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Avatar n tn Shortly after I stopped taking XYZ-al, I started itching all over my body. I went to my dermatologist. she narrowed it down to the allergy medication. Has anyone experienced this reaction? It has been 5 miserable weeks....I am on hydroxyzine pills which make me sleepy so I can only take at night to relieve itching/pinching. I have used multiple lotions. I called manufacturer who really were no help. Doctor said it will probably take 6 weeks to pass thru my system???
Avatar m tn You would have to ask the Dr's. I can say how right or wrong they are but I would never question anything they have to say.
Avatar f tn what if soneone tells you to take xyz and then your symptoms and situation gets worse. Consult your Dr. let him know the medicine didn't work and I'm very sure he will prescribe you something else or have you do a follow-up appt. with him. Best of luck to you.
Avatar n tn Your work should make adjustments to job to accommodate your pregnancy. Try to talk to your supervisor about what you're experiencing, you may need a note from your doctor stating you can't do XYZ. Don't continue to strain yourself!
Avatar n tn Is eating xyz OK for a diabetic. ONLY way to tell is by testing. Why? every one is different what I can eat may make you go high...
Avatar m tn Hi and welcome, Disease modifying drugs slow down the disease course and reduce relapses, which in turn helps minimise disability. RRMS can even be split into different sub categorises during the phase of disease which can be helpful in determining the effectiveness of the DMD being prescribed.
1747881 tn?1546175878 You CANNOT extract MORE energy from substance XYZ that was used to create XYZ. I'd like to see the R&D papers on this. I'm sure most of it would be over my head physics stuff, but it'd be an interesting read none the less.
359574 tn?1328360424 I know some people have intense, immediate, specific heat-related symptoms, like loss of vision or inability to walk. I spent a good amount of time outside yesterday, and I am very sleepy, my body sort of aches everywhere like when you have the flu, and walking around and climbing stairs is just a lot more work than usual. My legs are more crampy, too. I've told friends in the past "If I do xyz with you tonight, I won't be able to work the next day.
Avatar n tn I have scoured the internet for answers, but cannot find anything. Thought maybe it was allergies, so started taking allergy medicine, especially nasal sprays that clean the sinuses since it can be that also? But I haven't had any normal symptoms for allergies, like runny nose or it being congested. During the last days I've also detected the pain to go into my jaw a little bit and upper teeth, but it's not painful and I can just feel some senstation there.
Avatar m tn Hi, In that case, why don't you mention it to your cardiologist just to ensure that it is not due to some circulatory problem to the prostate , as most of the ejaculate volume is contributed by the prostate gland. Did your doctor allow you to have normal sex ? You can also Google for ' side effects of xyz medicine ' to get more user information about the medicines you take.
Avatar f tn I'm not a medical professional, so I can diagnose. But a couple of questions: - have you been diagnosed with anxiety? If so, are you seeking treatment for this? - what diseases/illnesses are you worried that you have? - have you had tests run regarding those diseases/illnesses? - if so, what were the results? If you have been tested for something specific, and the results were negative, then your current anxiety over that could be attributed to health anxiety.
Avatar n tn s and one time xyz happend, because i can gaurantee your son or daughter will have at least a dozen stories they have never shared with anyone that you never knew about surrounding lows or highs that themselves or there friends helped them through.
Avatar n tn In a nut shell it sounds like hay fever. You may just need to take allergy medicine daily, but I'm not a doctor so you might want to talk to your doctor for more insight and what is the best treatment.
Avatar m tn Hello, My question is the following. A couple of months ago my fiance and I got a cat, the first day I had an allergic reaction immediately, red eyes, sneezing and nasal congestion.
5555315 tn?1369796043 i have an allergy since my childhood. before i got it from eating prawns, crabs and even chicken, first it becomes red and itchy , then after a week the allergies developed into scars, these scars are only dark spots, but there are too many of it on my legs, that i can't even wear shorts , how am i going to get rid of these scars? and up until now i have these allergies but the only difference is that now i don't know the cause, since it always occur even if i don't eat those foods.
Avatar m tn I guess the best thing would be to see a dermatologist. It could be allergy or could be something like folliculitis dermatitis. It depends on a lot of things. It is hard to diagnose on here.
Avatar f tn Hey ladies anyone of you on allergy medication. I ask because today getting my 5 year old ready for school I made a mistake of taking his allergy medication (singular 4 mg ) insted of my prenatl pill. know I'm waiting patiently on my ob to call me back...
Avatar f tn I think you should have discussed this before you got married -- not fair to cause a scene years into the relationship. Suck it up and deal with the cats. In your shoes I would just get allergy shots and go on with my life.
Avatar n tn I had a skin allergy test administered by an allergist which I was referred to by my doctor at that time many years ago now. The skin allergy test revealed that I had an allergy to eggs. Okay, if 4 is the highest reaction to a particular substance/food and 1 is the lowest, I had a 1 to eggs. Now , here it is over 10 years later, I eat eggs fairly often with no side effects that I can see. So no rash, no bloating etc.
Avatar f tn I have allergy and don't know what to take for it... those any one know what I can take...