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1069105 tn?1256704012 Mom 72, Singapore. Diagnosed w/ HTN '92. 5/’09, hospitalized due to methyldopa induced cholestasis, diagnosed w/ A fib. 8/’09, 14 days into Warfarin, she fell (cause unknown), suffering a skull fracture causing an acute subarachnoid and subdural hemorrhage. Initially paralyzed left side & recovered almost 90%. On our request, switched to Aspirin. 12/’09, open cholecystectomy due to acute cholecystitis w/ pigmented gallstones. In 5/’10 , she had a minor stroke.
Avatar n tn I take Novolog on a sliding scale using 2 units per carb. My blood sugars are in control. I take Lisinopril 40mg. I take Amlodipine 5 mg. I have gained weight and cannot lose any. It is as if I have a tube in my belly pumping air in. I do treadmill , ablounge and pilates 4 days a week. I have even changed the way I eat because of this weight issue.
193177 tn?1218694001 I am a type 2 diabetes/ 5-heart bypass/ Hypothyroid person and I take Metoprolol; Lisinopril; Isosorb Mono; Clopidogrel; Amlodipine; Simvastatin and Lantus my sugar is high are any of these the cause of it being high I have be watching what I eat no snacks.
1069105 tn?1256704012 There is mild prominence of the hilar vessels, suggestive of mild congestion.” She was recruited into a Warfarin vs Apixaban double blind clinical trial & started the treatment on Aug-4, 2009. We later found out that she is on Warfarin w/ dosage unknown to us. 14 days after the Wafarin treatment, she fell (cause of falling unknown, according to her friend who was walking right next to her that my Mom stopped walking forward & dropped on the floor) & hit back of her head.
1069105 tn?1256704012 30 Amlodipine Besylate: 5 mg Lisinopril: 40 mg Atenolol: 50 mg Omeprazole: 40 mg Aspirin: 100 mg Medications AFTER 5/’10 stroke: Simvastatin 10mg Warfarin She has no other risk; CHADS is "1". 1. Her stroke symptoms indicate neuro problems. Shouldn’t a neurologist be her main Dr.? 2. Was her stroke most likely secondary to a blood clot (i.e.
612551 tn?1450025775 The metoprolol keeps my BP down successfully thank goodness. Had trouble with Lisinopril, Amlodipine, Doxazosin previously - would not work. I keep walking, and going to the gym 3x's a week, try to build muscle. I'm 59 1/2.
179332 tn?1273250959 I've had the rash and swelling in the feet and ankles too and I have been diagnosed as allergic to HCTZ, lasix, amlodipine, losartan, verapamil, hydralazine . . . the list is growing all the time. Most of the allergies seem to be related to sulfa. Do you have an allergy to sulfa?