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783281 tn?1259695031 Look at all the posts of the shear terror, blackouts and horror Ambien and Ambien CR facilitate. I would bet that your EXTREMELY rare comment gave many struggling addicts an excuse to take more drugs. Look what happens to your sleep pattern after you take those for a couple weeks. Please, re-consider your advice, you may have directed someone down a road other than abstinece. Recovery is not about managing drugs, it is about managing your life without drugs.
Avatar f tn The highest recommended dosage of regular ambien (not CR) is 10 mg daily at bedtime. That doubling of the dose is a troubling issue since once that runs its course, where do you go from there? I would attempt to begin a tapering down with the cooperation of your doctor otherwise eventually you may have to go to a detox facility. The fact that you aren't taking any other medications (or are you?) should make the tapering a bit easier.
1896015 tn?1321331335 I have a handful of Ambien CR 12.5 mg left and I know it won't last night and I can't get any more. I have to get off. I do weird things in my sleep and at night I will take 1 pill and wake up and realize 3-4 are gone. I can tell I go through respiratory depression at night because I wake up hypoxic, with a headache, in a daze, and shallow breathing. I had sleep apnea in the past but have not been using CPAP lately as I lost a lot of weight.
Avatar n tn and no morning hangover feeling. also, you can fall back asleep. I could never do that while i was on ambien. and the ambien Controlled released worked even crappier!!! the ambien let me sleep 4 1/2 hours everynite on the dot!!! it was terrible...
Avatar m tn Ambien CR costs $200 versus $6 for the regular stuff. We did talk about it, and I wanted it, but at $200 a month it just ain't gonna happen. So I'm sticking with the Ambien for now. I don't really want to take higher dosages of temazepam. And like you say, getting off of ambien isn't that difficult, just a bit time consuming as you ramp down the dosage.
1371818 tn?1320130254 well, after going back on the yellow ambien cr, that had been working, now it doesn't seem to be. At first it would put me to sleep pretty fast, but now it takes hours. But I do have less of a hangover than with mirtazapine. I'm not getting enough exercise either.
Avatar m tn During this time, I would see commercials on TV about Ambien CR or something like that. Saying that it would help you to stay asleep and I really wanted to try that. But I tapered off it and haven't taken it for over 1 1/2 years. I did have trouble sleeping at first, knew it was w/d's from the Ambien, but it really didnt help me, so I quit it. I now take an otc sleep aid when I have trouble sleeping.
Avatar m tn I know a lot of folks here take Ambien. Came across these articles today: ...."They smash into parked cars, drive the wrong way down busy highways and weave in between lanes. These drivers are not drunk, they're taking prescription sleeping pills, and sometimes they don't have any recollection of getting behind the wheel when they are pulled over.
Avatar n tn Is their any withdrawal associated from going cold turkey on ambien Cr. From what I've read about it is that is should not be used for for than 10 days straight. I had no idea Ambien was around 17 years ago? Are you sure? Why not take a drug holiday and take on every other night, This is not hard to do is it? I don't know. If ambien was a benzo then would be a completely different story. Thank God it is not benzo's as that taper takes months to complete safely. Unless your, M.D.
Avatar f tn I'm taking the Ambien CR and THANK GOD FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!! I tried regular Ambien and had 2 nights in one week that I only got 2 hours of sleep... which didn't help with the depression or Riba Rage. I still wake up often, but am able to go back to sleep now. I have no problem with feeling bad the next day. I'm on Effexor for the depression. My feelings about the sx: Right now the most important thing is to kill this dragon... whatever it takes.
480448 tn?1426952138 Zolpidem is commonly found in both generic and name-brand sleep aids. Ambien and Ambien CR are probably the most recognizable prescriptions that contain zolpidem, but it is also found in Zolpimist and Edluar, according to the FDA's statement. Here is some of the key information to have emerged regarding the FDA's decision.
Avatar n tn It works quickly, doesn't give a morning hangover and is pretty cheap as it's available as a generic. I haven't tried the Ambien CR (time released, non-generic). Only thing about ambien is that, for me, I wake up after about 6 hours. But those 6 hours are pretty solid sleep.
Avatar f tn Has anyone taken ambien or ambien cr while pregnant? If yes, how do you like it and does it keep you asleep throughout the night?
192332 tn?1189759428 I recently got my own script (from my doctor) for ambien which I much prefer if simply for the lack of taste. They both do a good number on knocking me out rather quickly. I almost have to be in bed when I take it. I've actually been talking to my wife and just gone right to sleep. I used to have hallucinations with ambien but haven't noticed it lately. I'm hoping it will help as I try to kick my 6-7 vic 75/day habit.
Avatar n tn if i take ambien cr on an empty stomach (6 hours after eating) it works. otherwise it has little or no effect for me.
Avatar n tn This worked a little better, but I have had trouble with a hangover effect that makes me feel so drowsy, light headed and sometimes nauseous during the day. . Now I am trying Ambien CR. I have just tried it for a couple of days. So far it seems okay; but I don't want to take it every day and get dependant on this as well. What else is there that I can take to trade off with the Ambien. I have heard people mention Tranzadone. Is this a better alternative?
Avatar n tn Ambien CR is the only thing that helps me sleep through part/most of the night. Treatment is horrible for sleeping - but the Ambien extended version seems to help me. I hope it helps you.
Avatar n tn I usually take ambien cr but, my insurance ran out because I lost my job and it's too expensive. The pharmacist suggested generic ambien and sent a request to my doctor. My doctor called and suggested trazodone? Now, I was fine using the ambien and actually just sleep and wakeup great in the am and only used it on nights before I worked so I could get to and stay asleep because I have mind racing thoughts and don't actually get to a restful sleep state if I do get to sleep.
620048 tn?1358021835 The other doctors kept giving him Codeine or Vicoden but he hates the way they make him feel and he wouldn't take them. A few good nights sleep on Ambien CR lessened his pain and improved his attitude. When the body and brain are sleep deprived everything is harder. Stick that post note on and get yourself some Ambien!
Avatar m tn Am still having stomach pains and I think they're waking me up at night. I've been taking Ambien CR (generic) for the past 3 weeks and get a max of 5 hours of sleep each night - I wake up and can't get back to sleep. Friday night, I only got 4 hours sleep. My doc prescribed Lunesta and I took that for the first time last night - slept for only 2 hours and woke in a hot sweat. That was it for the night.
Avatar n tn I agree with IBKleen, try some of the OTC meds first, but since you have been on the Xanax for quite awhile, if things don't work out with the OTC meds, then talk to your doctor about a prescript. substitue. Dalmane did the trick for me, but you have to be careful with these as well. Ambien CR and Sonata are relatively new sleep medicines and can be use for a short period of time to help you sleep. Talk to him/her about these. It's hard to go off Xanax cold turkey, esp.
Avatar n tn If either of you figure it out let me know. I'm on Ambien CR 12.5 and 10mg Lexapro at bedtime. Since I stated this combo last week I sleep really well and no nightmares so far. I know those dreams seemed more real than reality and scared the **** out of me.
Avatar m tn I've heard about it all over the place and have seen many posts about it over the past year or so. As far as the ambien, ambien CR, lunesta, sonata, etc., don't even try them. Waste of your time and money!
Avatar f tn I finally got Ambien CR that helps you sleep through the night better than regular Ambien, It can cause short periods of amnesia before you go to sleep so that is a little worrisome. With out sleep I can become an emotional wreck and have difficulty concentrating. After TX it is tricky to wean off. So another thing to take into consideration.
Avatar n tn We debated the Ambien, Ambien CR...he said the CR didn't work to keep you asleep as they claim. He said Sonata lasts longer. Hope there is no hangover. I will let you know. My Oncologist/Hemo said that insomnia is a result of interferon. A lot of people here use sleep aids. Don't go postal, but I would let him know or get another opinion.
1431734 tn?1421015271 I doubt that Benadryl is harmful since my children's doctor had me use it on them when they were very little. My hepatologist has me on Ambien CR, so I don't think that will hurt either. I think not getting enough sleep is much more detrimental to us because that weakens the immune system as well as throwing the hormones all out of whack.
271872 tn?1238593991 I can't get my hands on any Ambien & Seroquel is what the Doc wants to go with. He's gone for the day. I have tried Ambien CR & STILL woke up throgh the dosage. My husband tried it ONE time & we think he drove naked! No kidding!
1323549 tn?1276181747 My doctor put me on trazadone. I dont know if you can take that with those other meds... I have never heard of Pamelor.... I was sleep walking... doctor said I was stressed and it was the only way my body could deal with it.... when I was supposed to be sleeping!
Avatar m tn For that first week, I took a benzo (xanax) as necessary and ambien CR at night to sleep. I can't stress how much this approach worked for me. No guarantees for you, but insomnia can be from so many things. Your doctor should evaluate you to see if you are stressed out (sounds like it) and then decide what is the best for you. I tried Valerian (help sleep/anxiety) and St. John's, but finally decided that I'd let me Dr. help me. Hope this helps!
Avatar m tn such as Ambien, Ambien CR, Lunesta, Temazapan and these are only a temporary aid that eventually no longer work. Initially stress was a main factor to my sleep disorder, however these days I don't feel it is. Over the past year I have noticed that I have become very forgetful, and have alot of difficulty comprehending. I have a professional career for many years and that I have done well with and am finding it very difficult to perform as of late.