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222369 tn?1274478235 I fool you not when I say I have nightmares every night and night terrors at least 2 or 3 thimes a week. But my abuse happened at night. So nights are a huge deal for me. I've trained myself very well for 20 years to not go to sleep and not go all the way into a deep sleep so that I can hear whats going on around me so I won't be vulnerable. I anyone ever took away the ambien I'd be in big trouble phycologically and pounded by memories of teh abuse nightly...
Avatar n tn my problem was restless leg and i took ambien every night for about 4 weeks or so and then found i could sleep pretty soundly without it. i took 10mg before bed - my dr.'s recommended dose (and he knew about my addiction) - and now only take it maybe once a month, if that. it didn't get me high (than again i wasn't taking 10 at a time) and i didn't have the urge to take it at other times or more than the amount prescribed.
Avatar f tn While the worst of the vomiting, cramps and (shudder) unending cold sweats have passed, I remain fevered a full 2 1/2 degrees above my normal temp, and any (ANY) kind of physical activity make me collapse into a shaking, sweating, unpleasant harpy. Sleep is still a nightly ordeal punctuated by some of the worst night terrors I've ever experienced. The OTC anti fever meds aren't helping this. Any suggestion on what I could use to sleep or what might bring my fever down?
Avatar m tn You just won't be able to sleep for a few nights and you may have some night terrors and anxiety. But for me that only lasts a few days. I have to take something as a back up after I stop. Like OTC sleeping aids. But personally I think it's worth it to use during withdrawals. Just to get over the hump. I know some might not agree but it has been helping me. I have taken it on and off for 6 months and have had little problems as long as I only use it short term.
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Avatar n tn it gave me BAD night terrors. !!! every time i took it. flushed them all down now. have you tried trazadone? melatonin helps me alot. hope you get some sleep. i have struggled with that issue for years. i know how cruddy it feels not to sleep. good luck.
Avatar n tn (not sure on the date). We thought it was great at first. She lost a bunch of weight, the night terrors left and she got back to her old self. She has tried a lot of anti-depressants over the years. But after the 6 months, she started to develope Parkinson's like symptoms. Her speech is slurred, she can't walk without stumbling, she can't hold a thought on many occasions, forgets easily and she is very unorganized now.
Avatar f tn The problem is that after I was triggered by someone who was innapropriate with me as a child I began falling into old patterns. I began having night terrors and getting angry at everything. my fiance has stood by my side working on this with me. taking baby steps with me. But I feel so incredibly guilty that Im not able to share my love with her in that way. I find myself trying to make up for it in other ways. cooking dinner every night, refusing to let her pay the bills...
223439 tn?1264741696 On my second refill I received a generic from different mfg. All hell broke lose. I started having night terrors. My brain was literally doing rollercoaster rides for seemed like minutes on end. To make thinks worse, I now experience them all the time... mixed in with hypersensitivity. All my senses trigger the brain shocks now to the point of nausea. Today the doctor started to tapped me off my meds and prescribed trazadone to get me to sleep.
Avatar f tn Leave it to a doctor to blame the alcohol & not the prescription drugs. I have a story to tell. In 1994 something in my mind changed do to a traumatic event. I lost focus, I stuttered, I had no idea what was happening to me. I was placed on Valium for 2 weeks. I functioned normally during those 2 weeks I just don't remember any of it but one little flash of being at work, just a spilt second.
Avatar n tn I didn't actually cheat, but if I didn't have the commitment to my husband that I did, I probably would have let things go much, much further than they should have. It also gave me horrible insomnia. I was only sleeping a 1/2 hour a night. They gave me Ambien to try to counteract it and see if it would go away, but I might as well have swallowed sugar pills. I took 3 and was still up all night. Wellbutrin works great for some people. Unfortunately, for me, it was poison.
Avatar m tn It brings on terrible anxiety/panic attacks and screaming night terrors. That triggers my pain to go out of control. Anyhow, just thought I'd share that and see if helping you sleep better might help you as well. I have degenerative discs in my neck and horrible pain in my hips along with the usual aches and pains. Oh...and headaches! So I can relate to what you are saying. I tried to medicate myself and that didn't work out quite so well.
544292 tn?1268886268 Two nights ago, which was day 20, I was driving home from work and my Mom called me.She knows about the Tramadol and the withdrawal. She also knew there was something VERY wrong with me while I was on it. But again, because she knew I had chronic pain and a DOCTOR gave this to me, she didn't say anything and wouldn't really have known to say anything about it. Anyhow, at first her voice sounded way too loud. Horribly loud. Like a robot almost. A metallic quality to her voice.
Avatar n tn They are Amino Acids that restore you and help regain some of the brain chemistry that dimmed when we were medicating. I still take an Ambien at nite for sleep and an occasional Ativan for the Anxiety. For all the resources and wisdom I used to get the drugs, the trick now is to remember THIS PAIN OF WITHRDRAWL and stay clean at all costs. I rationalized my drug use for 25 years(I'm 41) and I truly want to stop beating the **** out of myself.
Avatar n tn Opiates have the worst withdrawal everything from heroin to vicodin to oxycontin and anything else in that catagory. I know I have tried to quit vicodin 3 times in the last 4 months I had to get an ambulatory detox and still wished I were dead. I have a post in this forum check out title day 6. I posted on there again today. You will **** your brains out and get tremors and cravings and hope to die. My emotional energy was gone. I cried and was close to tears most of the time. Had no energy.
Avatar n tn When i was a child, i suffered from Night Terrors. I love my dreams and im greatful that theyre so beautiful and that i remember them, but im always so tired. No matter how much i sleep im exhausted the next day. Its almost like its consuming(sp?) me. After seeing this im wondering if i should go for a sleep study session to see if anything can be done..
Avatar m tn I'm on meds for migraines and depression, and if I forget to take them, I'm set up for a hard night. The worst night ever was the night I came down with a migraine so bad that I went into the ER (bad as in I was crying from the pain, and couldn't answer the questions). They gave me some kind of narcotic, and it was like poison. My family watched horrified as every time I'd start to fall asleep, my body would sieze for about six seconds.
Avatar n tn I new I could get some Ambien so I went and got some and ended up taking 15 in one night. This was less than 4 days since I got out of the hospital on life support. Addiction is a crazy thing, and will make you do crazy #$*! I didn;'t see anything worng with taking the Ambien, although I did not mean to take that much. Anyways we have both been very dedicated in our recovery's since then.