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Avatar n tn There are no rapid HIV testing kits approved in the US. There is one Home Collection Kit approved in the US.
387168 tn?1214756393 Has anyone tried the ovulation kits? I have the Early Response ones. I havent got a test line at all and last night all of a sudden there was a faint faint line along side of the control but then tonight there was nothing again. What do you think that means, I plan on testing everyday, I dont care how much money it cost me. Whats anyone else's opinion?
1506342 tn?1305566968 Hello ladies, I need your help again with a question. Ovulation kits, do u test every day u think should be or every other day? Like I think I should be sat,but do I test,fri,sat even sun? Help?
Avatar n tn 2 tested in UAE because if the authorities would find out that the person has HIV they would cancel the visa end export the person from the country immediately. So, I have used the Rapid Test Kits (2nd to 9th week – each week I got tested) that I have ordered on line and the results are negative Thanks God but still not sure that these online Chinese test kits from Singapore are reliable enough to get me the right results.
Avatar n tn I have been using the Ovulation test sticks for the past few months and all times of testing has come back negative does this mean that i am not ovulating?!? and percentage wise how accurate are they?!?
1643095 tn?1312223769 if you/re using the internet cheapies they are hard to read!! it the test line is faint keep testing. Do you know what cd you O on? for me I usually O between cd 17-22 so i start testing then 2 times per day. The test line must be the same or darker than the control line to be positive. Once you get a + it means you will O within 12-36 hours so make sure you are baby dancin!
Avatar n tn Hi. I have developed a pretty severe allergy to shoes. I was wondering if there is any treatment to desensitise my feet or failing that a good treatment to help heal and relieve the symptoms. Any help would be much appreciated.
Avatar m tn One of the problems confronting someone who is assisting in a disaster is removing clothing, boots and jackets without causing further injury. A scissor stronhg enough to cut a penny in half but with a blunt edge that cannot harm. Clothing must always be cut off in the event of a suspect spinal injury, for example. A scissor is needed that can cut through cloth to make a dressing or make a torniquit. An image of a paramedic bandage scissor is posted elsewhere in this forum.
Avatar n tn There are no approved home testing kits. There is an approved collection kit in the US it's the Home Access Kit but there are no approved home testing kits.
Avatar n tn I am allergic to latex and I am looking for latex-free socks. I have to wear boots do to a foot issue and cannot wear ankle socks, so cottonique is not option. Does anyone know where I can get latex free crew socks? Also does anyone know of a brand of jeans that does not use spandex and are not hip huggers, I just want a pair of regular blue jeans.
Avatar n tn My pediatrician wants me to take my son for allergy testing, but his only symptom is coughing. He has no other symptoms, has had a chest and sinus X-ray, which were normal. He has had antibiotics and steroids. The cough has not gone away. Not sure why he thinks it is an allergy... Please advise. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Allergy testing in children is not terribly reliable, my son's doctor says. She says they can come up as sensitive to something that in real life they don't actually react to, and not show as sensitive to something that the parents know from observation that they are allergic to. She says it is better to just observe carefully, and test by experimenting with one food at a time.
Avatar f tn For me there was all was a line for me as I got closer to Oing the line faded some but with in the next few day it got darker. Once you get + OPK you can stop testing. They say its best to BDing(baby dance/sex) EveryOther day, but because you dont know when Oing is going to happen I would BDs EveryOther day from the end of your LMP. Thats what I did and once I got a + I did it EveryDay and somtimes 2 times a day. Hope this helps a little and make sence......
403788 tn?1237037212 i normally get high in morning on monitor then smiley afternoon,then following morning just a peak,but missed my window,so i would recommend testing am and pm,best of luck..
Avatar n tn Go to a reliable testing center. Don't be getting test kits that unapproved off the internet.
Avatar f tn am 20years old my period is always irregular I was on or last month July,now it September and I am still not on my period.i'v done them home pregnancy test kits from boots and it shows to be husband and I always used condoms.I'm really worried what could b the reason for not being on my period for 1 month :( and u dnt want to b pregnant we've even used condoms and i'v had irregular periods bt Neva missed month.plz tel me what's wrong some1.
Avatar m tn One quick question i had protected oral sex and safe anal sext tested 3,4,5,6 weeks at the clinc Neg and 7 and 8 tested using a rapid test kit purchased offline all neg are these kits reliable they are sponsered by WHO do i need to get more test at the clinic or was i even at risk any input on these home test kits would be of great help they look like the ones used in the drs office
20685177 tn?1503673320 Most information I can find is regarding the oral versions of testing kits and not really the blood testing kits. Does anyone know scientifically how these kits work and if there is any risk at all? I can't honestly see how as they are sold commercially with no warnings regarding this, but then again in this day and age you never know! Also, is there any risk of being exposed to the buffer liquid, since I have no idea what is inside that either.