty . After the 1st university year ended,i had to quit from the univ and started to work,i had to,so i could study again,but worked at a company for a month when the smell got worse,and everyone started to notice it.
Avatar n tn I am careful and have no urine leakage, my clothes are thoroughly washed, and I use antibacterial body soap and yet if I sweat, (and only if I perspire perfusely) the odor is noticeable after two or three hours. The only thing that seems to help is the application of baking soda, please help.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure about vinegar, garlic or mildew smells but it's just like this thick sweaty smell (with a little toecheese odor) and it's like always there it seems--even when I'm dry. I'm 26 now and I live in florida and it's HOT during summertime, so it's even worse when I sweat. I feel so self concious on the job, around other girlfriends and especially my boyfriend. I have tried EVERYTHING, including obsessively showering 2-3 times a day on the regular. My bras all stink and I'm so distraught.
Avatar f tn It leaves my white underwear a dark almost blackish colour. It smells sour and it's so strong. It's worrying me, and I'm going to get to a doctor very soon. Can anyone please help me out with this?? any ideas? I've also been on 2 different anti-biotics in the past couple years, so if it was an infection shouldn't' it have cleared up taking those? it's been consistent for so long I"m used to it. Thanks for your help.