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1049259 tn?1295092078 so I am bored and having a panic attack so I took these tests for fun: PANIC DISORDER: You answered 11 questions out of 13 Yes. Your score is 85%. You have experienced many symptoms of a panic attack. If these symptoms came on abruptly and reached a peak in about 10 minutes, you may have had a panic attack. You may learn more about panic attacks below. GENERALIZED ANXIETY DISORDER: You answered 11 questions out of 13 Yes. Your score is 85%.
Avatar n tn All I can say is that I know how you feel. I am 22 years old and I have anxiety and panic attcks off and on since I was 8. I also worry that the drugs that I have done in my past may have caused these feelings but most likely it isn't going to do anything to you now that it would not have done to you when you were on them. The best thing you can do for yourself that no one else can do for you is repeatedly tell yourself that you are okay.
447939 tn?1235065543 do you not find that when u look back u find a lot of stuff funny? i do i cant believe some of the extremes i bin 2 over this stupid anxiety. how does your girlfriend deal wi it? is she supportive? it can be hard work on ur partners lol my fella goes mad at me sometimes he cant believe i "die" everyday its madness!!!
Avatar n tn I really cant recall ever having an anxiety attack or panic attack but I always worry about everything. I am convinced I have some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder. I have to have something to worry about - and usually its about my health. When I was young, I used to worry about aliens, the end of the world and particularly about my parents dying. Now as a grown up I worry about health! For the last 3 years or so, things have been fine.
Avatar n tn Many of your husband's symptoms match my own. I am in the throes of severe depression. I don't know that I think men and women really have significant differences in incidence of depression but I DO believe that we sometimes manifest our symptoms differently. For me, the first step in dealing with my depression was acknowledging that first of all I was depressed, and secondly getting in touch with why. The second one was hardest for me.
Avatar n tn looking back at my whole life it basically sucked so i dont have exact reasons. i feel like i dont know who i am recently and i think that is a big part of it. idk. i just have a lot on my brain.
Avatar n tn I'm sick of going to the hospital and having thousands, upon thousands of dollars worth of tests done like in the past. And no end result. I am however, worried that this isn't my anxiety (which I know is another anxiety disorder). It is so far more intense than I recall that I'm scared it is something ar more serious. I'm wondering if anybody could shed light on this or say, hey you just need to go to the docs again.
Avatar n tn Sometimes I can go months with none, other times I am having several a minute including other atrial arrhythmias like SVT. Ectopic beats are not deadly in a structurally normal heart. Even a lot of them. In fact, unless you're having thousands a day, most doctors won't even blink. You can be half insane with worry over something that is probably only hurting you in terms of your blood pressure (from the undue, unnecessary stress).
433412 tn?1232558056 And the worse unexplained pain in my legs when I am in bed. I went to the Dr yesterday and my blood pressure is slightly elavated and I did say that I have also been experiencing dizzyness and tingling of my lips, my Dr's assistant said 'that is not good'. I have also gained 7 lbs in 4 wks. I broke down to my Dr and she did not even examine me or take a look at my legs, just asked if I have considered seeing a Psychiatrist and having shock treatment?
Avatar f tn I was reading some old forums about leg weakness and I thought thank heavens I found other people who are having the same problem I am. I have anxiety and panic attacks for quite some time. Lately I thought I had been doing better. I thought finally I am thru this nightmare. As soon as one things gets settled,another thing comes up. About a month ago I started getting this weird weakness in my knees and calves like I read someone else did.
Avatar f tn I'm not an expert just another patient dealing with Anxiety attacks. I think that Benzos have a place because they do work for a lot of people with Anxiety disorder. The problem (my opinion) is that taking them daily is a mistake because you build a tolerance and it becomes harder and harder to go without them. Instead I think this is a drug that you should only take as needed. So unless your in the middle of a panic attack don't take the drug.
Avatar n tn As a matter of fact, slep and an overall tiredness in the only real issues I am having right now..... I burn also...takes the edges off and does help me to relax. I have had panic attacks in the past. I also have the xanax, but its not working too well for sleep and I'm not goin to take 3 or 4. I am just hoping that soo I can have a decent nights rest. Although between my snoring man and my damn dog, its no wonder I don't get any sleep, theres hardly any room for me on that bed!!!!!
Avatar n tn I run miles, I lift heavy weights and i wrestle competitively. I always tell myself i am a powerful healthy elite athlete, my body is a highly efficient well tuned machine...viruses, infections, bacteria, cancer, and any other illness don't stand a fu**ing prayer in this seems to help. Good luck. By the way you are to young to have colon cancer, plus your symptoms are symptoms of normal digestive function...although i am sure this won't convince you.
Avatar n tn But because I am such a fearful person I started thinking what if I die with this pregnancy when I am having him. I constantly think like hat and though like that with each of my pregnancies. I worried non-stop with this pregnancy and the head feelings and dizziness and head jolts started increasing a lot right around my 6 month. They started to get worse (as was the stress at my job) to the point where I would have the head jolts and head swaying quite often but ONLY at work….
182493 tn?1348056515 gee whiz, its the least i could do after how you have helped me!!! i am curious how you do on the "fibro quiz" i scored 93%, if you scrore high definatly mention it to a doc....
968908 tn?1274874715 He does make sense as since i had several bad reactions to previous SSRI's i am shi* scared of having another. The mind is a powerful thing and i'm now just so utterly frustrated by the whole thing. My psychiatric nurse is coming over tomorrow so i'm gona discuss it with her and see what she can come up with to help me relax about this whole situation. Maybe i need some Valium or something for the first few weeks of taking it...
Avatar f tn There are some thyroid doctors who believe...we're talking theory now...that the FT3:RT3 ratio is the best measure we have of tissue thyroid levels, i.e. how well thyroid meds are getting into your cells. Your ratio is 23.1, which is very good and indicates, according to their criteria, that thyroid hormone is getting into your cells. The three big draws on blood usage are physical activity, keeping the body warm and digestion. This is why we often feel cold after a meal.
Avatar m tn I'm worried that whenever I think about this stuff I don't get anxiety anymore, but whenever I think about being with a boy, I get anxiety. I always feel weird when I think about guys, and it's bothering me. When I was telling myself that I was straight, I started getting weird thoughts too. Sometimes my head makes me feel that I don't like boys anymore, even though I do want to be with them. Yesterday I saw this girl and my heart started beating but I think it was because I got scared.
Avatar f tn So far I have not had any side effects which I had with the first one. I am very pleased with my neuro so I am going to continue doing what he feels is the best direction. Thanks for all your comments.
Avatar n tn what is wrong with me, which I really appreciated. It's much better than anxiety etc.... I know what I have is not in my head. I would seriously consider what Caliber said about infective pathology. I will say I have a history of bullseye rashes (consistent with lyme disease). I have never tested positive on a lyme test though. However, I am considerably improved on antibiotics. Lyme testing is not very accurate.
Avatar n tn I feel for anyone who suffers from allergies, as I am one of them, some days it is un bearable and I just want to cruel up and die. My social life has been affected, that there are days when I am unable to socialise because of my allegies are so bad that I do not wnat to face anyone.
Avatar n tn Luvvie111, I am having the same symptoms. How are you doing these days?
607502 tn?1288251140 I can easily go weeks without leaving our property. I battle agoraphobia and anxiety when I do go out and often have panic attacks in public. What is your therapy treating? Is it more than bipolar? Anyway, just wanted to let you know you're not alone. There will be no holiday parties around here either.
Avatar n tn I have researched it to no ends on the internet and have found no answer. I am terrified I will starve to death because I can never eat. I have to spend half the week curled in bed with stomach pains while trying to nurse and care for my toddler. It is depressing beyond all means. From reading others around the internet world I know this is a viable problem and is not a simple "stomach virus".
Avatar m tn Oh wow I am happy to meet all of you, and yes i have this problem too, i remember this since i was like 7 years old i am 36 now and pointy shiny things makes it worse i also feel pain in the back of the eye and my immediate reaction to a sharp or pointy thing is to close my eyes like if i was poked with that object, sometimes my eyes still hurt even while going to sleep. I really hope we find a solution together.
125112 tn?1217277462 1 Have to say, in March I felt the worst and wouldn't be surprised if my TSH dipped further. It was like one month long anxiety attack. In some ways, I am surprised that doctors don't know and on the other hand, not. For them to be a cut above, they'd have to study outside their average work day. Not only on other conditions but currently understandings of all conditions.
965737 tn?1250298055 I hope maybe there will be a new treatment I can use later on or my health improves so I can try again later..I am 45. My last biopsy was 2 yrs ago, it was mild -one I'm not sure what I want to do about my Hep C now, It was Dec. 2008 when I tried treatment...since I stopped I do see a GP and have bloodwork done. He is treating me for Lyme also, I first got lyme when I was 19. He thinks my mental /emotional probelms may be caused by the lyme. I'm not so sure.
Avatar n tn I am having alot of these syptoms myself. I have had ticks on found on my body before. I am currently having muscld spasms and pulling in all of my muscles. The worst is the pins and needles feeling that I feel all over my body has anyone else had this ? I am very scared as well and the docs say that the stress is keeping the muscles tight all the time and can be making it worse. I was tested for lyme as well it all came back normal.
1678656 tn?1369237418 Ok, I am not a doc. nor do I have the expertise to give you the right advice but I have experienced the type of pain you are describing. It hurts like H E L L when lying down if the problem is in your neck. I had the pain in my arm, could not lift it up and cried everynight because I thought I was having a heart attack. I had an MRI done and they found two bulging discs in my neck at the c5 c6 area. I would mention this to your doc. I feel for you, if this is what is going on...
Avatar n tn Neddypoo put it pretty well. I get the same symptoms when I am "A Fibbin". In addition to the stomach bloating and upper GI gas, my asthma kicks in. I often need to take my metered dose inhalor when I am "A Fibbn". However, I will say that I am not entirely sure these symptom, which are certainly related, are not present after the A Fib event. I am not sure whether the A/Fib is causing the gas/bloating and the asthma attack or the other way around.