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Avatar m tn Several thoughts. It is possible to have allergies all year long. There are in door allergens that can be the problem. Or you could be like me and experience year long "seasonal" allergies. I am litterally allergy to some pollen in every month. Many people don't realize that there are plants that pollenate in the winter months. Do want you can to avoid indoor allergens from pets, dust, and vermin (mice and cockroaches). Keep pets out of your bedroom.
Avatar m tn s recurrence this year at exactly the same time leads me to think it may be the result of either weather or barometric changes, or the reaction to an seasonal airborne allergy. I have, for years, suffered only in the fall with congestion, itchy eyes and sneezing, but none of those are accompanying the dizziness. Does this sound like a plausible connection? Has anyone experienced or heard of dizziness, on it's own, as a reaction to something connected to seasonal change?
150689 tn?1333990045 HAs a Dr. suggested Singulair as well as steroid nasal spray well before allergy season? Welcome to our Community!
Avatar m tn Hello bluegc, I have a couple of questions after reading your post. Have you ever had an allergy test ? If you haven't had an allergy test perhaps this is something you might consider. I had an allergy test a number of years ago now. At least then you will know what you are allergic to. Where I live, you need a referral for an allergist from your family doctor.
Avatar m tn I don't know how many of you are battling or do battle seasonal allergies but I am having a hell of a go with them this year. Normally, all of my allergies affect my respiratory system. This year, not so much. My right eye feels like I walk on it.... Man, can't wait for this to be over.
10947 tn?1281404252 We'll soon be launching an Allergy Tracker where you can track outbreaks, symptoms and treatments related to allergies. If you have a food, drug, environmental/seasonal allergy, and want to be notified when this tracker is available, leave a comment below.
Avatar m tn I'm in my 40's and had seasonal allergies all my life, the symptoms consist of fatigue, joint pains, increased susceptibility to colds and the extreme unstoppable running nose. Very similar to a serious flu. No allergy medicines has ever helped. Only recently have I found a nose spray that relieves the nose problem. The only symptom that really bothers me is the runny nose, because it's not socially acceptable and uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn t as red as they were. When going for an allergy test, do they test for seasonal allergies also? or is it only for food?
Avatar n tn Yes allergies can also bring on the symptoms you are describing. If you are finding your seasonal allergies rather bothersome, then perhaps you should consider allergy shots as a part of your treatment plan. It is an excellent way to desensitize your immune system and as a result you can experience little or no symptoms. About 75% of people get relief from allergy shots. I found it worked excellent on my daughter's airborn allergies.
Avatar f tn I've had seasonal allergy since 2017. I feel recently that I have symptoms of Asthma like difficulty in breathing sometimes. Is it possible that I get advanced Asthma in the future?
636562 tn?1223667445 I think an allergy tracker would be a great idea, you could track seasonal allergies, results of allergy medications, and record the results of allergy tests. People could recognize their triggers (time of day, time of year, etc.) and learn when their seasonal allergies acted up, etc.
Avatar m tn then add all your food back and if still gone u pretty much have your answer and it would be environmental and if seasonal u can ask dr for a kenalog shot which takes a wk to be effective and lasts 4 months (seasonal) OR u can do allergy shots and they will help with any allergies even if u only go for a short time and quit another med u could ask dr about is Singulair (often helpful or Claritan for non Rx) good luck
689528 tn?1364135841 My son has seasonal allergies as well. I do go ahead and give him over the counter children's clariten (these grape flavored, chewable tabs) which makes it all better. I've never noticed a side effect. We started when he was 4 with that after an issue due to his allergies became a problem. The 'itching' was causing him to itch his nose and he aggrevated the 'turbinates' in his nose which began bleeding.
Avatar n tn In a nut shell it sounds like hay fever. You may just need to take allergy medicine daily, but I'm not a doctor so you might want to talk to your doctor for more insight and what is the best treatment.
Avatar f tn See if you can make a journal - times , dates, symptoms, what makes it better , what makes it worst. Possible allergy ? dehydration ? pulled muscle ? strain or sprain ? Bite ? time to see a doctor.
Avatar m tn However it is generally well tolerated.TAllegra tablets 120mg are used to relieve symptoms of seasonal allergy to pollen, also known as hay fever, and perennial allergy, such as allergy to animal fur, mould and house dust mites, which both cause allergic rhinitis with symptoms including nasal congestion, runny itchy nose, sneezing, tearing, itchy, red, and puffy eyes and problems sleeping.The best medical treatment for acne often is a combination of medicines.
7406493 tn?1453999212 Not sure if I have caught a lil cold or have allergies cause the Chicago weather Change.but I'm a bit nervous because can you actually get a cold while prego and be fine? I do get seasonal allergies which I have symptoms of but Im not sure what to take cause I never had allergies while pregnant before. But im not coughing. So Im really leaning to the allergies vs.the cold IDK im confused. I can treat a cold but how do I treat allergies?
Avatar m tn Are you using different soap than usual? Does this happen with plain water only? Could it be chlorine ? There is an allergy to chlorine. but it's not typical.
Avatar m tn So, a little more direction with your question would be helpful. Are you talking about seasonal allergies? Allergies around the home? Food allergies?
15695260 tn?1549593113 Weather can impact this but I am sure I am not alone in suffering from seasonal allergies. How do you manage your allergies? When are your worst times of year? And I should not have been surprised by the preseason allergy attacks as it as predicted. Do you stay indoors due to allergies? What about sleeping with your windows always closed? This article suggests that this is important.
8751592 tn?1403133170 If there is no possibility of pregnancy, then there are some other issues to consider: Do you have a history of migraines, such as low grade "silent migraines"? Do you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)? What about food sensitivities? These issues I just mentioned can and do overlap one another. Sometimes it's not necessarily a food sensitivity as much as it is a specific known migraine trigger.