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Avatar m tn this is very annoying. recently i was careless with bread that had dextrose which i found out could be gmo corn. that gave me a mild fever and sickened me for 2 days. then the second time i selected a fresh bakery bread that i thought didn't have any baddies. but this one had only 2 suspicions, thiamin mononitrate and yeast. as it turned out yeast could've be gm and gm yeast had already been approved to make wine in the usa.
Avatar n tn The yeast and sugar in the bread was the culprit. We now only give her potato millet bread toast. It has baking powder in place of yeast, and no sugar. We never give her anything with sugar in it. Also, I asked my wife to ask the vet about doggie probiotics. She says the vet got real wide-eyed and looked it up for us. She had not thought of it. Probiotics added should help her to reduce the yeast overgrowth in her body.
Avatar m tn Bread has a very high calorie density so I can keep my calories down and pack more food in by staying away from bread. I think it is diet and allergy that you may a problem with. If you had a problem from the basement you would have had different symptoms by now such as pneumonia like symptoms or a nasal problem, headaches etc. It doesn't sound like you have that.
Avatar m tn Hi all, Beginning yesterday I've developed an allergic reaction, some sort of infection, herpes or candidiasis, I really have no idea. I first noticed it due to dry lips yesterday, but it looks like it may have been at the back of my throat already? About 6 weeks ago my girlfriend had a yeast infection which I also contracted off her, we both had it in the genital regions. We went to the doctors and were issued a cream to use.
Avatar f tn I try to avoid it for my kids. Try organic bread (Udi's is a great allergy free bread) or organic, all natural foods. What kinds of foods would you like to eat? My kids are allergic to just about everything so I bet I can help you find something.
779797 tn?1263618235 is it different in alcohol as it is in bread? i can eat any type of bread and have no problems. Been tested for wheat allergy and all is fine.
Avatar f tn You can also home make a lot of stuff, too, in a bread machine or just using your oven. I do have a slight wheat allergy. My daughter does not. So, hence I notice changes in me with the diet, but not changes with her since she doesnt' have the allergy. Anyways, whatever you decide to do, just make sure your child gets a healthy balance of food from all the food groups and supplement with a vitamin if you can. My daughter loves those Flintstones toddler chewables.
1659011 tn?1307486147 s site, I also read that many major bread manufacturers will use baking powder instead of yeast, because the bread takes longer to rise with yeast. (So, by using baking powder, they can increase production and make more money....) When I think about the bread or bread-type things that are so painful (impossible, almost!) for me to swallow, they probably all have baking powder in them! (Not necessarily baking SODA, although apparently that can be a problem for some people, too.
Avatar f tn Many say that oats are okay to eat, but I personally dont think it is worth the risk of becoming sick from your allergy or your celiac disease. i know what flour to use, recipes, what bread/pasta to buy, and more! So please comment or contact me if you need help or have any questions! I'm happy to be of assistance!
172023 tn?1334672284 It is divided by ethnicity and includes the bread recipe, and everything that goes with the bread. The recipes vary widely in complexity.
Avatar f tn I am VERY strict about any form of yeast including avoiding airborne varieties as much as possible. (because gluten free bread was so yucky, I rarely ate bread so that might have accounted for my improvement, but I was still eating gluten free pizza - yeast in crust, and drinking gluten free beer sometimes). I tolerate corn well, but search for organic ones, and grow a Oaxacan green which I grind for meal. Obviously you have to be careful that the corn has not gotten any typical corn molds.
Avatar f tn Not being a doctor, I can't say but am wondering if you have a Yeast allergy. Yeast is found in the pizza dough and also in alcohol. Do you have a nut allergy? Some rums contain nuts, some beer can contain nuts, too, from what I've read online. Having asthma-like symptoms can be the beginning of anaphylaxis. Please be careful and see an allergist or doctor.
Avatar n tn It will be interesting if this allergy becomes less rare with the current trend of gluten free diets and the onslaught of gluten free products on the market. I did not realize that this can be an ingredient in beer! Perhaps a brewmaster friend of yours will come up with a special recipe that you will not react to and name it after you. :-) Thanks again for sharing and I hope it helps someone else as well.
Avatar f tn s fluconazole or diflucan and non doctor prescription of yeast gone which is a yeast cleanse. I have through the years avoided sugar products, bread products, grain products and milk products, but it doesn't seem to matter what I still have lots of bloating. Need help. also looked into premiscan Non-tropical sprue, sometimes called celiac disease, is present from birth, although some people may not develop symptoms until later in life.
5806286 tn?1375050370 I was recently diagnosed with a yeast infection by my doctor, which I didn't even have symptoms for. I know yeast infections are common during pregnancy, and I'm looking for a less synthetic way to help my body heal. My hoo haw doesn't react well to chemicals anyway. Anyone have any suggestions?
Avatar m tn s you just have to request them when ordering - but remember not all toppings are gluten free and the area that the food is prepared in is not gluten free so the truth of the matter is its not 100% gluten free its just as close to it as they can have it in the environment its prepared within.
875268 tn?1332768851 ve been trying a gluten free diet for the past week and I have to say it made me feel better. I just wanted to know what the difference is between gluten intolerance and gluten allergy; is the one more severe than the other? Does an intolerance mean that you can still eat foods with gluten, just not to much? Or are they the same?
Avatar f tn I was eating a sandwich using a new roll from Walmart when about 15 minutes after ingestion my lips, mouth, and tongue started to tingle and itch intensely. They my throat started to itch, both inside and outside. I'm fairly certain this is a food allergy, but they only ingredient I've seen that strikes me as unusual in these rolls is Fava Bean flour.
Avatar n tn When i was a child i was diagnosed with celiac, im 21 years old now, and not eating gluten free, havn for a long time, Feel pretty crappy most f the time.. (mostly depressed and high anxietys) but back to the point, for the past 5 months, ive been struggling with a itchy anus..
709686 tn?1277432159 I've been fighting some kind of fool allergy for the past 4 years. Symptoms are severe abdominal pain, dizzy, lightheaded, brain fog, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, weakness in legs and knees. At first I eliminated dairy and that seemed to help. Next came gluten, sugar and nightshades. Today for lunch I had grilled chicken, gluten free pasta with tomato sauce and spinich salad. About an hour later I was dizzy, confused, lightheaded, mouth sores and my legs really hurt.
Avatar m tn I am allergic to Wheat (i have not done allergy test but i noticed the last two year that after eating bread or pasta i get spots all over my head which turn into a rush-blood test showed that it is not fungus causing this reaction ) and the only thing that helps is this medicine. I would say it is a bit impossible to avoid wheat based food completely. The only effect i have noticed so far is nausea only when i do not eat anything before i take the medicine.
Avatar m tn I had a severe intestinal yeast infection, yeast overgrowth, and many food allergies including yeasts in bread. Most allergy tests don't show things like preservatives, dye's, etc. Has she been tested for gluten allergy (Celiacs)? Yeast overgrowth gets much worse when allergens are not avoided and with intake of sugar/carbs. I had to be treated with Diflucan everyday for 2 weeks, avoid sugar and carbs, and all my food allergies.
Avatar n tn I use matzoh meal instead of bread crumbs. I have not found chocolate candy without soy. I buy organic free range chicken broth (read the label) and Tom's of Maine toothpaste. I avoid "natural flavors" and "artifical flavors" since they are often soy. MSG, monoglycerides and diglycerides are also soy. Bare Minerals make up does not contain soy. Shampoo/conditioner is the label. Eucerin for sensitive skin is OK. Dove soap is soy free.
Avatar n tn On the head of my penis on the left side of my body i have 3-4 red circular marks. they look somewhat like abrasions but i'm not sure what they are exactly. i thought it might be a yeast infection, as i don't have any of the symptoms of an std "fever, flu-like symptoms, itching, rash, pain etc." i stopped having sex and masturbating for about a week but they didnt seem to go away. can anyone tell me what they might be? abrasion from too much sex and masturbation?