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1139187 tn?1355710247 Interesting comments both, thank you, I took zolpidem (Ambien) for twelve years and managed to get off it a year ago by simply tapering and the stopping. Hi pitched tinnitus and occasional insomnia are still some of the after effects and by-products. The struggle to get off zolpidem was far worse than the tinnitus but worth it. I'm still hoping the tinnitus will stop or improve slowly.
Avatar f tn Hello. I have severe tinnitus which gets worse n worse. I M hashi hypo and i believe am being undermedicated. I anyone experincing this absolute torture in addition to hasi hypo.
Avatar m tn I've had tinnitus now for 6 months. It all started when I did a few lines of cocaine in November of 2007. Shortly after I developed serious sinus problems where I had major swelling on the inside of my nose along with pain on the bridge. And then........I woke up with ringing in my ears 1 1/2 weeks later. The ringing got louder as the sinus problems continued. Short of 3 sinus infections to date I really don't have too much to complain about with my sinuses.
Avatar f tn For the last few months, I've been experiencing what I've now learned is pulsatile (or vascular) tinnitus. It's always in the right ear, and always goes with my pulse. If I apply pressure to my carotid artery, it will stop (this has all been confirmed by my ENT doc.) When it first started, I only ever noticed it at night, starting about 7 in the evening and lasting (on-and-off) until I went to sleep. Then I began to notice it in the morning as well, when waking up.
Avatar n tn I too have tinnitus and low thyroid. There are times that the tinnitus is almost unbearable and it is all I can think about. There are other times that I forget it's there or it reduces in its level and I don't hear it. I read someone say they stopped their caffeine. I think I am going to try this also. Taking the thyroid medications doesn't seem to help. You mentioned multivitamins, do they contain caffeine?
Avatar n tn I need help badly as I have had a roaring pressing in my ears for 2 weeks and ent and md said tinnitus. They gave little hope to ease symptoms. This keeps me awake and have to take ambien to fall asleep. I have been on remeron and ambien for about 6 years, however, my therapist states that I am free to stop the meds. I hear this roaring all day long and it is worse at night. I have profound hearing nerve loss but have never experience anything like this before.
Avatar f tn I am overweight (not obese) and have migraines, between 0-2 a month. I take lithium, zoloft, and ambien, as well es excedrin for the headaches (though it rarely helps.) Thank you so much for your support and advice!
1139187 tn?1355710247 dannie, do you think you are hypo? I stopped the ambien for about a month and got no relief.
Avatar m tn During all this I started a new job and I would lay in bed at night and have bad anxiety and panic attacks and I could not sleep . I stated taking .5 alprazolam and it helped for a little while then nothing. My dr. Started me on ambien and lunesta with little relief from either drug. The I started 100mg of trazadone with my .5 alprazolam. I started with a quarter of the trazadone .25 and quickly went all the way up to 200. And still it was a coin toss if I was going to sleep or not.
Avatar f tn The only way to be sure of this is to stop taking it for a time and see if tinnitus goes away. So far, I have not taken any for 11 nights and tinnitus is still the same. - A pretty much constant low-pitched noise. How long would I have to stay off Zolpidem before knowing whether or not it is the culprit?
Avatar m tn Thank you very much for your helpful comment. Tinnitus is often listed as a side-effect of Ambien and coincided with its use. However I'm relieved to be finally off the drug and sleeping quite well, so I am confident that this annoyance will disappear soon. As to the fasciculation this started immediately once coming off the drug and unless it worsens or prevents me from any activity or sleep I will see where it leads, unless anyone warns me otherwise. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn I am a 43 year old female diagnosed in summer 2003 with AIH following a liver biopsy and other standard blood tests. I also have a history (both personal and family) of depression and have suffered several episodes of major depression. I was initially treated with imuran and prednisone, but had severe side effects from both, including suicidal mood swings from the prednisone, for which I was hospitalized for approx. 8 weeks.
Avatar n tn I have the same thing. Have you been using a sleep aid prior to this? I'm beginning to suspect ambien and ambien related substances.
Avatar m tn   -I have extremely bad insomnia. I wake up every 2-3 hours. I was prescribed ambien and have taken it with no success. I also take melatonin, other sleep aids and none help. Sometimes I wake up trying to catch my breath.  Muscles twitches:  -I get constant and daily muscle twitches throughout my entire body. Not all at once, but sometimes it's my back, my shoulder, my legs. Etc.  Joint pains: -my joints have become very fragile and painful.
Avatar n tn Did you order the full Benzo package? Did you experience and tinnitus when tapering off the drug? I have tinnitus and I am concerned that my noise will get worse once I try to come off the clonazepam. I was originally on Ativan for sleep and had horrible withdrawals when I tried to come off and it also made my noises worse. I would appreciate your advice. The people at Road Back also seem nice to talk to....
233616 tn?1312790796 my hearing took a sudden drop and a month or so later my ears and neck got pretty sore....testing followed, and antibiotics, and ear drops that didn't work....finally some purple sulfur painted in my ears took the swelling down and changed the whole landscape. I statrted to get my hearing back....the soreness began to abait and then, Finally I said to the doctor "I just don't understand how my hearing could completely tank like that and now come back....what could have caused that?
1139187 tn?1355710247 I also got a lot of heart palpitations while hypo, which seems odd, but happened. Ambien is apparently easy to get addicted to, and will confuse things if you're trying to sort out what's wrong.
5093508 tn?1390547531 Far better at relaxing me than any stupid old valium, which never did a thing after awhile. Only went on it as I'd read it helps tinnitus stop. It did, for 2 weeks only. By then I was hooked. Then came the ambien, just because I'd had a few restless nights, with not much sleep. The ill informed psych said it's non-addictive & I trusted her. WELL IT IS! And even worse than valium, the way it destroys the CNS, the brain, the STOMACH, everything!
Avatar n tn I learnt the hard way and did it slowwwwly thats the only way however a mere withdrawal from Lexapro has left me with permanent Tinnitus.
Avatar m tn Just found this online and wanted to pass it along. Seems to further confirm the occurrence of persistent occult Hep C along with the potential negative consequences of having it (i.e. - the 10 occult Hep C patients studied here all had elevated ALT's and liver damage): <a href="
Avatar n tn Alas, this has not helped with the fullness in the ears or the tinnitus, and it's been a year and half since surgery.
Avatar n tn I have been having blurred vision, dizziness, pressure and fullness in ears and head and behind eyes, muscle weakness, joint pain, crick in neck, and severe fatigue for over a year now. Oh! also heart pounding and times where I can hear it in my head and feel it. Also deep itching sensations in my muscles that of course you can't scratch like pins and needles. Been to ENT nothing wrong with ears, been to primary doctor MRI normal. Switched Doctors because primary basically laughed at me.
299889 tn?1257342977 Not too many cravings. Took a few Ambien and the 2nd week of them caused me to feel as if I was coming out of a fogso now am trying trazadone, do you know of similar sleep aids? Meetings are good but so far just one a week, preety much one day good and the next iffy. I do have health issues resulting from prolonged druguse. Thanks for asking...
Avatar f tn Just over 5 weeks ago I had a terrible migraine, complete with dizziness, nausea, vertigo, tinnitus, and sensitive hearing. Everything went away except the tinnitus and sensitivity to sound. The ringing is a high pitched loud constant shriek in my head. It never ever stops. It occassionally keeps me awake at night. Sometimes there is an additional tone in either ear, but mainly it is in the middle of my head. It's not pulsate & does not change based on head/neck position.
Avatar m tn Also, take 30 mg MSIR for low back pain daily. Ambien 10mg nightly to sleep. Also have experienced severe tinnitus for the last two years. No treatment offered for that. In the last week, I noticed that when I sit, the top side and upper to middle of my LEFT thigh vibrates/hums pretty good. It's deep enough that I have to press hard on my thigh to feel it but I CAN feel it. Since I sit all day for my software development work and then at night too, it's become annoying.
Avatar n tn He also put me on low dose Amitriptyline for sleep, which has helped a little. I've also tried Ambien, and Restoril, they both worked for a week and then just gave me more rebound insomnia/anxiety. Tryptophan at night was working ok for me, but I stopped it with the Amitriptyline Rx. I know a lot of my symptoms are also symptoms of stress/anxiety, but the vertigo and foot thing have me thinking maybe MS, which is why I asked for the MRI.
1930941 tn?1400111122 Actually tinnitus (the ear ringing) is a symptom caused by a lot of opiates and benzos. I developed tinnitus when taking the pills and it's still with me. Not as annoying as it used to be, but it hasn't stopped.
Avatar m tn -Short term memory problem -Eye pressure, dryness, floaters, pain -Ear ringing/tinnitus, aches -Weak legs and arms -Heavy sweating under my arms -Increased BP (140/80) and lower body temperature (97's) -Chest pain -Tightness in chest/breathing irregularities -Bouts of Tachycardia -Short term memory problems (I know I already mentioned this, so this one is a joke :) -Neck stiffness and shoulder pain -Very bad insomnia, awake every 2 hours, even on Ambien and sleep meds.
Avatar n tn I have been to about 30 doctors- including ENT's allergists, neurologists, chiropracters, opthamologists. psychologists, dentists and everything else u can think of. All CT scans, MRI of brain and blood work keep coming back clean and ok. Nothing I try seems to work. There was a period of time about 3 and a half years ago that the symptoms lifted for about 4 months and then it returned full force.
1339481 tn?1312960431 The Stapedius Muscle is spasming. I have had hissing and ringing since undergoing shoulder surgery. The noise was dibilitating, I could do nothing, relationship was tested with my best friend and fiancee, work suffered. I could not go into a noisy enviroment and had to seclude myself in the confines of my house and listen to nothing but silence.