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Avatar m tn I think 15 mg of Ambien would signify to a doctor that you are on to high a dose of Adderall and it is interfering with your sleep. I don't mean to be critical in any way. I just don't think you will be able to find a doctor to proscribe you any more Adderall than you already get. I would recommend taking days off Adderall to try and lower your tolerance.
Avatar f tn It is amazing to me that a doctor who specializes in addiction would put me on adderall. What is the matter with these doctors? How did he imagine I would use it, since he knew I'm an addict? That I would use it properly? HAH! But now it's not so funny. I pray I make it through this.
Avatar f tn I might be able to suggest a few things, but first I need to know what you have been diagnosed with. Do you have depression, bipolar disorder, or what? As for the adderall, can you tell me what side effects you previously experienced (anxiety, weight loss, insomnia, headache, etc)?
355483 tn?1206189793 Are you currently taking all of the above meds. or just the Ambien? I have no experience with it, sorry. I do hear that it can be abused because as you stated, you have to take more to get the sleepy effect and you may not use it every night right now, but that is also another addiction factor, you "need" to take it or else you can not sleep. As I stated, I have never used it, but this is just what I have heard and read about it.
Avatar f tn They say adderall causes insomnia... Its obvious, adderall is a legal form of speed. Most would say adderall is the last thing a restless person would or should take. However, at this point i see no other choice. here is my rational. --Because I cannot sleep, I lose the ability to focus in class. Because I can't focus, I don't learn as much as I can during class time.
Avatar f tn old post, but here we go. I've been dx'd with ADHD and well i take adderall xr too. i've never noticed my pupils getting big...i'm sure they do. but no one can tell no one is staring at how big you pupils are every time they see you unless they know about the whole "she's taking adderall which is a drug that makes you high and pupils big." I take it, and it just relaxes me and helps me focus on one thing at a time.
Avatar f tn I agree with sandman that it is very important to eat breakfast before taking this medicine. I too have an insanely higher appetite while taking Adderall. My doc wanted to switch to Vyvanse but I ended up losing a lot of weight and it just wasn't very effective. I have been taking Adderall for about 6 years and I can say that it has its ups and downs.
Avatar f tn I think that with the help from your Doctor it would be a better idea to slowly wean off the Ambien, it possibly doesnt mix too well with adderal which is another med known to have side effects ..Speak to you Doctor before you do anything.
1182411 tn?1265324644 Has anyone been swithced to Dexidrine from Adderall and found better results with Dexedrine? From what I have read about the switch, it seems to be highly individualized with various results... I'm just thinking the Dexedrine would be a god-send to a person who might have a dopamine deficiancy?? I would love some insight or advice with how others have managed with their meds. I'm wondering if I should, yet again, find another Psychiatrist...
Avatar f tn Whew, I do not have any experience with most of what you are taking with the exeption of xanex, but the effect I got with those just plain terrified me so never really got much into them. I've taken ambien on occasion to sleep when I could get them, but never really over did them. The xamex caused me to have black out peroiods where I was up and doing things but have no recolection of what happened. That scared me away from them.
Avatar n tn Over time, I became very tolerant to the Ambien (and Adderall). I would take the one pill I was supposed to take then cut another pill into pieces and take about 1 and 1/4. Then it moved on to 1 and 1/2 and so on. I was afraid to tell anyone, including my parents, that I was taking more than I should. However, I ended up telling my doctor that 5's weren't enough for me anymore, so I was put on to 10's. They helped at first, but the tolerance built again...
Avatar m tn How to deal with adderall tolerance?, I am 36 years old, and I've been diagnosed with depression and ADD at age 15. I've taken several medications for the aforementioned issues. I am currently taking 225 mg of wellbutrin and 90 mg of Adderall xr. I have built tolerance I believe to the Adderall and it stopped working at that dose. I have tried several psychiatrists to help me address this issue to no avail.
Avatar m tn I take Celexa 50-60mg's daily, 40-50 mg's of Adderall, lortabs 10/500 6-8 times a day and 15 mg's of ambien at night. I have bad insomnia since starting my oil career after college. It's 12 hour shift work. I've always been a gym rat but haven't been active in it for about year. Here recently I started noticing my feet get really cold sometimes along with my hands, not everyday. Prob 2-4 times a week. It kinda concerned me since Diabetes runs in the family along with heart issues.
216703 tn?1277682777 Zoloft 200 mg qd Adderall 20 mg qd Geodon 80 mg bid Topamax 100 mg bid Restoril 15-30mg prn sleep (ambien makes me stupid, my doc was afraid that Lunesta was making mania (I think) worse and I don't often need to take anything for sleep since starting Geodon.) If I'm just too drugged to work my sleep doc gave me Provigil and it helps somewhat. But mostly I'm doing much better. It takes longer to recover from a psychotic break than I would have imagined. Again, thanks.
Avatar m tn I take Celexa 50-60mg's daily, 40-50 mg's of Adderall, lortabs 10/500 6-8 times a day and 15 mg's of ambien at night. I have bad insomnia since starting my oil career after college. It's 12 hour shift work. I've always been a gym rat but haven't been active in it for about year. Here recently I started noticing my feet get really cold sometimes along with my hands, not everyday. Prob 2-4 times a week. It kinda concerned me since Diabetes runs in the family along with heart issues.
Avatar m tn can't tell you how much it means to hear from people I feel so alone in this effort to save my life,if you will. I took klonipine mostly at night to help me sleep with ambien. .5mg of klonipine....1 or 2 times during day for anxiety. My doc has since put me on 1mg of lorazapam 3x a day,and abilify 5mg a day. Its been what 4 weeks now, and I still feel so sad all the time, not to mention the pain in my back and joints.
Avatar f tn 00pm. After two weeks on this med and dose I found myself trying to take 2 at once to see if it would work since I felt absolutely nothing taking 1 10mg tablet twice during the day. I swear I do not abuse medication but whether my body can't absorb medication or I'm just defective I know that most people on the shear amount of different meds I take daily and then the dosages, it should be obvious that I'm highly medicated. But I'm not at all.
Avatar n tn I've recently gone back on to my add med (Adderall - I Hated Ritalin and Concerta (concerta is just extended release Ritalin) - I'm also taking Xanax w/Ambien at night. I've been on these meds for awhile and have had no issue with them. That said - they both are extremely addictive. Amphetamine's are easier for WD's, but harder on the body if not used as perscribed. Benzo(whatevers), are easier on your body (as long as used as perscribed) but have worse WD's than opiate's.
312330 tn?1245180352 After a while it started to lose its effectiveness, and got to the point where its side effects outweighed its benefits and so I was switched to ambien. I did great with ambien, but my insurance limits for the time I was allowed, I split the dose and even slept well with that's no longer an option because of my insurance, so my doctor put me on temazepam 30mg, but it simply doesn't do anything for me.
Avatar f tn I'm only about 5-6 weeks I'm on prescribed adderall 40mg daily and Ambien 10mg at bedtime. Has anyone been on these medications while being pregnant? I'm very concerned about my baby being affected. My doctors says it's ok to continue taking these medications......
Avatar f tn It seemed to progress with age with me as well. Diagnosed firmly at age 38. I just went downhill like **** on a hot tin roof! One day I seemed to have it together and then the next BOOM - fallin' apart. That isn't really the case - I fell apart slowly and progressively- but still - all the books I've read talk about the disorder getting worse as we age or if it has been left untreated due to something called "kindling". Look it up - research it.
939910 tn?1257130514 I went from a total of 70mg Adderall IR split up into three doses throughout the day to 30mg Adderall XR once a day and 150mg Wellbutrin XR once a day. I think I'm getting used to it now. The biggest issue with my sleep this past week has been that I've been sick with the H1N1 flu and for the first few days I really just slept the whole time and now I'm doing better but still really tired with a bad cough that tends to make sleep problematic.
Avatar n tn After having a sleep study 2 years ago I was put on 100 mg of provigil to combat day time sleepiness/narcolepsy. Months later I was given Ambien to correct vast awakenings shown in the eeg. Ambien only kept me asleep for 1-2 hours and so I was eventually put on 15 - 30 mg of Restoril (per night). After 2 years Provigil stopped working and an increased dosage of 200mg caused rage and no improvement of my day time wake state.
Avatar f tn Maybe stop the lexapro first then stop the adderal and last work on the ambien. Most likely the ambien is only required because you take adderal but for each drug you need a slow tapper down plan to minimuze the withdrawal effects.
Avatar m tn 4 months ago, I got out of rehab for taking 100 mg of adderall a day. 10 mg of klonapin a day and 60 mg of ambien a day. I was also taking 5 mg of zyprexa. I have lost it. I got out and a doctor put me on doxepin and I had really bad side effects on it. I have not been sleeping like at all. My anxiety is pretty high all the time. I got put on 100 mg of seroquel to help me sleep. Every 3 nights I sleep. the others I get 2 hours. I have only been on it a week.
Avatar f tn I am a 33 yo female. I have been having some problems with my health lately. I am exhausted all the time. Just diagnosed with idiopatic hypersomnia. My blood pressure keeps dropping down to 70-80/40's. Mostly orthostatic but not always. I have tachycardia (usually around 110bpm), muscle pain, I am losing tons of hair, abdominal pain, and nausea. I have noticed that my tears and sweat are not salty anymore I take adderall for fatigue (just increased to 80 mg per day).
Avatar m tn Back in August I went to treatment for 100 mg of adderall, 10 klonapin and 7 ambien a day. They detoxed me off of everything but one klonapin in 28 days. I was on the one klonpain for the next 2 months. I finally got off of it and went crazy. I was not able to sleep and I relapsed. Went to the hospital and got ambien and they gave me one ativan. I am back in treatment and I have not been sleeping and just have been feeling overall off balance. They put me on 100 mg of seroquel.