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Avatar n tn I went back on ambien because it is cheaper, but it does not work as well as ambien cr. It could be that ambien cr builds up effectiveness over time.
Avatar n tn Ambien is commonly prescribed to people with HCV. But if I were you I'd avoid it like the plague. I was on it for a while a few years ago and I developed a dependency on it (many others do too). It definitely helps you sleep, initially I just took it once in awhile to help me sleep. Then I found I needed it more often than "once in a while" to get to sleep (like almost every day). Then I needed to take more of it than I did initially to get the same effect.
Avatar m tn But even the Balaton cherries are far richer in melatonin than other fruits and vegetables. Melatonin has physical properties that make it at home in both aqueous and fatty environments, so it can cross membranes and reach into the tiniest subcellular compartments to exert its protection. That makes it both powerful and highly effective. Also unique is how melatonin provides protection.
Avatar m tn There are not much studies either giving full credit to Melatonin use. Melatonin has shown to reduce the symptoms of jet lag. Studies show that melatonin, taken orally during non-typical sleep times, significantly improves an individual’s ability to sleep. As said earlier you need to seek sleep specialist advise which is better option than relying on other non promising info of whatever source. Take care.
915775 tn?1243253530 I would personally turn to natural remedies for sleep problems first, such as melatonin or Calms Forte, then seek therapy to figure out what's bugging you and as the above post says, always rule out the physiological. If you can't sleep after trying things that are natural and therapeutic, then go on an actual sleep remedy, such as ambien, not a drug for anxiety which might help you to fall asleep but won't help you stay asleep and will fade in effectiveness over time for that purpose.
906819 tn?1242457262 I currently take Depakote for my moods and I was on Seroquel for sleep, but I can't stand the weight gain and sluggishness anymore. Soooo, I saw a sleep doc and he has me on a combo of Ambien and Librium (I asked for Librium because I used to have an issue with Xanax and I heard Librium is the safest benzo), but I gotta tell ya, this stuff does nothing for me.
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Avatar f tn I commented a bit more on the other thread about L-Tyrosine vs. SAM-E. I don't know how the Alteril will work if you're taking is all natural and works with natural hormones that regulate our internal sleep clock and nervine botanicals (the Alteril)....the Ambien is an anti-hypnotic.
Avatar n tn Something you could try is melatonin. it is a natual herb that helps with sleep. I am ambien right now, however I really want to get off as it is addictive. I did try Lithium for awhile, however I hated it with a passion. There are alot of newer drugs out there. Talk with your psychiatrist about them.
Avatar n tn It's a natural compound and if the body gets too much it just ignores the signal. Also, talk to your doc about Ambien (lasts roughly 8 hours) vs. Sonata (lasts about 2 hours). Which is best depends on whether you're having trouble falling asleep or going back to sleep if you wake up during the night. My doc prescribed Sonata. Amusingly, it works great as a placebo: I haven't taken a single pill yet; just knowing it's there if I need it has been enough so far. Good luck!
Avatar n tn im taking 2 xanax a day now in 1/4's but i have only 3 left..can i take a 1/4th then melatonin and so on to kinda rotate or is that a bad mix? or sleep aid? or should i just call and find me some more xanax's? lol sorry but im kicking hydro's and well i tried to kick them both but i need these to kick the other and then plan on working on them. i just felt it was too dangerous to kick those 2 meds at one time being what they are..
1139187 tn?1355710247 I meant t4. Vs. Nth When the t3 in nth hits my system the buzzing starts.
Avatar m tn just got of the phone with my nurse i am sleeping only 2-3 hrs every night now (on wk20) what does everyone think of Lunesta vs Ambien ?
4522800 tn?1470329434 Can not deal with this. I was ok for awhile when I took the RelaxaMag, Ds Cal and sometimes switch to Melatonin, very rarely take Tylenol or Ibuprofen. It is 4:41 am and can not sleep this has been going on for a few weeks now. I can MAYBE sleep between 6-9am. My little itty sh**ty commity is thinking WOW maybe I will get a med!!!!!!! I know we post alot about sleep here, but does anyone have some new methods for the madness. I am 5m & 1week =157 days.
1116669 tn?1269146866 Now the sleep switch is gone. for the last few months i have been taking melatonin, 5htp, atarax, minerals including magnesium, and tylenol pm, before going to bed. i am also experiencing myalgia at night. if midnight rolls around and i am still not asleep i take 2.5mg zolpidem. i find that i am using the zolpidem more frequently as time goes on and am concerned that i will get addicted to the zolpidem.
Avatar n tn Why did they use fentanyl for anesthesia instead of a more traditional method? And must they use this again? I would discuss your fears with your surgeon. If you are not comfortable with him all your PCP. When you are "under" anesthesia they monitor you VS continously. They are able to determine if you are not completely sedated and will provide additional anesthesia should this happen, which is rare contrary to the media. I wish you all the best.
Avatar n tn We have spoken to our Primary care Physician and G.I. Doctor. He was prescribed Ambien, and it helped for several nights, but is now not working. We are still in the staging portion of diagnosis. He also has iron overload, and there has been mention of a theraputic phlebotomy. His fatigue has him in his chair most of the day. He is unable to work and we are looking into disability. I am in need of some information on medications to help his pain and sleeplessness.
1100156 tn?1323927121 I know for myself and some other people that the sleep aide Rozerem which is an FDA approved medication which works clinically in the same manner as melatonin to adjust the sleep cycle and is safe and non addictive was of help so you could ask your psychiatrist about that but often as mood stabilizers are initiated and adjusted that can sometimes stabilize sleep disruptions on their own but you could ask your psychiatrist more about that.
Avatar m tn It's going to be tough fighting the pain free vs depression free roller coaster. I don't have an urge to use but the pain is nuts! You are still a day ahead of me and I hope it stays that way. Congrats on 10 days free. Are you taking any vitamins or supplements? I have gone to the natural herbal hippy shop and got some vitamins. Just started today with those.
Avatar f tn if it were me i would ask my dr for sumpin fairly safe to take for sleep..any sleep med can be habit forming..i used ambien and there will be people here who may say they abused it/or lunesta etc..i never did i just went to sleep..phenergan, valerian root, melatonin, benadryl r all some meds to help u sleep and curb anxiety..stay with us..dont crawl under the covers too far..u were on a tough dose to kick so quick..u have some guts! i admire u..get some some aftercare..
Avatar n tn For help sleeping you could try melatonin, L-tryptophan, I always prefered taking melatonin(5mgs). Also look into the health pages here on the top right about the amino acid protocol, thomas recipe and other helpful tips. Alot of people like epsom salt baths to help with the body aches, it forces magnesium into your muslces and can really help you relax. Is it possible for you to taper your dose down to under 10mgs before you quit, or you planning on going cold turkey.
Avatar m tn Thanks for that ... it's just that I'm fussy about this, and appear to be getting a bit sloppy. Occasionally, I'll use the "Spell Check" thing, and usually it's clean (but the checkers have their limitations, too, as you've probably discovered -- if it's a word, even if you missed a letter from the original word, it gets through. And it can't handle, for example, "its" vs. "it's".
1058304 tn?1257045915 Have you tried any of the over the counter sleep aids such as melatonin? I was prescribed ambien while going through withdrawals. It didn't help at all the first week so I didn't take it. Once I hit the second week it seemed to help. I only used it for a month as I didn't want to be dependent on another med. I hate recommending any prescription medication and some are against using anything but maybe it would be worth checking in to.
Avatar n tn Imodium - for your stomach - runs Melatonin - over-the-counter sleeping pill (or anything that might help you sleep) Bananas - for the potasium (helps with the restless leg syndrom you'll have) Try to eat like 3 or so a day. GingerAle - was all i could handle to drink Long hot baths in the evening...
369224 tn?1200677576 Today is only day 6 without them. I've tried Ambien on nights and the Melatonin last night. I hope this gets better soon! I'm not sure if its still the ultram withdrawals or the tooth thats keeping me from sleeping now. I think its still the ultram. Thanks Again!!!
Avatar n tn clonazepam [1mg] (not daily, only as needed for anxiety... usually like 3 or 4 days out of the week) -- Ambien [10mg] for sleep obviously I exercise almost every day, smoke some pot at night occasionally- sometimes recreationally and sometimes just to get to sleep. I take vitamins, fish oil when I remember, sometimes take pepcid or whatever is around the house for heartburn...
Avatar n tn If you feel you must take something for sleep do it occassionaly and not nightly because a person can become addicted to most any sleep aid including Ambien. I am treating a person for AMbien addiction currently. Most all problems due to sleep is caused by depression. Xanax,valium all benzodiazepines cause some chemical depression if taken daily. Klonopin is the worst for causing chemical depression.
Avatar m tn Use lactate or chelate -- if allergice to dairy do not use lactate) AND Magnesium - 1000 mg daily (needed to balance with calcium and relax the muscles) -or- Melatonin (recommended by my pharmist) Start with 1.5 mg daily taken 2 hours or less before bedtime, up to 5 mg as needed. Helpful - Vit B complex plus extra pantothenic acid (B5) 50 mg daily and Inositol - 10 mg daily at bedtime - enhances REM sleep.
Avatar f tn Well, when my mind has been racing in a bad way (bad thoughts) and I wasn't able to sleep anyway, I actually have ended up playing Plants vs. Zombies, because it takes just enough mental concentration to get rid of the bad thoughts, but it's not exactly hard. You can probably insert many simple but engrossing games. Won't help you sleep, but can displace bad thoughts.