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6884999 tn?1385767779 is it ok to use ambien to help me sleep coming off of vicodin.
Avatar n tn My docctor told me to discontinue klonipin all together and use ambien at night. Is this going to help? What do I do if I have a panic attack.. I also take 20mg of Lexapro. If anyone has any answers I would appreciate it as I am worried and skeptical.
Avatar f tn Has anyone taken ambien while pregnant? I told my doctor I couldnt sleep cause of the pain I'm in from her weighing too much. I cry every night cause I literally can't move to toss and turn or get up to pee cause of the pain. So instead of any kind of pain meds he gives me ambien. Anyone else taken this drug??
Avatar f tn But if you do decide on meds, at least use one that's designed to help you sleep like Ambien, not a benzo. And remember, all of them are habit forming and some are addictive if you use them regularly, so natural is a better way to try first; the medications will always be there if you need them.
Avatar f tn A which means that there are not many adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women on the simultaneous use of Ambien. Hence, Ambien should generally be avoided during pregnancy. In rare case it should be given only if the potential benefit outweighs the potential risk to the unborn child. Sleep medicines may cause sedation and symptoms of Ambien withdrawal in the newborn if taken in the last weeks of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn If you use it to help with withdrawals such as insomnia, that's what it sounds like you asking, you're only substituting another drug in place of the other(s) . Then again, it's probably worked as a 'bridge' for some people to make the withdrawal easier. But as mentioned above, it is addicting and often just prolongs the process more.
Avatar f tn I'm 16+2 my dr prescribed me ambien..I'm scared to take it as I've seen what it does to my mom...anyone not have bad side effects like sleep walking, sleep driving or hillucinating?
Avatar n tn I just recently took myself off Ambien. I had been on Ambien for almost 2 years. I was taking 10 mg. every night to help me fall asleep because of all of the anxiety I suffered from throughout the day. I recently lost my job, so I figured there was no need for me to be on Ambian, since it wasn't like I had to get up at 6 a.m. anymore. Well, what I didn't realize was that I wasn't going to be falling asleep until 3 a.m. for a couple of weeks!!! I thought I was going to lose my mind.
Avatar n tn I finished tx on 4/13/07 and I still use the Ambien about 3 or 4 times a week as I am now dealing with RA from the treatment and the meds for RA cause insomnia..
Avatar f tn I don't think I'll get over the anger or mood swings until I get off of ambien. I'm 29 days off of hydrocodone. I think ambien has the same side effects as hydrocodone. I just want to be drug free!!!
Avatar f tn i have been using ambien for many years now. i used the ambien and it's generic form zolpidem. it has always work up until two months ago when apparently the pharmacy changed suppliers. i took the little round purle pill up until then and now i take a white oval one. This one does not seem to be working as well and the side effect just seem wierd Does anyone think that the new manufacturer product is inferior and has anyone experienced this?
Avatar f tn Discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor. Use of AMBIEN during pregnancy is not recommended and should be considered only if your physician determines it is needed. Sleep medicines may cause sedation of the unborn baby when used during the last weeks of pregnancy. And finally I found this link: It is a Class C drug, meaning it has not been tested on humans.
Avatar n tn While I was in the office, I forgot to ask whether this new drug could interact with the Ambien, so I stopped taking the Ambien until I could see my doctor again. About a month went by in which I did not use Ambien at all. During this time, the abdominal pains gradually lessened over a period of weeks, and eventually disappeared.
Avatar f tn ambien, lunesta) are not addictive. Widespread Z-drug use is still kinda new in the states and some people do appear to exhibit heavily addicted behaviors. Benzo withdrawal (in this case Xanax) can kill. Be very careful with this. You might want to read the Ashton Manual (a copy can be linked to from It has a lot of good info. There are even sites linked to about finding Ashton friendly doctors in your area.
196784 tn?1194160061 I don't care what your dr says - ambien is addictive and if you use more than 2 weeks, you will be addicted. w/d are no fun either. I only took 10 mg a night (never more) for 5 years. I am in w/d and it is hell - don't do this to yourself.
491910 tn?1209369793 tapering is still recommended with ambien...anything u use to sleep every night can become an issue...i have a frriend who abused ambien but did not have withdrawals getting off of it...just could not sleep...another person i know takes so much benadryl at night it is scary...if u took it away from her she would have trouble sleeping for a while and she is tapering off of it now...good luck and how do u plan to quit the ambien?
501205 tn?1227349042 I couldnt sleep last night and took an ambien for the first time in awhile and I have to say those are bad pills. I always thought they were okay for me but I made the mistake of taking one and not going to bed right away and I have no recollection of what I did for the last half hour before bed. I was just reading my post to Courtney and I cant even remember typing it -- let alone what it said.
Avatar m tn He thought I would benefit greatly if I got regualr sleep for two weeks. He offered me Ambien, but said I could try over the counter stuff too if I didn't want that... In short he said that I needed to figure out a way to get regular sleep. Seeing as I don't like drugs... Is ambien worth a try or should I try something else? I can tuff it out too.
Avatar n tn just a bit of info i have gathered through the last few years in the er where i work about ambien. most sleep experts prefer ambien for pt's that have sleeping problems, because it alows a deeper sleep than most other drugs (which are either hypnotics or barbiturates) does less damage to the liver (if any not real sure on this one but have been told by the sleep guys that is the least toxic of sleeping agents) does not cause hang overs in almost all cases.
Avatar n tn Has anyone been dependent on ambien and what did you do to be able to sleep? I have tried lunetra and been up for days.
Avatar n tn I have been suffering from severe insomnia. cant fall asleep or stay asleep. I been taking xanex, norco & ambien.Now I cant think straight, have no energy no appetite & am starting to get really depressed. Does anyone know if the ambien is making it worse & making me feel drugged or is it the lack of sleep? Any help would be really appreciated.
Avatar f tn Any comments on the medication ambien. Does anyone else think it is addictive besides me. I have not only had bad w/d symptons due to hydro but I believe this has effected me as well. My nights are terrible, horrible nightmares! I have been taking it for about 7 years (taking ambien for 2 weeks, then switching to ambien CR, going back and forth between the two) This is night two without it.
Avatar f tn I have been taking 10mg of Ambien daily now for 3 years. My doctor said it was not addictive and continued to fill my prescriptions. I called last week for a refill and she send a letter to my home saying I would have to find another doctor. I guess she realized that it is addictive and instead of being a good doctor to help me get through it, she just drops me. I'm also taking 150mg of Effexor, which I've been on over 3 years as well.
Avatar f tn 10 days ago I quit long term 10 mg Ambien use for insomnia. I would be interested in hearing from anyone else who is a LONG TERM (years) user. I quit a couple of times when I first started taking Ambien. Quitting not so hard. A little ear rushing noise then over. This time is 10 days out. Still Loud ear noise. At least has gone from rushing sound to ringing...but still irritating. Charley horses (ordered magnesium...when it comes hope it helps). Sleep is teen tiny bit more normal? But not yet.
Business woman2 My question to you is that I've been prescribed 10 mg of Ambien @ bedtime for chronic insomnia etc.. Since, the Ambien is not really helping me sleep at ALL, I've found a new reason to use it and its for my pain in my coccyx. Would it be ok to use it for pain and take it 2x's a day, to help with my pain since I'm allergic or intolerant to anything else???? I'm running outta options.
Avatar f tn He is up and down for about 2 hours after taking the ambien and he constantly talks to himself and he stumbles around. He says things that are very hurtful and I feel like it's affecting him during the day as well. Hes not happy anymore and he always thinks the worse things. Has anyone had a similar situation?