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Avatar n tn Ambien is commonly prescribed to people with HCV. But if I were you I'd avoid it like the plague. I was on it for a while a few years ago and I developed a dependency on it (many others do too). It definitely helps you sleep, initially I just took it once in awhile to help me sleep. Then I found I needed it more often than "once in a while" to get to sleep (like almost every day). Then I needed to take more of it than I did initially to get the same effect.
Avatar n tn ) I later read that people with impaired hepatic function shouldn't take it. I went back to ambien and that works fine. Ambien CR is supposed to help with multiple disorders, like waking frequently during the night.
Avatar m tn Tylenol does make a sleep aid that does not actually contain acetaminophen, only diphenhydramine (Benadryl), which is what's making you sleepy when you take these meds. You can also find generic versions of Benadryl sleep aids at most drug stores. However, as the med labels will tell you, if you are still having trouble sleeping after taking these meds for 7-10 days, then you really need to see your Dr. as you may have a serious problem such as Sleep Apnea.
Avatar m tn I have been using Ambien every third night for a couple of years for sleep. I try tea or just hard work the other days to try to avoid building up a tolerance to the Ambien or becoming totally dependent upon it. My doctor says I can try the melatonin. She says to stay away from anything with root in it though. Does anyone know of something reliable? I'm going to the health food store with my wife.
Avatar n tn If I worry twice as much about my own (when the day finally comes), I'm gonna need an uptick in the Ambien. Paris, I've wondered over the same thing. My doc says Tylenol. But Motrin works much better for me and I see here that others seem to take Motrin.
Avatar n tn Klonopin works great, for both the physical and mental of anxiety, especially if you have it 24/7 "gad" Drs like to think Antidepressants are the key to anxiety, but thats just not true all the time.
Avatar f tn another option is to get your doctor to prescribe something specifically for insomnia such as ambien, sonata or trazodone. discuss over the counter options with him such as benadryl and others available. lastly, its great to hear YOU know what works best for YOU. don't discount that.
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Avatar f tn I bought a bunch of diffent size bags of frozen peas and stuffed the family size down the front and back of my robe and the reg. size down the arms...sat in my recliner looking like a big snowman. Took benadryl until I saw the trial coordinator. I'm probably featured in a few medical slides because the coordinator photographed the affected areas as well as the dermatologist.....I am grateful that it wasn't on my face! Had skin biopsy....dermatologist prescribed hydroxyzine 25 mg.
Avatar m tn just got of the phone with my nurse i am sleeping only 2-3 hrs every night now (on wk20) what does everyone think of Lunesta vs Ambien ?
Avatar n tn It was not evaluated against 100% compliance, and as Jim said, it doesn't stand as a justification for intentionally cutting back on meds. On the question of 47 vs 48 - I think it's back to Risk (cost) vs. Reward (benenfit). I think it's relatively unlikely that that single 48th week is going to tip the balance, so if for some reason it is a vaslty more difficult week, one could probably justify skipping it.
Avatar f tn I asked my doctor for some ambien yesterday. I had heard on this forum that many of you take it. I have been having alot of trouble sleeping. I usually wake up at 3:30 in the morning and can't go back to sleep. I tend to lay there and worry or think. I also have many nights that I stay up until 2 0r 3 in the morning because I feel to wound up to go to bed or if I lay down, I get those awful joint and muscle aches and am in to much pain to sleep.
Avatar m tn Glad you got good results from Ambien CR - luckily for me, Ambien 10 mg. works quite effectively. I'm looking forward, however, to weaning myself off once I finish my xanax weaning. Hope you're having a good day today...
Avatar m tn Take it from one who has tried every major brand and experimented with dosages, etc.,the general brands vs. name brands, whatever. But if you ever take oils, fish and fatty acid stuff (my doc said great on tx) Spectrum is the way to go. They are the oil people. Just my take. Glad you seem to be in high spirits. Relatively speaking.
Avatar m tn I was doing good, then things started to go bad. I ached, diareahea, then I even took an Ambien CR to sleep and could not because of the restless leg thing. It drove me nuts. I took one Norco 10/325 about 29 hours in. Will this start my whole detox over again? Or will the symptoms be lighter? Please help.... I havn't taken any other opiate, besides a dose of Immodium. I am 39 hours into my detox, but I did take one 10mg Norco about 12 hours ago.
Avatar f tn if it were me i would ask my dr for sumpin fairly safe to take for sleep..any sleep med can be habit forming..i used ambien and there will be people here who may say they abused it/or lunesta etc..i never did i just went to sleep..phenergan, valerian root, melatonin, benadryl r all some meds to help u sleep and curb anxiety..stay with us..dont crawl under the covers too far..u were on a tough dose to kick so quick..u have some guts! i admire u..get some some aftercare..
Avatar n tn If you feel you must take something for sleep do it occassionaly and not nightly because a person can become addicted to most any sleep aid including Ambien. I am treating a person for AMbien addiction currently. Most all problems due to sleep is caused by depression. Xanax,valium all benzodiazepines cause some chemical depression if taken daily. Klonopin is the worst for causing chemical depression.
1058304 tn?1257045915 if not, try benadryl or somethung mild like that. may i ask u...have u ever ct wd from that amount of vic before?
358304 tn?1409713092 You need to start working to address that thinking. Taking Benadryl isn't the answer either, IMO. It would be best if you could try to allow yourself to readjust to being able to be calm and sleep WITHOUT taking anything at all. You need to undo that thinking. Just my two cents.
Avatar n tn Although since I take it at bedtime I did notice sometimes it was harder to fall asleep, so I took benadryl or sominex instead and had no problemss.
Avatar n tn The difference in cost between the older, less accurate tests and the newer ones is about 300 vs 450. To allow meaningful comparison your 12-week test should really be taken at 12 weeks so it's best to do this fairly soon. Sorry about the aggravation but it's worth it. Good luck!
Avatar m tn "Don't forget the pop the tylenol " For me it was Ex Strength Tylenol plus a benadryl for the first couple weeks. Same as Tylenol PM. Easier to just take them separately, I think. Good luck - getting started isn't usually too bad. BTW All, This is the 3rd week for me feeling crappy (flu-like)leading into my shot, with improvement 6-8 hrs post shot. Too weird.
Avatar n tn It's for folks like you who complain Ambien doesn't work long enough. Benadryl works well too, but it needs about 1.5 hours head start, and it will leave a hangover for a good 10 hours after you take it. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Dose yourself up on some tylenol if you are allowed and some benadryl if you are allowed and sleep through shot one. You'll do fine, HavHep. I'm SURE of this.
Avatar n tn I hope I can sleep without it. I have a question .... does benadryl mix with tramadol? Sometimes I'd like to try benadryl, but I'm afraid of mixing the wrong drugs .... stay kool ...
186606 tn?1263513790 as for the sides rash, gold bond red top,benadryl and itch it like heck cause it feels good and you might as well enjoy something feeling good to do!! a bunch of **** then puk...ahhh that feels my eyes are puffed to no end lol hair loss, still got some left, colored it and then had highlights put in, I figured screw it , if it falls out i,ll shave it and get a big tattoo MOM put on my head dry mouth,sores and cracks...rinse,rinse and eats lots of icecream..
4522800 tn?1470329434 I tool the capsules vs. the tabs for better absorption since my stomach was already a trashed mess and I couldn't eat. Another amino acid that I LOVE and would still be taking if I could afford it is: L-Theanine Having your room cold, dark, quiet, lots of pillow, and for me, no electronic green or yellow lights shining off some clock or charger for something helped LOL It's a are healing.....methadone lingers.....
Avatar m tn I think a majority of MY addiction is mental. I took painkillers for long periods of time before and when I was DONE, I was DONE.. I didn't get sick at all. My head told me that I wasn't going to get I'm done and I know I'm going to get very sick.. the mind plays some crazy tricks on us...and our bodies. thanks medic for that info above. as the genetics go...
Avatar m tn Sooner or later you are bound to notice these tiny little dots and they itch like ant bites or mosquito bites or chicken pox or something. Well you don't even realize how much you itch them...then they bleed a bit and sort of scale over or something with little tiny scabs. I feel like an alligator all over! Hydrocortisone .10% is what I put on the KILLER ones. Aveeno Moisturizing lotin is what I've been using all over my body - it helps them really well.