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Avatar f tn This is the first time i posta question and im desperate for some answers!! My husband is 31 years old , and has been diagnosed with TYPE 2 Diabetes 6 months ago. Its been a rollercoaster..we changed our lifestyle and everthing was improving immensely the first 3 months. But then beacause of diet, excersice and medication he lost alot of weight , and he wasnt overweight to start of he got frustrated and reduced the sports , quit medication .
Avatar n tn Severe Left ventricular outflow obstruction.(Peak Gradient 89.8 mmHg). Mitral Regurgitation – Mild. Normal Left Ventricular systolic Function (EF 87%). Mild left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction. Occasional Ventricular Premature Beats+. My Present Problems 1. Unable to walk ,and Sleep in flat bed position.Become very tired frequently and feeling chest heaviness when ever I take full Break fast/Lunch/Supper.Heaviness starts after 15 to 20 mts of food intake.Severe pain in hand shouldes.