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Avatar n tn I am taking ambien as well, I am at 36 weeks right now and cannot sleep most nights. It does cause the strange side effects for me - or has in the past. My husband and I worked out a plan. It take my pill before he gets in the bed by an hour or so. This way I am in bed and asleep and he can tell if I am getting out of bed or anything. I have also noticed that the side effects like this are intensified by drinking alcohol.
Avatar f tn I have been taking ambien for severe insomnia for about 5 years. I have never needed more than one pill a night. I have never taken more than prescribed but I cannot fall asleep without one pill. I am now pregnant, and i am cutting the pill in half. It is still working for me and I can get a few hours of sleep but IM still concerned that I am addicted to this.
222369 tn?1274478235 I have had a couple patients addicted to large amounts of Ambien. There isn't a great amount of guidance out there for handling detox from Ambien; Ambien binds to a subunit of the GABA receptor, similar to benzodiazepines, so I think that a benzo taper would be reasonable.
234738 tn?1198006841 if u take ambien and force ur self to stay awake u get high and can even hallucinate
1198664 tn?1368651412 All at the same time :( I quit the PK on Monday. But have been taking Ambien and Ativan pretty regulary for a few weeks and on and off for about a year. Ambien really screws with my brain and I have known it for some time. Whilenon the stuff i would get super relaxed and euphoric and even hallucinate and have large bouts if amnesia. And the next morning and throught the day I would be a real B-hole to everyone. I could almost feel my brain being damaged from the nigt before.
Avatar f tn My insomnia is so bad that I will go days without sleeping. My longest period without sleeping is 13 days. By day 8 I began to hallucinate. At day 13, I passed out from exhaustion. Right now, I am so tired that it is impairing my typing and my eyesight. I am feeling ill and have a strong headache. I just took another Ambien. Hopefully it will let me sleep.
5894382 tn?1376294286 I went to the doctor and he didn't tell me anything but prescribed me 10 mg of ambien, which just made me hallucinate and do crazy stuff that I cant even remember. Does this sound like insomnia? and what can I do to help it besides ambien?
Avatar f tn Does it work like tylenol PM where it just makes you sleepy, or does it knock you out like Ambien? I can't take Ambien because I Hallucinate and have really bad side effects from it, so im always paranoid when taking sleep aids. It is an OTC sleep aid, so im just wondering what I should expect when taking it. Also for women out there with really horrible morning sickness, docs are now using Unisom to help with the nausea and vommiting. Just thought I would share that.
Avatar m tn -Ambien: Put me to sleep caused me to do some regrettable things and also hallucinate. -Trazodone: Hallucinations, Did not put me to sleep. -Ativant, Xanax, and Valium: (oral, months after hospital stay), did not effect me at all , possible benzo tolerance maybe? -Valerian Root, Kava, and Melatonin: None effected me -Antidepressants: Wellbutrin, Effexor, Cymbalta, Prozac What other drugs would be a possibility to help me get to sleep?
Avatar n tn my hubby wants to try some ambien Cr so that he may sleep tonight. He has tried the natural remidies that everyone has told me about and they dont seem to work for him. I know tha tit tickles the same receptors as the percs do so i am not sure if i should let him take them or not.
Avatar f tn Melatonin, Benedryl, and Tryptofan don't help with the insomnia, and I don't do with with Ambien. Was told that makes me really crazy.
1355301 tn?1287971241 I actually found that when I tried Lunesta (or had to switch to it from my normal Ambien because I was in the hospital and they only use Lunesta there) - that I had the same thing happen to me. As soon as I was able to go back to my normal Ambien, it stopped. I wonder if it's a side effect of the Lunesta... but maybe not since you said taking the Lunesta actually helped the situation for you.
Avatar n tn Should I get it off it and try a different drug that doesn't have this potential side effect? A couple of weeks ago, my doctor gave me Ambien to help me sleep, but I know that is not a long term solution.
Avatar f tn The Lamictal has decreased the thoughts a lot, but they're still there sometimes. The Ambien does make me hallucinate a bit, but it doesn't bother me in the slightest. Mostly, things move a bit, especially patterns, and sometimes the patterns of paint on the wall (the slight texture that paint has) turns into more 3D patterns if I stare at it. And it makes me a bit off balance if I get up to go to the bathroom. You could also try melatonin, which is sold OTC, and is fairly gentle.
Avatar n tn My doc recently told me that the Ambien makes some people hallucinate and sleep walk. She said always take it just before getting into bed. There's another sleep med (Trazodone) that's notorious for crazy dreams. BEAM: CONGRATUATIONS!!
1198664 tn?1368651412 I was actually trying to substitute the perc's and thinking about ambien which I have prescribed to me ad I have used recreationally but them make my brain feel like it's being damaged. It's like I am just searching for a buzz tonight.
363110 tn?1340924019 Due to a back injury over the last year and a half (not in the last 8mo tho), and under doctors supervision I had taken Soma, norco, (recently) Neurontin, baclofen, atarax (for sleep) and low dose ambien (for sleep) as well as unisom on occasion. I'm 8 months pregnant also, which is why I hadn't taken the soma during the last 8 months.
7953940 tn?1395710824 It made me hallucinate like crazy. I had to tell myself that what I was seeing wasn't really there or else I would have been talking to the wall all day. I continued to fail at my new job (obviously) and my personality started to change. I knew it was happening so I just tried to cut myself off from people. I was fine at home, watching tv and just getting high. One night I made the horrible mistake of mixing Nucynta with an Ambien and some pot. I went crazy.
1238554 tn?1339423716 And, Fixit, I would just like to say you should not feel ashamed for trying ambien or imply to others that they should. Ambien is a great drug used properly under dr. discretion. So, please WendyLady talk to your DR about these am panic attacks and getting something you are comfortable tying prescribed. The ativan may help especially to get you to sleep, but if you still have problems please consider that you may need a longer acting antianxiety med for over night.
707647 tn?1251492147 The treatment for chronic insomnia can include the careful use of a sleep medication such as Ambien, Lunesta, or Sonata to break the insomnia cycle. These sleeping pills may temporarily improve sleep for a brief or occasional episode of insomnia.
Avatar m tn VANATRIP made me tired all day, raised my blood pressure (up to 152/106), and made me hallucinate. MAXALT made me VERY drowsy and also raised my blood pressure. TRAMADOL made me sick and vomit for HOURS at a time and made my headaches worse. TORADOL took all my pain away, which is great because it is non-addictive and only anti-inflammator, it quit working within a week and is not recommended for more than 5 days at a time.
Avatar f tn It got bad when I started the Adderrall last year, and progressively worse during the Dexedrine- finding myself just COMPLETELY exhaused and seriously not able to function right yet wouldn't be able to sleep for 2-3 days at a time. So, my doctor put me on Ambien, which was NOT a good idea. I am and have always been a deep sleeper. I always refer to myself as 'dead' when I am sleeping because once I am out, I can't hear anything and I have a REALLY hard time waking up in the mornings.
Avatar m tn This all changed three weeks ago, you see, I enjoy sitting on the back porch all the time and especially since txing which is my own little space. I though I was starting to hallucinate again not all the time but just little by little in the evening as the sun goes down which cast a reflection on the sliding door. Over the course of the last three week this fuller image started appearing in the glass.
5748591 tn?1373573678 I smoke pot sometimes but not that much anymore since it also triggers my hallucinations and for some odd reason i can stay up for a whole week on grass, it has a pretty different effect than it used to but then again i guess its subjective. Other than that no, i am only on 1mg xanax to be taken once or twice a day I also use Ambien as a sleep aid in 5mg doses but they do not cause me to stay awake and hallucinate like some people do. They knock me out.
Avatar f tn Listen to what these smart people are telling you. Ambien is not the same thing as Xanax, but you have to be very careful, especially with young children in the home. It can really knock you for a loop. NOT a good idea. I think you should follow the advice the posters are giving you...the sleep WILL come back in time...and it's not like you aren't getting ANY. 2 hours isn't much, but it is something.
Avatar n tn Today I have taken nothing so I expect the real trouble is about to start. I have some Ambien/Stilnox and also valium (5mg tablets) and some rohypnol (1mg tablets) to help me through. I have tried not to take any as I don't want to be taking the pills for more than 4 or 5 days at a time (no point swapping one addiction for another again). I have one more week off work so I hope I will be work ready in a weeks time, but reading peoples experiences on here has me a little worried.
Avatar n tn I have also tried Ambien which seems to be the worse of the 3 because it gives me severe headaches and I actually feel more tranquilized (10 times more) then a simple valium. I myself wish I could solve this issue without any "chemicals". As for any reason I could explain for this problem i can only answer the following. I do not want to go to sleep because i am not tired, and am very into whatever i am working on.