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Avatar m tn If it doesn't bother you too much i wouldn't worry too much about it. You could contact your doctor and make sure that it is nothing serious. Feel better!
Avatar f tn Yes! Its from the extra mucus you produce which makes your allergies you get worse. I rarely get allergies and when I do it will only last for like 4 days max....with being pregnant I had allergies with a sore throat for a whole week (checked for strep which came back negative) and now im in my second week with it with just extra mucus but no sore throat.
Avatar f tn Although my sinuses are not blocked I still have mucus coming down into my throat.
Avatar f tn It sounds like you have allergies. I've been experiencing the same thing, except my mucus has blood spots. Try taking some allergy meds.
Avatar n tn Can one experience "late-phase" allergy symptoms like malaise, fatigue, headaches, Eustachian tube dysfunction etc. without EVER experiencing "early-phase" symptoms like runny nose, itchy eyes etc. ? I do occasionally have a scratchy throat, but this is very seldom. I have been experiencing these "late-phase" symptoms for several months now, and was recently diagnosed (via skin ***** test) with allergic rhinitis to dust mites and pollen.
Avatar f tn Dr Anuj Singhal at max Hospitals told me, the mucus build up is just allergy. At least the tablets have helped me get back to a normal life. Unfortunate, I have just been diagnosed with multinodular goitre with left thyrpid retrosternally extended downwards, displacing trachea to the I need a good thyroid surgeon in Delhi....
Avatar n tn Very similar but slightly different is Clarinex. Clarinex might slow down mucus if from allergy. You can also try a nebulizer with Sodium Cromolyn soultion. Works in 5 minutes but doesn't last more than a couple of hours. It will slow down the mucus cells that react to allergy. My allergy is pretty bad from pollens including foods that I eat. But when I go out for exercise I wear a paper mask over my mouth. With a mask I can walk a 12 minute 1/4 mile.
Avatar f tn He sounds as if he has excessive mucus. Has his doctor suggested using a mucus thinner? I am often gunked up mucus and get the same odd results with the peak flow meter that your son does. As to what can cause the mucus, it might be related to sugars and starches. This could foster in an overgrowth of the yeast Candida albicans, the same organism that causes thrush. In short, diet might be implicated. .
Avatar f tn hi! i've been suffering from excessive mucus buildup for many years.. every 15-30 minutes i have to nose blow to remove the mucus from my nose.. lately, i have notice some blood on the mucus.. I just had an xray, and my results are OK. on a medical check-up, i told a doctor that i've been suffering from this long-term colds(since i feel like i have colds everyday). he said its allergic rhinitis and prescribed me of anti-allergy( only for a week) ..
Avatar m tn SO, NOW FOR THE INTELLIGENT ANSWER.... Mucus over-production is caused by an irritation such as allergy, virus, or bacteria. It's your body's attempt to flush out the offender. In your case, the mucus is clear, seems to come and go, and doesn't come with other symptoms suggestive of infection (fever, malaise, pain, etc). Most likely, you have simple allergies to airborne allergens.
Avatar m tn excessive mucus production with a need to cough/clear the throat to loosen this. The first time that I attended the doctors I did a peak flow test and got prescribed a brown inhaler (approximately 10 weeks ago). The second time (approx 6 weeks ago) I attended the doctors, a blue inhaler was added for times when the mucus gets particularly bad. The third time I attended (approx 3 weeks ago) I was prescribed Beconase nasal spray to take in conjunction with the inhalers.
Avatar f tn Ive had some uncomfortable symptoms for over a year now. I have constant mucus in the back of my throat( postnasal or combined with other mucus?) a very stuffy head like its being boiled, my left ear feels clogged or like theres liquid inside, im always tired, and my eyes feel dry and like theres pressure in them, especially the left. I have a sore throat as well that feels swollen sometimes or narrow.
539694 tn?1434565947 I am including this in a couple of forums for the sake of coverage. Over the past 6 months I haven't gone more than a couple of days without severe coughing and headaches. I also seem to alternate between a constantly running nose where I'll literally cough out liquid mucus in clear streams to the opposite where my nose, chest and throat seem blocked by green/brown mucus that is literally as thick as sludge. I've never had anything like this before and I just can't shift it.
Avatar f tn I grew up in Eastern Europe and we never used medicine for colds and/or allergies and I never had any problems with runny nose, mucus etc... Four years ago my daughter started preschool and she started being sick. Every two weeks she would have cold symptoms, eventually I got the same symptoms. We were never sick before that. Eventually, I reached for tylenol cold for her and myself, doctors refused to look into in, they said they don't treat colds.
Avatar f tn No docs have helped me (ENT says ILS/VCD, Gastro says relfux, Allergy docs says allergy to wheat/corn/oats/barley/apple/shellfish, asthma doc says stress induces asthma, of course!) JUST TRY LIVING WHILE CUTTING OUT ALL ACID REFLUX FOODS AND ALL THE GRAINS AND APPLES AND SHELLFISH - DOESN'T LEAVE MUCH!!!!!!!!! They have all given me lots of meds - BUT NOTHING HAS HELPED!
Avatar n tn Post-nasal drip (PND) occurs when excessive mucus is produced by the sinuses. The excess mucus accumulates in the throat or back of the nose. It can be caused by rhinitis, sinusitis, or laryngopharyngeal acid reflux. It can be enhanced or sometimes even caused by allergies.The stomach problems can be caused by allergies or it independently can worsen the symptoms. Take plenty of fluids throughout the day and inhale steam as many times as possible. .
Avatar f tn I started suffering with a post nasal drip over 20 years ago and suffer fro many of the same symptoms as you--excessive mucus, phlegm, coughing and even choking . I have undergone allergy testing, sinus scans and hae been to several doctors, ENT and Allergy specialists--received different sprays , antihistamines, and cought medicines, but they only provided temporary relief.
Avatar m tn I am autoimmune in general, have never had allergies in my life!, and since my accident 4 yrs ago, have had a volcano of autoimmune and dysautonomic symptoms, including...sinus problems. Constant,thick,clear to cloudy(don't see much of the mucus as I swallow most of it after snorting it back to my throat) mucus ...esp at night, but goes on all day. I have NEVER had allergies, but the last few yrs...don't know any more. To reiterate, allergies are being investigated as AUTOIMMUNE.
Avatar f tn my daughter has trouble breathing at night. Really loud and mucus-fulled snoring, pauses in breathing due to build up of mucus between nose and throat. During the day difficulty breathing through her nose so a lot of mouth breathing and wheezing due to mucus. Pediatrician has been treating with nasal spray (for minor nasal tissue swelling), nebulizer with albuterol, and most recently claritin. She had allergy test which revealed allergies to milk, peanuts, soy, wheat, corn, eggs.
Avatar m tn What does your family doctor say? Don't self diagnose. Your sneezing could be an allergic reaction to something. Some people are allergic to dust. Your doctor may suggest an allergy test to determine if you have an allergy. It's not adviseable to just " try allergy pills". Some of these over the counter allergy pills and antihistamines are not good for your liver. Find out what is causing the sneezing. A allergy test can be quite helpful.
Avatar f tn Ive had some uncomfortable symptoms for over a year now. I have constant mucus in the back of my throat( postnasal or combined with other mucus?) a very stuffy head like its being boiled, my left ear feels clogged or like theres liquid inside, im always tired, and my eyes feel dry and like theres pressure in them, especially the left. On top of that, I have a dull pain on my upper left side of the nose sometimes and my lymph nodes on my throat and arm pits have been swollen before (not now).
Avatar n tn cure for thick mucus in throut. tried several operations to sinus and anntibiotics and rinses over the last year nothing seems to cure it up.
Avatar f tn He could have allergies even after testing, JANUARY, THAT'S THE BEGINNING OF TREE ALLERGIES.. GOOGLE IT. I also have a horrible cough that leaves me exhausted.. Chest x-rays, mri's, cat scans, allergy tests only show grass, weeds as allergy related. He could have post-nasal drip causing him to cough. Elevate his bed (pillows under mattress) portion. He could also have "reflux" and should try otc prevacid for acid reflux..stay away from spicy foods.