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Avatar f tn Welcome Tex Gal- I have no insurance either and it can be done from home - I did it. I'm 66 days off Hydros and 36 days off ambien/xanax and various other meds. YOU CAN DO THIS but you really must want it more than anything else. Stick around for support - I'm gonna send you a PM with more detail so check your inbox. We do understand, we have been there and we'll support you!
Avatar f tn I live in MA and am alone in NYC because I came to see a musical. I take ambien and klonapin, which are prescribed, but am abusive. I got sober when I was 31, stayed sober 15 years, had med problems, got hooked on meds and have been abusive for about 10 years. The pills were a problem always, but when I drank, that was my drug of choice. So I went the AA route and now I need to get to NA.
1795856 tn?1319219613 I work weekdays from 8-4 so I wake up at 7am and I go to bed around 9 and watch TV or play on my laptop and try to be asleep by 11. I need TV or a laptop as a distraction to wind my mind down. I don't read so that's out of the question. I take Elavil, Xanax (.5mg), and Restoril (30mg) to help me fall asleep, but NOTHING has eve helped me STAY asleep. When I go to sleep, I turn my TV or laptop off so there's no lig]ht anywhere near my eyes. I also take melatonin.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed Topamax along with an appetite suppressant (Adipex) for weight loss a bit over a year ago and stopped taking them after two and a half months. I did not lose all of the weight I had wanted to, but most of it. I had gained 55 pounds while on Paxil over the course of two and a half years. By taking a combination of the two medicines, I lost 22 pounds the first month, 10 pounds the second month, and 8 pounds the first half of the third month.
Avatar n tn I just woke up from a much needed 10 hour sleep. Yesterday I was in a zombie-like state all day. I was hurting and dead tired. Nothing 3 jugs of Gatorade, 2 tylenol and an Ambien couldn't cure. When I do have a few "un-brain-fogged" moments and I can concentrate; wheb I'm not smelling ****, curled up in a fetal position in pain, or nauseous .... One of the things that gets me through the weekends is good stand-up comedy. Laughter really helps! Thanks for the advice!
Avatar n tn About six months ago my left neck began to hurt and I noticed what I thought was a lump there. I went to a head and neck specialist and he said that I had inflammtion of my Carotid artery(Carotidynia). The lump, I guess, was just the bifurcation of my artery that was swollen. The doctor told me to take an anti-inflammatory(ibuprophen) for 2 weeks. The pain finally diminished, but about a month later it started in my right neck.
Avatar n tn Could you write back and let me know the particulars. How many Soma you take daily and for how long you have been taking it. I posed the question last week about this drug because a doctor wanted to prescribe it for me and got responses that led me to believe it was addictive. My sister was on it for 2 years and I know she told me she had some trouble when she stopped taking it. If you could give me somemore detail I will ask my sister about her experience.
Avatar m tn I can't believe how much I'm hurting. A vodka and an Ambien didn't touch it tonight. I'm trashing around and doubled over. I pray my surgeon is able to accept the lost X Ray via my husband's email. I have to believe my hip is not 'marginal' and they will operate November 1st.
Avatar f tn Now i have no energy to spend all day masterbating,so i drink to avoid the throbbing. I took a swig of vodka,xanax and ambien and only slept three hours, right side is hurting.
Avatar m tn He has been buying bottles of vodka and stashing them so I won't see. He was drinking and taking xanex and ambien too. His drinking has been an issue for 2 years now and he has up until recently been trying to convince me it is my fault and my issues. Once he admitted his addiction, he has attended 3 NA meetings and now he feels he is "cured". He doesn't seem to this seriously and his anger and selfish behavior is becoming unbarable.
Avatar m tn I don't drink, but when I am screaming my throat hoarse starting around 5pm to meet my surgeon's no pain med pre op protocol, my husband brings me one vodka shot, juice, and a 10mg Ambien. In about an hour and a half later, I'm able to sleep through until around 5am and wake up with my voice hoarse and throat sore from moaning and crying. I sure hope I get my surgery and don't get turned away because this OS wants perfect outcome patients only.
Avatar f tn I found ambien and aleve (disguised as valium) and maybe something else (hard to remember). I flushed them and hid the pill bottles. 2 with her permission, 1 was empty. so that's 3. and she was in denial today so i grabbed the only 2 left up there. these things say "auto refill" on them and they're all from the say **** doctor...she's in denial. but i know a lot of stuff has messed her up. what should i do?
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544292 tn?1268886268 Hi and Welcome Tramadol Warriors, Please come on in and make yourself comfy. All are welcome.
Avatar f tn in reality ur tolerence will get to be more and more///ur consumption of vodka will begin to affect ur daytime behavior///u will begin to drink earlier and earlier//and more and more...anything we have to have for any reason/be it a person, a substance, a cigarette (which is really a substance)...anything we need that is outside of our own mind to function can be taken away or cause problems for us..needing anything can lead to trouble..
Avatar m tn I take Celexa 50-60mg's daily, 40-50 mg's of Adderall, lortabs 10/500 6-8 times a day and 15 mg's of ambien at night. I have bad insomnia since starting my oil career after college. It's 12 hour shift work. I've always been a gym rat but haven't been active in it for about year. Here recently I started noticing my feet get really cold sometimes along with my hands, not everyday. Prob 2-4 times a week. It kinda concerned me since Diabetes runs in the family along with heart issues.
Avatar f tn I need aderall to get up in the morning and function and I take about 60-90 mg a day. I also drink a bottle of vodka a day , plus Ativan and lexapro. I don't know how to quit, and since I've hidden it well I'm scared to tell anyone. My behavior is out of controll, I know I have a problem.
Avatar m tn i cant afford to not work i only plan to tske subs for a week i feel ok now just havnt slept for 72 hours. i took 2mg xanax and 10 mg ambien plus a pint of vodka last night and all i felt was eithdrawals. didnt sleep a eink. called of sick to work so i have the whole weekend. priblem is i got my kid this weekend.
Avatar n tn I mean she seems to remember everything else like paying her bills, etc but has no recolection of obtaining or buying alcohol. What do you think? And she and I have been close for years and I never knew she was an alcoholic. How was that possible? Granted, I didn't see her everyday but usually several times a week. She did seem a little more outgoing than most parents our age. I never smelled anything or nothing.
Avatar m tn 45 on thursday and the only thing i have had since i left is a copld on vodka and tonics and 2 amben fot sleep. i woke up to day grogrey from the amben and sore mussles. SOOOOOOOOO happy to be home. i am now 90 hours since i used and am fealing just ok. Any sucgustions from here would be apreciated.??
Avatar m tn My symptons were exactly like that and I did exactly what you did... ambien to help sleep. My smptons lasted for 3 weeks and then they weren't really gone, but felt so much better because I was able to resume my normal life. I've always been told to wein yourself off is much better, even if you have to cut the pills in half and then half again.
Avatar n tn i think i will take the ambien the doc prescribed me and call it a night since i had one shot of vodka and two glasses of wine. i am toasted. maybe tomorrow i will have more will power since i have half a sub. thanks for the encouragement.
Avatar m tn If you can't sleep, get up and do something else. Laying in bed and tossing and turning will only frustrate you and make the insomnia worse. Good luck to you! I hope you get some zzzz's soon!
Avatar n tn Imagine getting mad without the intense fight or flight response or fast heart rate - interesting supplement- also for sleep or instead of low lorazepam dose and with ambien not always working - I take GNC Melatonin 3 ....... Get a great 4-5 hrs of sleep when I was not getting any!!!!
Avatar n tn yesterday i went to my ob and told him i hadn't slept in 3 day and my bp was up so he was able to prescribe me some ambien just to get thru the process and im a grateful sooo much for that. i came home miserable from the dr office my bf left for work and in that time i had to myself i decided i was no going to let this crap ruin and bring down my life anymore. i forced myself out of the couch and started cleaning.
Avatar m tn 00pm and there was nothing left and i was downing vodka and ambien to put myself down....Just like the old days...
632011 tn?1234350709 Hi there guys,---I'm still in the "Limbo-land" as so many are here,--but, heare's my question.----For so long now I've been having a TERRIBLE time sleeping at night despite taking Vicodin and Neurontin.---I would take it approx 1-2 hrs before bedtime and then only sleep aprrox 2-3 or 4 hrs, then wake up "Bright eyed and bushy tailed"!---- So, then I'd "drop" the Vicodin and Neurontin and take 4 EX-Tylenol-----No Go.
Avatar n tn Ativan is Lorezepam, which is a benzodiazapine. And we all know form xandyk and others on the board the horrors of that. I have had insomnia problems for years and the way I deal with it is this. If I go longer than 3 days without sleeping more than 5 hours a night, I take a trazadone. I like trazadone because it is NOT addictive, it gives me nothing that would make me want to try more than 1 pill.
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Avatar f tn I screwed up when I got back because the first thing that I did was call and get the ambien refilled. I should have never done that. But as I have said before, that is water under the bridge and I am thankful that I was CLEAN during our vacation and my family was thankful for it too. Please consider trying to do this without pills, you will feel so much better about yourself.