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Avatar n tn I strongly believe the medications are the culprit as my family noticed the behaviors began when I started the Effexor XR and the Ambien. I did not have those side effects on Imipramine and low-dose Ambien. Stopping the medications cold-turkey was very difficult but probably one of the best things I have done for myself. I, too, had a visit with my boss about what was going on with me so my behavioral and physical symptomatology doesn't get me fired!
Avatar n tn my mother was forced to stop taking xanax by her doctor when she said she thought she was mother had no withdrawal programme and was stopped abruptly.the doctor had previously told my mother that xanax was less addictive than other benzos.two years on my mother is still suffering terrible.could it still be withdrawal?no other prescription drugs work,shes on diazepam at moment and it seem to make her worse.shes tried most ssris and benzos all have bad effect.
Avatar n tn Actually I should just say I am stoping the medication cold turkey, since I am just not taking any pills at all each day. Yes, there are side effects. Are the side effects so severe that a person cannot tolerate them? Absolutely not. You need to tough it out, get this drug out of your system, and start exercising 5 times a week, especially cardiovascular exercise. Don't listen to all these doctors who tell you Effexor is the answer to your problems. It absolutely is not the answer.
Avatar n tn The combination of the two sped up the serotonin neurtoxicty with really severe side effects that I am still dealing with two weeks after stopping the medication. (My arms and legs are numb, I have a head tick, loss of balance, muscle twitching, short term memory loss, mood changes.) The first thing I would do is to stop the cymbalta, if your wife hasn't already.
Avatar n tn one that sleeps thru the night. I used to be on just ambien and the side effects were crazy and when the carpet started bubbling it was time to go to if we i dont take them i wont sleep at its either small side effects or cranky crazy person...ill take bubbling carpet anyday!
Avatar n tn Breggin has been my lifesaver - I read whatever I can find here on line from his many clinical papers in psychiatric journals, blogs, presentations, etc. I can't comment on the side effects of Lexapro - I can't tolerate any of the SSRI's - they make me aggitated and feel horrible... Who is Redrose?
605458 tn?1265086851 im too lazy to walk over to my dresser and check the dosage, but its low its about 100 mg at night. I have no side effects that i can see...the pills make me a little high or whatever, but im on alot of them so i cant tell anymore. But seroquel i guess has different reaction. My best friend was on it too and she told me that her legs would hold still that they were shaking all the time.. i was on respiridone (sp?
Avatar n tn I have been reading here on the net that wellbutrin does not have these side effects and told my doctor. Well he started me on 150 mg of WellbutrinSR twice a day for a total of 300 mg a day, and completely took me off the Effexor. This evening makes a total of 2 days since the switch, and I am experiencing wierd effects such as dizziness, lightheadedness, and a bit nausious. It is worse today than yesterday, I hope it does'nt get any worse than this.
Avatar n tn Working in the mental health field, I have seen Effexor XR prescribed and have amazing and wonderful effects. Does it have side-effects, of course! Good and bad side effects come with every drug you will ever be prescribed. I remember a teacher of mine telling a group of students that if a drug (a psychiatric drug) doesn't have any side-effects, then it probably won't do anything for the patient.
Avatar n tn Some people do experience "blackouts" from sleeping pills. I've seen articles about it in the past -- If I run into any good ones, I'll let you know. For now, search for "Ambien + blackouts" or "Ambien + side effects" on Alta Vista -- you'll get plenty of hits -- some from other message boards. I've never used Ambien, so I can't comment from personal experience.
Avatar n tn after as long you have been taking them. Your doctor should try to work with you on this to help ease any side effects or possible withdrawal that may accompany the sudden stopage in medication. Best of luck to you and keep us informed of your progress. God Bless!
Avatar n tn wants you on Statin's read the side effects first! I have gotten use to the numbness, except for my nose and it has creeped over onto my right side to take over my entire nose and my upper lip. About 8 years ago, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and cured it myself by drinking Hydrogen peroxide, (another story), although I quit drinking it at least a year prior to this happening, I have wondered if it caused this. Reading all these stories now makes me thing otherwise.
Avatar n tn Low doses of these medications can be withdrawn with no serious side effects. Long acting Benzodiazepines such as Klonopin is usually used at low doses for short periods of time for people with insomina. Medications such as Ambien and a new medication Sonata are non habit forming medications with limited side effects that are shown to be effective in the treatment of people with sleeping difficulties. I would recommend that you talk to your Psychiatrist in detail about your concerns.
Avatar n tn Within 2 days of the onset of this subsequent anxiety a regimen of Paxil CR 12.5 mg was initiated. Almost immediately side effects such as insomnia, panic attacks, and anxiety emerged. This led to additional medications including Xanax, Buspar, Ambien, and Deseryl to manage these. The Paxil only produced small improvement and was discontinued following 80 days of treatment. A brief washout period of 5 days followed but withdrawal symptoms forced the introduction of Effexor XR (37.5 mg).
Avatar n tn Hi Louise, The Mayo Clinic of California did a study of menopausal women who were not taking estrogen. Their "hot flashes" were treated with effexor. 37.5 mg worked good, 75mg worked better, and 150mg didnt work any better for the extra side effects.
432097 tn?1318552340 go figure, Effexor one big weight gainer any anti-depressants cause weight gain period, I was in good shape after I had my 2nd child i was on this the XR also I gained so much weight unbelievable so now I make sure I look at all the side effects of anything they give the pamphlet inside is limited its best to call the manufacturer for what they make it out of..
Avatar m tn A doctor might be more receptive to giving you more if you weren't on Ambien too. 15mg is a rather large dose of Ambien. Don't they only come in 5 and 10 mg? I think 15 mg of Ambien would signify to a doctor that you are on to high a dose of Adderall and it is interfering with your sleep. I don't mean to be critical in any way. I just don't think you will be able to find a doctor to proscribe you any more Adderall than you already get.
Avatar f tn who prescribed me ativan and Zoloft, would not prescribe me the valium. Adventually I came off the Zoloft due to the side effects. The Ativan did its job for awhile but i was taking "too" much a day according to him so he just put me on Klonopin 4mg per day. It seems to be fine keeping me calm and not too many side effects but it is not helping with random anxiety onsets nor is it helping me with sleep.
Avatar n tn Improvement for me I tried Lexapro and had really bad side effects. I did not stay on it very long as the side effects scared the heck out of me. I also took and am taking 1MG Xanax XR per day for anxiety. My goal is to get control of my panic and anxiety so that it does not rule my life. I went to see a counselor and Psychiatrist.
Avatar n tn Zoloft and Paxil are known for sexual side effect. I am now on Lexapro and find it has few side effects (I'm still having weight gain, but not sure if it's meds, age, perimenopause, stress or a combo). I find Xanax to be a lifesaver, if not abused, I don't see it worse than relying on an SSRI (or insulin, if you're diabetic). It doesn't get me high and I keep the dose the same. I just started Inderal for palpitations but am fearful I will gain more weight.
Avatar n tn I am currently doing research for an upcoming book which deals with the side effects and withdrawals people have experienced from Effexor XR and other (like) anti-depressants. I am interested in receiving any information current or former users would like to share concerning their experiences with these drugs. Please email me @: beach-***@**** and thanks!
Avatar f tn I am currently taking the following for FMS: Celexa (depression), Ultram (pain) Vicodin (bad pain), Lunesta (to stay asleep), and now Provigil (to stay awake in the day). I have say, these all are helping, but maybe about 50%. The pain never goes away, only flucuates to bad or worse. The Lunesta is great. I tried Ambien & Sonata, but couldn't handle the side effects. Lunesta keeps me asleep but doesn't make me feel hung-over in the morning.
Avatar m tn It is severe anxiety and this is the only reason I take this drug. The anxiety currently outweighs the concerns of the side effects of the Seroquel (and there are many side effects). This drug is a strong atypical anti-psychotic. It is usually used for BP1&2, and Schizophrenia symptoms. I am not a doc but I do not understand why a doc is prescribing this for a sleep aid. Also I have been on this for 1.5 weeks...the sedative effect is already wearing off in the evening...
Avatar m tn I guess folks like you and me have to weigh the side effects of the meds to the symptoms of being without them, you know? Take care.
Avatar n tn I was not told anything about the bad side effects I've been reading about. It helped me come out of that black hole, abyss I was in, but then it made me feel like **** and so sluggish and unmotivated and she gave me Wellbutrin XL to help me with that. It helped a lot! I've been taking Wellbutrin XL for 2 months now along with 150 mg of Effexor XR and I don't feel depressed, a bit sluggish and unmotivated but not so depressed.
372726 tn?1236111994 so I stopped taking that as well. Than I was given Effoxor but one pill I ended up in ER. The side effects were so horrible. I don't understand why this happened. I had only taken my first dose that day and I hated the way it made me feel. Okay, so now...I was given Cymbalta but I have not taken it because I'm afraid if I will get any bad side effects like Effoxor. Is anyone taking Cymbalta? If so, I would like feedback if your anxiety and depression has improved with Cymbalta.
Avatar f tn This is more of a question than a can any doctor or patient keep track of what side effects are being caused by what, what new side effects are being intorduced by adding another drug to counteract the problems of the first, what's helping what, and what are the short and long term effects of having a slew of substances in the body?
Avatar n tn ) meds are coming from one doctor, I would say he would know what can be given with what. However, if your friend is having bizarre side effects, a call to him would be a great idea. With that many meds, I'm sure the doctor wouldn't mind a phone call if your friend is feeling weird. I can't remember all the symptoms, but doing a quick search on the web will give them to you. I do know that it can be fatal, but it's not very hard to treat.