Ammonia and acetic acid

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886699 tn?1270783344 I have been having this weard acid smell feeling in my nose, it co mes and goes, I have had it for about a month now. It feels as if when you smell ammonia , and your nose kind of feels like is burning inside.... Could this be part of this disautonomia? or maybe gerd? sinus? Does any body else get thiis symptom?
488823 tn?1218374167 Lactulose is metabolized in the colon by bacterial flora to short chain fatty acids including the production of the lactic acid and acetic acid. This partially dissociates, acidifying the colonic contents (increasing the H+ concentration in the gut). This favors the formation of the nonabsorbable NH4+ from NH3, trapping NH3 in the colon and effectively reducing plasma NH3 concentrations. The effectiveness of lactulose in treating hepatic encephalopathy is somewhat controversial.
Avatar f tn Vinegar like smell in sweat is due to an acid called propionic acid. Since this acid is chemically similar to acetic acid in vinegar, the sweat smells of vinegar. This happens due to excess amino acids in sweat (which are breakdown products of protein), seen common with a high protein diet. Also if the diet is rich in cheese, then bacteria of staphylococcus type acts on the sweat and causes this smell of vinegar.
Avatar f tn My stomach doc ran some tests and saw that my body doesnt digest food as fast as it should. Due to acid reflux, i have some damage to my lower esophagus. This is what made me change my diet, stop eating late, especially before bed. I made the patm connection shortly after this doc visit. Idk if it is related to my patm symptoms tho. For me it all comes down to me needing to arrange an appointment w a particular doctor in Dallas tx.