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Avatar n tn Many doctors are not very informed about alcohol and avoid challenging their patients on alcohol usage. I have read a lot about heart disease and alcohol. I too drank 3 to 4 drinks almost every night and was suprised to find out that much is considered heavy drinking from a medical standpoint. I think that 1 glass of red wine each night might be heathful, but anything more is not. I found that I had settled into the 3 to 4 drinks per night habit and couldn't cut back to one drink.
Avatar n tn How about aspirin and alcohol? How about lipitor? How about Altace? How about Toporal? Does reflux disease effect the abssorbtion rate of alcohol by delaying its entrance to the stomach. Give me any references you may have on this subject.
Avatar n tn Should I believe that my symptoms, which are still present after 5 wks, are in my head, that my therapist and PCP are idiots, and that I'm a nut case? Do I need the ALTACE and the PLAVIX? My instincts say if I did not have a stroke, then I probably do not. My speech therapist contends that there is no way I'd know all the "tricks" to fake if I was just a nut job and that I present pretty classically. I do not know what to think or what step to take next. Thanks for helping.
Avatar n tn this sounds like a question for a medical professional , and you should be prepared to give some history.
Avatar n tn if the ecg and holter were negative, i wouldnt worry about it (easier said than done)....stay away from caffein and especially alcohol....try to get more sleep. this all works for me. if they get too bad, maybe you could discuss having your doc put you on 25mg of atenolol (tenormin), (or some other selective beta-blocker) a all but the most severe cases, this will put an end to it.
Avatar n tn I think that everyone with CAD, heart failure, or high BP should be on them. I am on ALTACE and it has really made me feel a lot better and, although it's not marketed for it, has eliminated the PAC/PVCs that I have encountered intermittently since my heart attack. A glass of red wine every day is also one of the best things that you can do for your heart, if you don't have alcohol problems.
Avatar m tn It has been working for me without questions. I am on Cholesterol meds and hypertension meds(Metoprolol, Altace and Norvasc) which I have been taking for the last two years. Recently I used some viagra two hours before an encounter with my date. I started drinking after the taking the Viagra. The viagra did not work....I took another one and waited awhile and it still didn't work...I took one more and waited a while with no results.... I have used alcohol with viagra before and I performed well.
Avatar m tn Started on Altace 5mg then to Altace 10 then added Norvasc 5mg and now on Norvasc 10mg. Finally got the pressure down to normal levels. I am stictly watching the diet - lost about 20 pounds so far - and added cardio as well. Must say that the blood pressure got my attention. Notwithstanding all of these issues I must say that I feel really great approaching my 1 year anniversary of completing treatment. Lots of energy. Lots of optimism. Motivated and all that.
Avatar n tn I think everything is over and I clean up. I walk out of the toilet and in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp and the fainting sensation comes back (I've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When I get back to the toilet I have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
Avatar n tn MI in 1997 resulting in an angioplasty(without a stent) in my LAD. Yearly thallium stress tests have been normal and similar. Presently jogging 30 minutes per day. Total Cholesterol 118; HDL 55; LDL 52; Triglycerides 53. Daily medications to maintain a blood pressure of 125/72 consisted of the following since the MI ten years ago: Altace(10mg) twice a day); Atenolol(50mg); Hydrochlorothiazide(25mg); Imdur(30mg); Lipitor(20mg); and Aspirin(81mg).
Avatar n tn Within twelve months experienced very slight angina on exercise leading to balloon angioplasty (without stent) for 95% blockage of left ant descending. Now taking Plavix, Pravachol, and Altace in addition to B vitamins and calcium. Although my CRP was low I did have a Chlamydia pneumoniae titer of 1:256 and I have been treated for Helicobacter pylori for GERD. 1. Any current thoughts or references on their relationship to CAD? Some recent publications associated H. pylori with stroke.
Avatar m tn Try the supplement Resveratrol.....I have been taking it for over a year. "With Every 750mg Capsule You Will Receive the Benefit of Resveratrol found in 100 Glasses of French Red Wine .. without the calories..." The above I just looked up. It comes in different strengths. Recently I caught part of a tv show where 2 Harvard doctors were going to develop a pill with the potency of thousand (s) of liters of red wine.
Avatar m tn Plavix daily and continued with my previous daily medication regimen of 10 mg. Altace, 100 mg. Toprol XL, 20 mg. Zocor, and 2,000 mg. Niacain, and 4grams of fish oil. My cholesterol two weeks ago was 127, with HDL of 31 and LDL of 69 and my blood pressure averages 125/75. Both prior to and after the CABG and Maze procedure I have experienced PVC's but they have never felt like the lone A-Fib epidode I experienced prior to the CABG procedure.
1381 tn?1317829422 ( we suffer very much, and we'd love to spend our money on help) 3.I know that caffeine, nicotine and alcohol cause PVC's. But I've heard rumors to stay away from msg and peanut butter. Is there any weight to that? Thank you very much for your service.
Avatar n tn I have consulted with both my GP and Cardiologists, had halter monitors, and stress tests - which proved unremarkable. I do have mild hypertension but it is 'managed' (altace and hydrochlorothiozide) to low normal levels 110/ 72. My HDL Cholesterol is extemely high and vastly outstrips LDL many times over (my doctor tells me this is a very good thing). I have a freakishly low pulse (congenital) somewhere between 29 - 36 resting heart rate. All the electolytes, endocrine functions (e.g.
Avatar m tn Anxiety can bring on the PVC/PAC's very readily and worsens Afib. The Afib was controlled with Sotalol and Altace for the years after the stroke in 2002 until last year. I wound up in the ER twice because of episodes that woke me up in the early morning hours. Afib for me is very uncomfortable. I get a rapid heart rate of 130+ bpm and my pulse gets very irregular and I feel like I am going to pass out. Both times required cardioversion to get back into NSR.
201324 tn?1191089878 he said it may be due to the a-fib itself, or past alcohol abuse. It was not enlarged, and the valves were ok...but, all I'm doing is thinking the worst, and I'm only 51 and have been active all my life. Just took a 2 mile walk....but, I feel very low and with no energy....side effects of the toprol which slows down the heart. I just want to feel myself.....any suggestions or comments?
Avatar m tn I am diabetic and have been taking metformin, crestor and altace for several years with no ill effects. The pain occurs about 15 to 30 seconds after ingesting food or drink. Fresh fruit and salads seem to cause more intense pain. Antacids do not in any way alleviate the problem. This pain is not at all like acid indigestion or heartburn. It is somewhat sharp and centered in my chest and sometimes radiates into my back and sides.
Avatar n tn My EF went up soon also went normal a year or so, now I take around 2000mg, no need to calculate it became a second nature to know after a while like how much a slice of bread, an egg, a slice of unsalted meet and on and on has…… Potassium important if he takes water pills, but a daily banana or two and tomatos are replacing the potassium pill for me. I don’t know how the medical system looks like in India?
Avatar n tn I am under the impression that optimal BP is very important when treating cardiomyopathy. While stopping the alcohol is first and foremost, personally, I think 6 months is too long between appointments. I also don't understand why you have not prescribed a beta blocker and/or an ACE inhibitor. Help me out current and past CM patients ------ aren't ACE and BB's pretty standard for diagnosed CM?
1280592 tn?1271526260 When you say you can't get to 147 BPM as required, what do you mean? You should exercise at 70% - 85% of your max heat rate, anything above that does not provide any benefit to the heart and can in fact be detrimental. It may be hard to achieve a higher BPM while you are on a beta blocker as they tend to slow your heart rate. I can predict my heart rate on a treadmill, for me 3.7 MPH at 5% incline will get me to 130 BPM.
Avatar m tn Thanks for responding. Supposedly, fibrosis reversal can take place quite quickly, even during treatment, however the tx drugs themselves will suppress the platelets. I'm one year post treatment now so expected my platelets to rise based on what I think might be some fibrotic reversal.
Avatar n tn My 67 year old husband also recently began taking cholesterol and blood pressure medicine (Lipitor & Altace) and I have noticed the "moth ball" breath syndrome. Sounds like a clue to me.
Avatar n tn exercise, alcohol, and large doses of Niacin. Niaspan can raise your HDL significantly and also lower LDL and total cholesterol. Several weeks after I started it my total cholesterol was 158 and my HDL had increased from 37 to 48. I was expecting TC in the same range this year and perhaps a little better HDL. I was surprised that my TC was 110, LDL only 50, and HDL was 37. Although the HDL was lower, the ratio was tremendous.
Avatar m tn On the other hand, consumption of cereals, meat and meat products, and alcohol intake was associated with higher blood pressure. When the effects of olive oil and vegetables were compared, olive oil was found to be responsible for the dominant beneficial effect on blood pressure
214864 tn?1229718839 I have been taking 20 mg of Coreg CR (continuous release) and have gained a lot of weight in a short period of time. I am considering talking to my cardio and trying a switch to Bystolic. Both are the latest generation of beta blockers, and do more than the older beta blockers. Another thing that would help me is to know if Bystolic drains the energy from you like most beta blockers because of what they do.
Avatar n tn My husband is on all the CHF meds (Topril-XL, Altace, Coumadin etc) and he's obviously not improving by her standards. I just don't get how echo's differ so much? Can anyone relate??? Any recommendations for CHF doc at the Cleveland Clinic? Thanks a million to all of you who reply!
469720 tn?1388149949 11,821% Since the cost of prescription drugs is so outrageous, I thought everyone should know about this. Please read the following and pass it on. It pays to shop around. This helps to solve the mystery as to why they can afford to put a Walgreen's on every corner. On Monday night, Steve Wilson, an investigative reporter for Channel 7 News in Detroit , did a story on generic drug price gouging by pharmacies.
21064 tn?1309312333 I know that these PVC's can drive you crazy, I've had them for about 25 years off and on and then I finally found the TOPROL XL. Keeping my fingers crossed. I also cut out ALL alcohol, caffeine, sugar, chocolate and almost all stress.:) I also started taking xanax when I'm really having a lot of PVC's and it seems to work for me along with Gatorade for electrolytes and no caffeine.
563698 tn?1216575280 See, I actually HAD to go cold turkey off oxy as my prescriptions are lasting for shorter as I take more and more...I have been on 80-160mg per day for several years, as well as tylenol #4 for severe pain. My initial plan was to just suffer until I get my re-fill next week, but after reading so many stories here I am determined to stay off (I REALLY hope I can resist, this drug is evil).