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Avatar m tn Have you seen your Doctor for a sart to rule out any illness, and then perhaps you have an allergy ,the fact you get red marks could be an allergy, what had tou eaten or done prior to them appearing, check out your diet perhaps the Tablets you take have some side effects. I hope you feel better soon.
Avatar m tn I ran low-grade fevers, slept for 20 hours at a time, lethargic, joint pain, bone pain, sun sensitivity, stomach problems, very low iron, back pain when laying down, etc. I had weird bloodwork. My iron levels were low, I have an elevated sed rate, target cells. The sun makes me extremely tired and makes my bones and joints hurt so bad. My bone/joints get worse with activity, especially in the sun. I recently was hospitalized for blood in my stool.
Avatar f tn I've had chronic constipation since childhood (I'm 23 now) And when I do go to the bathroom, it's pellet-like. I've also had chronic bad breath since childhood. And for the past few years, I've had a swollen tongue with teeth indentations on both sides. My tongue isn't in pain or anything. Just swollen and easily coated. Especially after I eat. It also doesn't take much for it to become dry. I tested negative for hypothyroidism and sjogren's.
Avatar m tn My dog is 14 yrs old and has been very lethargic the past couple of days and today I noticed her stomach is making a lot of noise. Is this something normal for just getting old? Wondering if I need to take her to emergency service?
Avatar n tn Last week he began vomiting in the late afternoon and continued to do so for about the next 3 hours or so. He could not keep anything down and was vomiting a lot of bile. He also became lethargic and slightly dehydrated. After about 5 hours he was able to keep a bottle down and he was pretty much back to normal and fine the next day. Exactly a week later the same thing happened only slightly more severe with the vomiting.
Avatar n tn She has had PE tubes, tonsillectomy, adenoid revision, 2 sinus lavages and 2 bronchoscopy/lavages. She has allergy symptoms but has tested negative 3 times with scratch testing. She had an immune work-up and a CF test which were normal. In 2005, she had a year-long bout with pseudomonas in her ears and sinuses, so the 2nd sinus lavage and irrigation. She had a normal barium swallow with follow through in May, 2007 and a normal EGD in November, 2007.
12178556 tn?1423855333 The health store employee recommended stinging nettle extract - an eye dropper full upon rising, midday, and before retiring (while symptoms were acute) and it really helped alleviate symptoms. Within 5 days my skin was velvety soft, and I literally looked 10 years younger with the flaky, wrinkling, patchy, swollen condition completely gone. But I'm not out of the woods yet: after two weeks of beautiful, rejuvenated skin my condition returned, about 66% as bad.
Avatar n tn 5 when taken but he feels hot to the touch all over and lethargic like a temp of 102-103. His other symptoms have been ongoing low energy, weight loss, dizziness, nausea and ocasional stomach pain. There are two other symptoms that he has had for a very long time. 1 high yeast problems 2. foul smelling armpits. Yeast since birth several cases of thrush, extreme diaper/bottom rashes, jock itch, anal itch. Foul armpits since age 6. Took him to DR.
Avatar m tn t Vets here only other cat owners, its really pretty hard to give any help without a diagnosis. Was he vaccinated recently? this could cause some lethargic symptoms. Is it possible kitty is up and playing all night as some will do, than sleeps all day, perhaps this is his normal routine but since its the weekend and you are home now this is the first time you've observed his routine? Has the sneezing and irritated eye cleared?....
Avatar m tn Your theory is quite interesting to me. As a sufferer of what you describe, I came to the very same conclusion—that there may be a genetic predisposition that causes the body severe withdrawal symptoms in some people. I've had withdrawal symptoms lasting months triggered by just half a glass of beer. I've been tested for everything you can name and nothing explains this condition.
612551 tn?1450022175 s estimated to be 12 years old and has been taking glucosamine supplement for several months due to problems with walking. More recently he has lost weight and become very lethargic and has even lost appetite in the last few weeks. I put a Harts Ultra Guard Flea and tic collar on him April 11, and his condition has worsen, starting after the new collar was put on him. I took the collar off yesterday, and he is eating a little again.
3224201 tn?1380377795 33 weeks, feeling so lethargic, and irritated and all alone for 11 hours everyday...
Avatar m tn Hello~Your symptoms sound like a type of allergy to me. I suggest seeing an allergist and having some tests run to see if you have any environmental or even food allergies. I would also cut back or stop smoking all together as well as the coffee and fried foods and sugar, all these can lead to allergies and immune compromises.
Avatar m tn Primary problems include mites, such as scabies and demodex, flea allergy dermatitis, food allergy dermatitis, ringworm, atopy (environmental allergies), and others. If your dog becomes itchy from one or more of the above and scratches and bites the areas, bacteria and moisture (from his mouth) are introduced into those areas. The bacteria causes a secondary pyoderma (bacterial skin infection), and the moisture sets up the right environment for a yeast pyoderma (yeast skin infection).
Avatar f tn About 2 weeks ago me and my partner engaged in sexual activity (oral, rimming, deep kissing). About 4 days after this I stared to feel really fatigue and lethargic. For example, it would take me 4 minutes just to gather myself to get out of bed because I felt as if I would fall out if I stood up to quick. This feeling would go with me throughout the day, but it would be the worse in the morning and at night.
Avatar m tn Hello, Although there are no reported interactions between the two drugs,but Bactrim contains sulfamethoxazole which is known to cause allergies in individuals having sulfa allergy. I hope it helps. Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or in case you have any additional doubts. Kind regards.
Avatar n tn No it's not normal at all for a kitten to be sleeping a lot and not eating. That is not good at all. Kittens DO sleep, but they are usually full of energy and playful and they should be eating a lot because they are growing quickly. In my opinion, your kitty needs help ASAP. Please don't let this go! I would call the rescue center and ask them to reexamine the kitten-also ask if he's been dewormed. Or if they won't reexamine him, take him to a vet.
142452 tn?1262032675 It sounds like you have asthma probably created by an allergy. Have you tried taking a daily allergy med like Clarittin? It takes a while to work and I would do it after your appointment. But, you may also have had pertussis. They can do a culture for this but it takes about a month for the results to come back and it goes to the public health department. They were treating you based on symtoms. I wonder if they did a respiratory culture at all on you?
1227409 tn?1267277208 1)may be the condom itself means u allergy to the condom 2)may the lubricant of the condom allergy for u it seems allergy reaction
Avatar n tn i noticeed that my 7 yr old pit has a small ball on either side of her neck right below her jaw...she has been somewhat lethargic and has a loose stool..and dosn't have much of an appitite .. someone help !
Avatar n tn My daughter has these episodes where she sleeps for about 16 hours and is unable to be roused. She is very lethargic and she only sits up to vomit. Her vomit is very thick, foamy and yellowish. After she vomits she lays down and goes directly to sleep again. She doesn't eat or drink during this time. After about 14-16 hours she awakens and resumes normal activity. These episodes come and go about every 3-6 months. Please help no one can give us answers and we are scared.