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Avatar m tn Hello, Burning during urination after swimming is due to contact dermatitis or an allergy to chlorine in the water. After swimming, wash him well with plenty of fresh water and also rinsehis genitalia thoroughly with fresh water. Then pat it dry with a soft towel and make him change into dry clothes before peeing. Give him plenty of fluids and juices especially citrus juices and if the symptoms still persist then infections and chlorine allergy have to be ruled out.
Avatar f tn ve been to the doctor in the past after allergy attacks, after frequent urination, after feeling generally ill etc and normally they find nothing wrong with me physically after doing tests.
Avatar f tn The severe burning sensation after sex might be a sign of infection. Have yourself checked by the doctor.
454221 tn?1259445739 Some allergy meds can cause more frequent urination. I know my son is 5 and will have accidents only while on Cold or Allergy meds. Get the Doc to check for sugar but also make sure you tell him which meds he is on for the allergies.
Avatar f tn I'm 38 years of age,my symptoms are lower bach pains,lower left stomach pain,frequent urination,my legs were always tired,I'm always tired and sleepy,often suffered from dizziness,and my eyes blurry.allergy and non stop runny nose.I often visits my doctor but said i only have severe allergy. But i feel there's something wrong. Do you think my symptoms indicates that I have a serious health problems. Thank you very much. Hope to hear from you.
Avatar f tn Hi. I woke up one morning and my face was swollen badly. No other symptons. I started with some allergy medicine I had at home & by evening swelling had gone down some. Next morning, swelling was back with right eye almst swollen shut. Swtched to o.c. Benadryl 50mg every 4-6 hrs. Swelling decreased more, itchy rash started on face & neck. Next mornig swelling decreased greatly, itchy eyelids, facial skin horriblybumpy, rash spreaded to chest, back, and upper arms.
Avatar m tn Are you having any other symptoms, like burning during urination? I'm wondering if you may have a bladder infection. It sounds like you need to see your Dr to find out what's going on.
Avatar n tn Hey there, I am 19 years old. I am allergic to cats, dogs (and pretty much all furred animals), dust, dust mites, feathers, aerosol sprays, perfumes, any small particle stuff like that. I also get wheezy when I exercize. I heard that some hidden symptoms of allergies can be depression, diarehha, frequent urination and other symptoms I have been experiencing. I don't know whether I should treat those things separately or try to figure out if it's allergies first.
Avatar f tn the bouts were getting more and more frequent, and finally, there was no trigger needed, and I started having pain at the end of each urination, without exceptions. I have tried about 10 different antibiotics, including 3 main groups that are normally applied for UTI, and I took them on suppressive bases for almost 2 months non-stop. No result. I have no STDs. My urologist sent me for a urine test, and it showed streptococcus viridan grp (alpha-hemolytic) culture present in my urine.
Avatar n tn at first i didnt bother it but after my medication in soar throat and allergy(urcatitaria), my vagina started to became itchy and again, everyday i started having green discharged for `1 week. i went to a gynecologist and she prescribed me a metronidazole miconazole vaginal suppository and ive used that for `1 week.. now what my problem is, my white discharge had stop.. i am also currently taking up medice for my UTI and had experiexed sex but that was like long time ago...
Avatar n tn About 2 minutes of the sex was unprotected but as far as she told me she had no sexual health issues. It does not burn during urination but afterwards it is uncomfortable. I am very concerned this could be herpes after reasearching this is a common early symptom however I feel I am overreacting because it could easily be anything from GC to Soap Irritation to Herpes. any advice on what the cause may be and if it did turn into herpes when would I expect any redness or bumps to appear?
20790071 tn?1545734233 I had unprotected oral sex with a prostitute on September 10th which is 19 days from now. I had suffering from burning sensation on mouth, itchy penis, discomfort urination, sometimes nerve pain, testicular pain and red spots on skin... I had go to clinic doctor, he just gave me antibiotics, urinary drug and skin allergy pills. I am stress and depressed that I didn't told anyone about it just the clinic doctor.
Avatar n tn When there is a high caffeine in the body it may lead to profuse sweating, anxiety, restlessness, increased urination, increase blood pressure and heart rate, nausea, stomach ache, cold sweats, irritability etc. Hence, you need avoid coffee. Better to practice regular exercise with diet control.Hives seems to be independent of coffee intake and can be due to secondary to exposure to allergen and mediated by IgE antibodies.
Avatar f tn I'm 23 year old male, I have problems of frequently urination since three years, frequency is per hour in day & 1-2 time at sleep, but sometime I goes to release urine more frequently in every 15 minutes with full pressure. All tests shows nothing & doctors treatment given me temporary relief many time but things started as same as earlier.
Avatar m tn It could be anything. It might be a latex allergy, or an STD. And yes, I know. You were using protection. They do say condoms are 99.9% effective for a reason.Sometimes they slip up (no pun intended). The person who serviced you...did they have anything to eat, especially something spicy before oral sex? Also, sometimes stray food or mints can cause irritation. You might have a urinary tract infection from the same things that can cause irritation.
Avatar f tn The craving for sugar and sweet things suggests the possibility of diabetes mellitus and, if this is the case, you would also expect excessive urination and, with that, dehydration. I don’t know that allergy testing would add much to a search for food/drug allergens. What you should have, without question is a careful exam by the ENT and, if your current ENT can’t find time to give you an earlier appointment, you should seek another ENT. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Symptoms have subsided a bit over time, very slowly. Still feel a bit warm; frequent urination; after urination have a continued release of urine for unusually long period (very difficult not to have dripping after re-buckling the pants). I also now have some asthma-bronchitis-like symptoms (it has been a rough month). Any explanation for the negative swab test? If an infection has moved into the prostate, but eradicated elsewhere, would a swab test detect this?
Avatar m tn i consult with a dermatologist and he says this small red pimple like bump are for allergy n he also says this all are not the symptom of hiv as i had protected sex. he also says if i have hiv then its firstly shows symptom in my penis.but in internet i have read that hiv doesn't have any symptom on penis. now i am very afraid.... small bump develop in front of my ear is it swallowen lymph nod?? m i have in the risk of hiv?
Avatar m tn I do not have diabetes according to my labs (A1C and BG). Additionally, I have dry, red allergy eyes. I believe the eye issue is caused by my allergies, although I have read about Sojrens syndrome (I am male, and have no other symptoms aside from dry eyes and mouth). I was wondering if an of this rings a bell for the med help community or its doctors? I am hoping that dry mouth and nighttime urination after wine aren't red flags for liver disease.
Avatar m tn Hi and welcome, It is highly unlikely, the sx's you've mentioned could be caused many things and at 24 even things like life style, inadequate diet, allergy, hormonal etc could be involved but it could also be something like a recurring urine infection. I would suggest you see your GP and consider looking at starting a food and life style diary. If you're recording what's going on before, during and after, you might discover a trigger or something that is acerbating things.
Avatar n tn I have had a slight burning sensation in my penis off and on, usually after urination but not always. I don't have any discharge. Could this be gonorrhea? I have also had an itchy feeling on my arms and legs at night, but I thought that may have been an allergy to dust mites in a new bed. The itching only appears after I have been lying on the bed for an hour or so and goes very shortly after I get up. I slept on the floor last night and didn't have the itch.
Avatar m tn It is causing the excess urination and can cause too little urination as well. Softin (Claritin) is not that strong of a ant-allergy med. You may be better off seeing a dermatologist to get the skin problem in order. But don't get a PA. I had one and he was not good. They aren't skilled enough for this kind of thing. Yes you will have to get a glucose tolerance test or a insulin resistance test or a fasting glucose plus then you eat and wait two hours and then get another glucose test.