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Avatar n tn i had a hysterectomy about 2 years ago due to a 4lb fibroid, i was able to keep 1 of my ovaries, and it is still working just fine, sure they go into shock for a couple of weeks after but it returns to normal, and then there is always the chance it will give out. so........the ovary thing up to you, and you only(unless there is a problem).try going to, they have alot of good info over there, and i have seen the website mentioned on this site alot of times. good luck to you.
Avatar n tn I asked my doc for a CA 125 and it elevated over 2 months to 95.5. A hysterectomy is also recommended for me. I am told my risk for ovarian cancer is relatively low as my cyst has grown smaller, not bigger. I bleed for months at a time now. I was against the hysterectomy at first as it sounded so extreme but now have set a date for 1-3. Anyone out there who has had an abdominal hysterectomy and recovered fairly quickly?
Avatar f tn My last period I was having pain, passing blood, could not have a bowl movement and running a temperature. After different tests they told me I had fybroids and was 8 cm. When I took the test to my obgyn she said the 8 cm object is behind my uterus and she thinks it is a fybroid but they cannot be certain until the go in. When they go in, they plan on taking out my uterus. Depending on what they find...which I HOPE is just a fybroid growing outside of my uterus....
Avatar n tn My mom had fibroids when she was younger, they seemed to go away, and came back when she started taking HRT. There are alternatives to hysterectomy to treat fibroids if you don't want the surgery. I was going to have something called Uterine Artery Embolization (?) or UAE> It's kind of like a cardiac catheterization, they go in through a vein in your groin, and place tiny grains of silicone in the blood vessels feeding the fibroids. The fibroids shrivel up and die.
Avatar f tn I think you've gotten some REALLY good advice regarding the hysterectomy. To undergo a completely unnecessary surgical procedure simply for birth control is far too radical. Since you are in very good health, have had NO problems with the Mirena and it's obviously working, why fix what isn't broken? Why take ANY unnecessary risks with a surgical procedure? My advice is have a new device fitted and let nature takes it's course!
188306 tn?1274136222 I was diagnose with 4 fibroids in my uterus when I was 6weeks pregnant. I had to be bed rested for the remainder of my pregnancy. Which I didn't obey that much, but at 26 weeks of my pregnancy I started having contractions. They were finally stop with medications, monitoring by staying 2 days in the hospital. I finally came to full term of my pragnancy and had my beautiful healthy baby boy. Six weeks later for my 6 weeks check-up with my OBGYN.
Avatar f tn In 2006 my doctor had me go for an ultra sound due to an enlarged uterus. Then every year he mentions it again during my pap and I'd remind him that we've been though this before. In November of 2011 he said it again and wanted me to go for another ultra sound. This time the findings were as follows: TRANSABDOMINAL ULTRASOUND: Increase of size of Uterus. . No mass. to: 11.3 x 5 x 5.8 from: 8.5 x 4.6 x 5.4 TRANSVAGINAL ULTRASOUND: an endometrial thickness of 1.9cm.
647397 tn?1307060215 Almost a year ago my obgyn recomended me to get an hysterectomy due my uterine fiborids, i decided to wait and watch alternative, i have been doing all kind of alternatives since then, lots of dark green leaf salads, Homotoxicology from Heel products, Internet aclaimed remedies as Fibroid clear, at my 4th month now. I wonder if any of you got this hsyterectomy prognosis ahead of you and went by living with this "fear" on the shoulders daily?
Avatar f tn Well, it would seem that a hysterectomy is on the table for discussion, according to my provider. I used to think that I wouldn't care if they just cut the whole messy contraption out, but now that it's a serious consideration, I'm having second thoughts. My "condition" isn't even clear, so I'm trying to weigh my options and other thay a hysterectomy, perhaps an ablation sounds good. They're telling me that I'm young for an ablation, but not young for a hysterectomy?
Avatar n tn If you continue to be anemic that would be grounds for taking more action, as in hysterectomy. If you don't have to have major surgery I say don't do it. Make sure they watch your blood count. Keep in touch.
Avatar n tn So one major benefit to having fibroids removed is to ward off possible hysterectomy later. I think this is something I was looking for - what are some possible outcomes if nothing is done. I did ask this of my doctor and I am sure I will ask again but she did say not doing anything they would just get worst and more drastic measures may have to be taken.
Avatar f tn They did another US and a transvaginal US and concluded that it was actually 5cm septated with possible small fibroids on my uterus. They prescribed me hydrocodone for the pain and told me to follow up with my primary and OBGYN. Since then I have had more episodes of the same pain, extreme fatigue, and the same symptoms I was feeling before.
Avatar n tn When they were on the this website, first of all, it looked as if this was a place to go if you'd had a hysterectomy whereas their mission was to offer alternatives to Hysterectomy. You remember that the name of the forum changed before they exited the site altogether. The OVCA site became involved when a group of us went over to the forum run by the HERS foundation after I was attacked when I offered some resources to a woman who was in the throws of surgical menopause.
Avatar n tn I paid a forturne to joined LA Weight Loss, I had had past success {30lb lost} with LA Weight Loss prior to the hysterectomy. I followed it to the letter for 12 weeks (which included a liquid fast, that I did twice) and lost NOTHING AT ALL. I was aggrevated, frustrated, humilated and I decided to give up on weight lost. Then, the doctor gave me Phentermine, which causes numbness and tingling in my left arm, and the weight is still stubborn. Thyroid checked out okay.
442027 tn?1209869942 It is also an option for those with a possible cancer diagnosis as the da VinciĀ® robotic surgical device allows for excellent visual capability and access to lymph nodes for radical hysterectomy. This surgical technique is also an option for patients who may suffer from surgical adhesions. Initial Recovery: Expect 2 to 4 weeks of recovery, with some lifting and straining restrictions that could extend beyond this period.
Avatar f tn Of course my Dr is recommending a hysterectomy however I've been looking at the other options available, but none of the alternatives seem to be a permanent solution to the issue and this concerns me. Myomectomy - The fibroid can reoccur Uterine Fibroid Embolisation - This is the option I was seriously considering, but the procedure is relatively new and has it's own set of reoccurrence and side effects. My DR just prescribed Provera to help stop the bleeding.
Avatar n tn I agree about going to the hyster sisters website. You can also get a bunch of information about surgical alternatives, for fibroids etc on that website, and detailed descriptions about all the different types of surgical possibilities. Good luck to you...
Avatar n tn The HERS Foundation also provides comprehensive information about the alternatives to hysterectomy, and the adverse consequences of the surgery. HERS has counseled over 750,000 women worldwide in the past twenty-four years. Hysterectomy is an issue of critical importance, since it is among the most commonly performed non-obstetric major surgery in the United States. Like who are they and who appointed them QUEEN OF THE HYSTERECTOMY DEBATE???
377493 tn?1356505749 I am not even worried about the pain afterward. My mom is going to come for 2 weeks to help me out, help with Ryder, etc., and of course Warren is home after work and weekends. What is bothering me is that my OB/GYN told me intercourse will likely be too painful for at least 3 MONTHS! Warren and I are big kids, and again not a big deal except it means putting off ttc. I don't want to do that.
10947 tn?1281407852 Just a question and I am asking without any sarcasm intended: Does the alternatives to hysterectomy forum have to post "factual information" or are they sometimes posting opinions? And, is there a way that a forum for questions about hysterectomy ("not" alternatives to hysterectomy) or women's reproductive issues, in general, could be formed? I think many of us here would find that type of forum very useful.
Avatar m tn Hi! There are lots of alternatives for treatment of fibroids. If you were my patient, I would use NONE of them on you. If you are having only minimal to no symptoms, there is no reaso to do anything at all. 99.4% of fibroids are benign. After menopause they tend to shrink and sometimes, depending on the size, even go away. I would probably recommend a follow up ultrasound to check on the fibroids in about 6 months.
1218873 tn?1300094816 I believe there is a pill in US but it is not approved in the UK, and whenI was on the contraceptive pill I got high blood pressure. Is there other alternatives to having a hystorectomy? I feel that's a bit drastic, but may have got to the point of considering it,if it's my only option. any ideas?
Avatar n tn So, bottom line here is all dependent upon what you can live with and what you are prepared to do or not do. And, there may be alternatives to try before deciding to go for surgery as I've mentioned above. Keep us updated and best of wishes!
603463 tn?1220630455 High levels of LH signal to the corpus luteum cyst (the cyst the was produced when the follicle burst) to produce progesterone. The OVARY continues to produce progesterone in increasing quantities for about 7 days after ovulation. It is also producing estrogen in high quantities. If pregnancy has not occurred, these high levels of progesterone and estrogen signal the pituitary gland to turn off production of FSH and LH.
Avatar n tn The procedure took a half and hour and I personally didn't feel any pain afterward, but that was me. He went in through my vagina and cut out the fibroids. No hysterectomy. My gyno referred me to a fertility doctor she worked with. Since his main goal is to make sure you stay fertile he had other options, like the HM for me. But even after that, not cutting out the dairy and sugar made my period worse so, I had to go back to that.
1211118 tn?1366763553 well i thought i was going for a normal visit but needless to know i was actually haveing a surgery done today:( well i told the hubby he didnt have to go with me my friend watched katlynn and i went to the doctor thinking everything would be fine...well they put me in the surgical room and i was like oh well they must be out of rooms but then when the doctor came in he asked do you understand what this surgery today is for?
Avatar n tn By the way, I saw some earlier posts about correlating women with hysterectomy and MS...I had a hysterectomy due to fibroids and mild endometriosis about three years and complete hysterectomy...
182884 tn?1259316506 I kept getting cysts and finally opted for a Hysterectomy and to rule out Ovarian Cancer. Went to hospital for surgery on Dec.5th, 2005 and the pre antibiotic they inject into the IV bag before being wheeled into surgery, put me into Antaphylactic shock and I almost died. My kidneys shut down and my blood pressure was only 70/40 while my heart EKG showed I was in Tachacardia, over 300 beats per minute.They were able to pull me through and after spending the night in the hospital I was released.
Avatar n tn Your guide to fibroid fixes Focus on fibroids. Fibroids are a problem for 20 to 25 percent of women, but there are several specific routes to relief that aren't nearly as drastic as hysterectomy. For instance, myomectomy, which removes just the fibroids and not the uterus, is becoming increasingly popular. And there are other less-invasive treatments out there, too.
Avatar n tn I had to ask for other alternatives otherwise none would be mentioned. Ever heard of murphy's law. out of the 650,000 people I would be the one with the weird side effects. Lack of drive, prolapse ect. I am thinking about a myomectomy done with lasers. Vascular surgeon in CA does these and gets ever fibroid he can find out. Lowers the chance of returning. Did any of you take Lupron before having the hyst? My fibroid is 20week gestation size. Pretty large.