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Avatar f tn never slept, i am a mother of 3 my two older daughter one moved away, one is 19 afraid to leave me alone, but im ruining her life, she goes to college, she is constantly leaving school to take me to emergency rooms, i used to have kaiser but my job cut it off, cause ive supposedly been off work for 6 months, i m addicted to ativan, xanax clonopan does nothing for me, just ativan , now im on ambien, hydrochlordozite for high blood pressure, stopped prozac now im on effexor, i was on disability,
Avatar n tn I can quit that stuff with very little problems. Usually a day or two of headaches, some neck pain and sleeplessness which I can use Ativan for. But it's NOTHING like coming off of opioids.
Avatar n tn my problem was restless leg and i took ambien every night for about 4 weeks or so and then found i could sleep pretty soundly without it. i took 10mg before bed - my dr.'s recommended dose (and he knew about my addiction) - and now only take it maybe once a month, if that. it didn't get me high (than again i wasn't taking 10 at a time) and i didn't have the urge to take it at other times or more than the amount prescribed.
Avatar f tn I have been reading threw alot of Forum's and seeing what people say about Taking Different Kind Of Medication's Refering to Ativan and Norco ... If anyone that would take Intrest in this Post , I ask you to Please Advise me if Im doing the right thing ... My Question is About Ativan ( Lorazepam ) 1mg time's two daily is what my Doctor just put me on Feb 28th , 2011 along with the Hydrocodone 10-325 which I take 3 time's Daily ... ( On Norco ) ...
Avatar m tn I have been taking Tamazepam for 1 year. I took Ambien off and on for 10 years ....I was sleepwalking and doing all kinds of crazy things on Ambien anytime I used it for long term use. Both make me hungry. On Ambien, I would get up and eat in my sleep. At least with Tamazepam, I remember eating a snack before bed.
Avatar m tn So that other doctor just told to take Ambein and don't take it and Ativan together. I took one Ambien 5 mg. I wake up next morning drizzy and off balance. Then to1/2 some problem 1/3 same problem. So I had to cut down to I/4 of the pill in order to wake up with out being drizzy so I was on it for 4 day. Then I was haven't withdrawal of beeing off of Ativan I can't breathe right it also seem like I was getting real jitery. I wasn't told That I have to be weaned out of Ativan.
Avatar n tn It shouldn't hurt too much to combine Ambien, Trazodone, and/or Ativan - except REALLY strong sedation, and you could injure yourself. I'd start with the Trazodone alone and see if it works for you, if you think you will need something long-term it's the only one that won't put you on a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs, withdrawls, etc.
233616 tn?1312790796 and just think, after getting off the Ativan, I've still got the remeron and the Ambien to go!!! (and Ambien works on Gaba the same as the benzos....remeron like the none of this stuff is easy to get back off of. I like the way the Oxford doc in my link decribes withdrawal...she says the sides can be so bad that this causes its own Post traumatic stress syndrome....pretty funny....or not.
Avatar f tn I don't know what pregnancy can do as far as triggering anxiety, but it certainly can trigger depression. My sister had a sever post-partum depression six years ago and has been on ADs and Ambien ever since. Seems like once people get on these things... it's for good. My sister is addicted to the sleeping pills, btw. And her sleeping schedule is still completely screwed up. Plus she's tremendously overweight and very sensitive about it. You'd think the doc would focus on that...
480448 tn?1426952138 Zolpidem is commonly found in both generic and name-brand sleep aids. Ambien and Ambien CR are probably the most recognizable prescriptions that contain zolpidem, but it is also found in Zolpimist and Edluar, according to the FDA's statement. Here is some of the key information to have emerged regarding the FDA's decision.
Avatar f tn on August 14, trying to piece it all together, and slowly realizing how messed up my memory, my thinking and my emotions had become over the many years I used all these meds. And having constant nearly unbearable withdrawal symptoms (but no more hallucinations and I never had a seizure). Over the 3 monthes, there has been a teeny bit of improvement but not much and at this point I am feeling quite discouraged.
Avatar m tn You probably will have to have some kind of taper even with the trazadone though it shouldn't be as severe as from the ambien. You didn't say how much ambien you're on and thats also a factor in withdrawl. I never had much faith in some doctors who say this drug or that drug is not addictive. I feel otherwise. Sure, trazadone is less addicting than say xanax or ativan but it is still addicting in its own way.
Avatar f tn I was taking ambien last year and did a number of things in my sleep which I dont care to mention, and not remmeber the next day. In short, I tapered myself off ambien, and experience a daily dose of confusion, and memory loss. Its so embarrassing. My fiance constantly looks at me like I am crazy, for not being able to recall something from the day before, and etc. I really hope someone does something to remove this drug from our shelfs. I was fine before this.
Avatar f tn I have tried klonopin, ativan, ambien cr, tonight for instance i took 1 ambien 4 1/2 mg of ativan and 1 1/2 mg of klonopin and i am wide awake. Not quit sure the difference between adderall and benzo's. I used to be on ridilin and now am on dexedrin which are both uppers but have sleep side affects that are supposed to make you sleepy . I am at my whits end. sorry not really much of an advice more than a comment and trying to learn what other people are trying.
Avatar f tn I've tried every natural, over the counter, and prescription there is... Lunesta and ambien seem to be the only things that help... And as far as The gastroparesis goes i take 10 mg of domperidone 4 times a day and i also take bethanecol 4 times a day( and I think the latter drug has also helped my condition a lot as well, because it helps your intestines empty more easily so it may also be worth mentioning... I hope this helps anyone struggling with this terrible disease...
416625 tn?1203292598 You want to get off the pills, right? Yet you are thinking of taking SamE, Ultram, flexiril, ativan and ambien. I have to worry that you are not going to get anywhere will thought of taking a pill to get a pill. Withdrawal is nasty, but it will not kill you. If you want to be pill free, you need to start thinking "NO PILLS".
Avatar f tn the next morning when I woke up I started with a racing heart. The doctor feels that the Ativan and Elavil are not working together. He suggested that I stop the Ativan and try to sleep on my own even if takes 4 or 5 etc. days to adjust. I am very afraid of doing this because I know my anxiety will go out of control. I have had issues very recently with anxiety and when I don't sleep well at night I am very anxious the next day.
Avatar n tn 5 Lortab each night, and 1 of the Somas, and 1mg of Ativan...sometimes 1.25mg of the Ativan I am trying to do a reduction of the Lortab, about 1/8 of the pill each week...that means another 6 weeks just for the Vics I'll see a new Doc Monday, my regular guy, and I hope he has some experience to help.. I have been seeing another Doctor for about 2 weeks (she gave me the Ativan) I feel sort of stable...slept well last night..
Avatar f tn Also had some valerian root that I keep on hand for my insomnia when I don't have Ambien. Oh, and the Imodium twice. So far, not so bad. Just a tad restless, and some sweats earlier. I had some chicken broth, some Celestial Seasons Tension Tamer tea and an Ensure, just to keep something in my stomach. Gonna go get in the hot tub after I finish posting this, then shower, take an Ambien and try to sleep.
Avatar m tn I've never had one that helped me meat my obligations except the 1st year i was on wellbutrin and also quit smoking for several years from it. Paxil, zoloft, zyprexia, geodon, seriquil, ristoral, ambien, cymbalta, xanex, ativan, prozac, enderal, elivil, topamax, ...etc, my list is huge, not one of them improved my life, just made me not care. If I hadn't been living in the same small town 50 years with family and friends asking me 'what's wrong?
Avatar n tn You are loved and appreciated here, and understood. Hang in there, we'll go through this crazy stuff together, okay? Love and peace and hugs and anything good to you, GEM.
Avatar n tn 5-2mg/day for anxiety and then switched OBGYNs - who switched me to Ambien instead for the last 2 mos. My daughter is perfect - now almost 3. I am 8 mos pregnant with second daughter and been taking Ambien throughout pregnancy and occassionally taking 0.5mg Klonopin. For those out there on Klonopin, it maybe best to cut down to 1 or .5mg if possible and keep it at low doses rather than stressing about eliminating it.
Avatar n tn I had the same thing with the Yaz. I was on Yasmin and switched to Yaz and promptly gained about 5 or more pounds. No problems at all with Yasmin, and I was on it for 5 or more years. I still work out like I did on Yasmin, and I've never eaten a lot, although, the Yaz does make me hungry all the time, and I can't seem to get rid of this bloating. I spot constantly and cramp. I have another friend that is the same way.
Avatar n tn he is truly an inspiration to us all...hang in there and Thomas and Wizard can give you their testomonials and help you out with their suggestions......
1697690 tn?1329127238 the last month or two of using completely lost my appetite, and didnt eat. got super thin. now im detoxing even thinner. but ill try and eat or drink. i have some ambien that ive taken and am just trying to stay laying down and out of it. maybe its not the best tactic but its to painful to be awake and going thru this i just want to knock myself out and escape this. im sorry hopefully that doesnt upset anyone i just cant stand this, the sickness and my head, i just want out of this nightmareee.
85135 tn?1227293372 I was thrilled. Unfortunately, after gathering the family and neighbors together, I discoverd that the voice was gone - only lasted the one song. I am back to my old voice - horrible and off key with a Riba raspiness something like Moms Mobley. I am thinking that I accidently gargled with Nioxin or Aveeno instead of my Tea Tree mouthwash. If you think that stuff is nasty in your hair you should try drinking it!
Avatar f tn Abilify This is my mood stabilizer for Bipolar disorder, as well as my anti-psychotic. Ativan I take Ativan as needed for anxiety. B6 I take 2 B6 a day to help with anxiety. Buspar This is supposed to help with anxiety, but I don't know if really does or not. Carafate I am prescribed 4 of these a day to handle my stomach ulcers. The ulcers are almost gone thanks to this medication! Enablex This med makes it so that I can go without needing to pee every fifteen minutes.
Avatar m tn My Dr has tried Seroquel, zyprexam risperodone, Ativan, Ambien, Restoron (A melatonin I think) and a lot of others. The only class that helps me is in the benzo class and I did read that people with fatal insomnia FFI or SFI only respond initally to benzo's or barbiturates. so this is what scares me... I wonder how long I will continue like this... Thanks Dr. Rajput and those who are listening and responding.