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Avatar n tn t been too interested in her allergy, was more concerned with her high blood pressure but the allergist says that is caused by the allergy itself and will go down in time. She is taking claritin(clarityn) every day. She had a blood test which came back normal. Is there any other medication which would speed up her recovery? Many thanks.
Avatar m tn Yes the allergy testing fits with the Eosinophil count Sounds like a virus or something maybe, but your results were not that off.
Avatar f tn told to avoid eating all treenuts and peanuts until the testing. After this, I was tested for food allergies (blood testing for tree nuts, peanuts and sesame, about 36 skin p r i c k tests for a whole slew of other foods (including nuts, I believe) & 24 intradermal tests for other allergies mostly seasonal & animal - it was a painful 2 hours).
Avatar f tn The problem with the food allergy testing is sometimes the amount of food they challenge with may be not sufficient to elicit any allergic reactions. When such food are consumed in large quantities can elicit allergic reaction in the form of hives, redness of skin, itching etc. You need to note down such food also in your diary and avoid the intake in future. I suggest you to consult skin specialist/ immunologist for further line of management. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn Where can I get the titanium allergy testing to see if I am sensitive to the hardware in my neck? I believe it is called the Melisa test and it is a blood test. Does anyone know where I can get this done?
Avatar n tn My pediatrician wants me to take my son for allergy testing, but his only symptom is coughing. He has no other symptoms, has had a chest and sinus X-ray, which were normal. He has had antibiotics and steroids. The cough has not gone away. Not sure why he thinks it is an allergy... Please advise. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Allergy testing in children is not terribly reliable, my son's doctor says. She says they can come up as sensitive to something that in real life they don't actually react to, and not show as sensitive to something that the parents know from observation that they are allergic to. She says it is better to just observe carefully, and test by experimenting with one food at a time.
Avatar m tn First food allergy testing was done with Intradermal and Scratch testing. Now I am taking *blood* for allergy testing. Should I: A. Retest foods to rule out false pos. -or- B. Test foods that showed up negative with skin testing? Not enough blood drawn to retest both. Please answer by 4pm Est time 8/22/08 Friday if possible to put on the order. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Allergy blood testing requires only one needle stick (unlike skin testing). This may be more attractive for people who are afraid of needles. Allergy blood testing is the preferred test for infants and very young children However..... Disadvantages of allergy blood tests include: 1. More expensive than skin testing. Many health insurers do not cover allergy blood tests. 2. May be less sensitive than skin tests. 3.
Avatar f tn I still have raised blood pressure today , I guess the prednisone also raises the blood pressure. Do you thinj it is a good idea to take both items, or should I only take the prednisone. I had skin testing last week and had no increased allergies, I think I have frontal sinus inflammation and congestion .
Avatar n tn My GP sent me to an allergest- they both said it sounded like a seafood allergy and said DO NOT eat seafood. After blood tests and skin tests - all the results were negative. The allergiest said it could be an allergy to a food additive or preservative? I continued to avoid seafood anyway and didn't have any problems for several months. However, last week I ate a hamburger with mushrooms and cheese and had a similar reaction.
Avatar n tn What is the difference between the blood allergy tests and the skin testing? I was recently tested for allergies by a blood test and it came back I was allergic to cats and dogs, but I have heard this form of testing isn't always 100% and skin testing is still needed. Is this true? I have had asthma symptoms for two months now with shortness of breath & chest tightness.
368646 tn?1208393887 Does anyone know the "official" name for a blood test for an allergy to nickel? Many of the labs I've contacted (in Louisille) only know of a skin patch test or how to determine if nickel already exists in the bloodstream. (FYI- It would be used to determine an implant allergy.) Thanks for your help!
Avatar m tn I am a 30 year old female and because of some heart rate issues ( that my cardiologist insists are benign) my primary care doctor ordered some extra blood work. He tested me for some allergies. I have had seasonal allergies for over 15 years so the results of having many tree pollen allergies didn't surprise me at all. But the blood showe small allergy to peanuts. I was referred to an allergist.
Avatar f tn why will I need to stop my blood pressure meds for 3-5 days before allergy testing?
Avatar m tn ve been retested by 2 doctors for skin testing and I swell up with some allergens. I was tested after using blood once and they blood work came back negative for allergy response. Yet my skin swells up 4+ for these specific items. Does this make sense at all? No antihistamine in me for all testing. Could this be a mistake in the lab or can this happen. I see it more so with food allergies. This is unrelated to any other questions I have asked. Can all tests be correct?
489725 tn?1280052553 hi i have a few blood tests for celiac which came back neg and a few weeks ago because i was having problems while eating gluten based foods for a number of months had a biopsy done for celiac and this also came back neg. i was just wondering i didnt eat a lot of gluten products before the biopsy would this make a difference or would there already be damage done from years of eating gluten based products.
Avatar n tn A careful nasal examination, Allergen-specific testing includes Skin testing, Serum tests for allergy, Allergen challenge and as well as Evaluation for concurrent conditions like Sinusitis and Asthma is necessary and it directs further steps for management. Also you are on various medications, some of these are known to reduce the blood potassium levels (like thiazides) and can cause weakness known as hypokalemic periodic paralysis.