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Avatar n tn ( I would like to suggest pure aloe vera gel to you, the reason i suggest this is because aloe vera gel is fantastic in healing skin, it is also soothing, reduces redness, is a natural anti bacterial, and makes the skin lovely and soft.... at the same time it will not make your skin too 'wet' either.
174483 tn?1327625477 Yes, I was going to say the aloe vera gel. It is very cooling to the skin. I would try that first, and try keeping her without material that will be uncomfortable on the skin. Poor baby.
Avatar m tn A Japanese study evaluated the effect of aloe vera gel on blood sugar. Researchers isolated a number of active phytosterol compounds from the gel that were found to reduce blood glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin levels. But what study? The study isn''t named. And what researchers? Uncle Bob and Auntie May next door? I dislike reports that do not provide specific names or proof of documentation to back up the test findings. I take these reports as Internet rumors.
Avatar f tn The next morning, remove the glove, wash the hands and then put on the Vaseline or aloe vera gel.
7364027 tn?1391791254 I use aloe Vera gel whenever my skin starts feeling dry, and oddly enough, I think its been helping with any breakouts, but then again, that could be the prenatals. Other than feeling like a whale, I feel so pretty because my skin is so clear, and I'be always had acne, it runs in my family.
Avatar m tn Slice the leaf open in such a way that one side is very thin and most of the other side has lots of the aloe vera gel then place it over the cyst with the gel side touching the cyst. Lastly, place a clean bandage over the aloe vera leaf it to keep it in place . Do this after each heat treatment. You may have to do this for several days or even up to 10 days. Do not scratch, pick or squeeze the cyst. Aloe vera not only heals but it has an antibiotic action.
Avatar n tn m not a doctor but bars of soaps like dove are usally quite drying, i would suggest trying glycerin soap or putting extra virgin olive oil in you bath(oil bath) you will leave the bath having fully moisturised skin, for you hair buy glycerin not sure which country your in but you can purchase this from the pharmacy or chemist if you have like a empty bottle or container (like 250ml ) empty half the glyrcerin into the bottle and match the same quantity with water may so somewhere around 40% glyce
Avatar f tn I'm 15w4d and I listen to my babys heart beat 3-4 times a day is this bad for the baby and I also use aloe Vera cause I dont't know where to get ultrasound gel.
Avatar m tn As I cannot have or use chemicals I have only one thing to use in my health kit, it is aloe vera. I use only the real aloe vera plant leaves not the products sold in the stores. I cut off a piece of a leaf large enough to cover the area, then I slice it so that I take only a small bit off one side, that way there is lots of the gel on the other side. After placing it on the area (gel side down) I then use a bandage to keep it in place.
Avatar f tn If it was me I would go and get some aloe Vera Gel, once you have some put it in the Fridge for an hr or two in the back where it can get cool but not frozen, if it freezes it becomes mostly inert (worthless). Then clean the cut with proxide allow to dry and put a thick lair of aloe over the cut and around the edges. Be aware the aloe gel has a tendency to when it gets warm to kind of melt and run. so be sure you get it in the cut and keep the treated area flat so it don't go any where.
Avatar f tn Buy an aloe vera plant (of if you can't find one, aloe vera gel from the store), break a piece off of the plant and squeeze the gel inside the piece onto your burn. I first heard about aloe and burns many years ago when I was just a kid on a field trip. A man told of having gotten burned with battery acid and using aloe on the burn. He wound up, he claimed not having a scar when he used aloe on his burn. Aloe can be very healing to burns.
Avatar n tn Aloe Vera. It will speed up the healing. Try find pure aloe vera gel or a lotion infused with it. Keep your legs well moisturized. The scratches should heal fast.
Avatar m tn It is impossible to get rid of them completely unfortunately. You can try cocoa butter lotion or aloe vera gel and rub it in daily. Vitamin E also may work but you'll want to try any product/treatment for at least 6-8 weeks before moving to another that way you can find out what works for you and what doesn't. Personally I found the Cocoa Butter lotion helped mine (I've got 2 kids).
Avatar n tn Hi J, Could be a yeast infection, so this is were the sea salt comes into play, it will help clean and heal your skin, and should help clear it away, and the aloe vera gel is very good for skin, if you know anything about aloe vera gel, your find a real good skin healer, so you will then have two thigs working for your skin.
Avatar n tn You sound like you have a skin allergy, have you used a new product a cream , a lotion, shower gel, think of anything that you put on thoise parts of your body, some foods can also cause allergies,Aloe Vera Gel is soothing and natural, it wont clear it though, you may want to take an anti histimine ,there are some OTC ones and if it gets worse a visit to the Doc may be in order.
Avatar f tn Hello I am a young female, I usually have normal to oily skin, but just yesterday I woke up and noticed bumps all along my forehead, very small like goosebumps almost. Yet, noticeable. I have larger bumps on my neck but not near big enough to be hives. They're very itchy and are hard to notice unless touched. Please help! Currently I'm using antihistamine and aloe Vera gel to relive it.
Avatar f tn I have a small red bump on my cheek, about the size of the top a pen. It's not itchy and I have no pain with it. It's there nearly 3 weeks now, I think it could be a burn but should a burn last this long? I've started putting aloe vera on it, how soon should I see the aloe vera impact it? And if it is a burn and since it has lasted this long does it mean it's going to scar?
Avatar f tn • After washing your face, simply apply a small amount of aloe vera to your face, focusing on the oily areas, and let the gel dry naturally. Aloe Vera will help clear your pores and it absorbs oil from your skin. • Using oil absorbing tissues around your nose, forehead and chin will noticeably reduce the shine as the tissues absorb the oil from your face. • Simply mix up a small amount of lemon juice and cucumber juice in equal parts, and apply to your face, focusing on the oily areas.
Avatar f tn Aloe vera gel is fine to put on it, you can also use vitamin E oil.
Avatar f tn I popped a pimple and this pinky red patch has been on my forehead for about 5 days. What is this and will it scar? Will aloe Vera gel help? I have olive skin if that helps. I don't have acne but this skin appeared after I popped a normal spot. I'm worried it will scar.
Avatar m tn I, then, sprayed rose water on my upper lips at very frequent intervals as it minimized the pain. I also applied fresh aloe vera gel which significantly reduced the redness. On the 5th hour, I purchased some 1% hydrocortisone cream which has reduced the burning sensation. I am currently on my 6th hour. My upper lip skin is slightly discoloured (dark + light in some areas) and the burning sensation is still persistent, however much less from what I was originally experiencing.