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Avatar f tn After many years of suffering with allergies (cat, dogs, feathers, trees, grasses, dust and dust mites) I got tested in January and began taking allergy shots in February. I suffered many years of poor sleep and was treated for depression and anxiety but the medicines did not really do anything. Finally, I realized they my severe allergies were my underlying issues, after being testing and some allergen were a 4+.
784382 tn?1376931040 went to ENT today and he wants to start me on allergy shots, once a week for a year, the 2nd year gets less and 3rd year even less. yea 3 years this is supposed to go on (crazy right?) has anyone heard of this? done this?anything??
Avatar f tn I am afraid to take them and have not ever taken allergy shots. Is it a good idea or not to have allergy shots with lupus?
Avatar f tn What is your objection to shots? Immunotherapy shots are small amounts of allergen. There is no medicine in them. The object is to teach your immune system that these substances are acceptable and to stop reacting to them. If you fear shots, the nurses that give the shots give them all day long. They give hundreds of them a week. They are very good at it and most of the time you don't even notice them.
Avatar f tn Three shots a week for a year sounds like a lot of shots. Three shots a week is 12 shots a month. I used to get allergy shots for awhile. I would get two allergy shots per month. Anyway, I've never heard of a connection between allergy shots and arthritis. I discontinued mine because I saw no improvement and to be honest, I didn't have much faith in the doctor I had at that time. One time she made me wait 45 minutes and then she discovered that the serum was outdated.
Avatar m tn Basically, the syndrome can result from equine based injections. Unless you are receiving allergy shots for horses, this would not be associated with allergy shots. I hope that helps. God bless.
Avatar m tn Hi, welcome to the forum, there are no such reports available regarding allergy shots inducing HSV-2 outbreak. Allergy shots are unlikely to cause HSV-2 infection. Although the known risk factors are Female gender, at least Six years of sexual experience, History of a partner with oral ulcers and Prior history of STD. I hope this helped you. Herpes simplex 2 virus s known to cause Genital herpes.
Avatar f tn I just had my third round of allergy shots today and have noticed that I’ve broken out very badly on my cheeks and sides of face. I’m a 26 AA. I’m highly allergic to dust mites, mold, trees, pollen, cats, and dogs. I have never had a breakout this bad. I noticed the bumps popped up within a couple of days of my first session. I thought nothing of it initially. But it got worse and today after my session it was noticeably worse and more irritable (itchy).
Avatar n tn Allergy shots don’t weaken the immune system.It is the time and again exposure of the body to the allergens and infections that causes a response from the body which weakens the immunity levels. Allergy shots help the body build a type of immunity to specific allergens that eventually can prevent or "block" the allergen from triggering symptoms when you are exposed.So in a way they are useful for the body. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar m tn home access and allergy shots Apr 14, 2003 I have tested negative using the home access system three months and again six months from date of exposure. I am being given allergy shots onces a week. Does allergy shots affect the Home Access results? Response from Dr. Frascino Hello, Nope. Allergy shots do not affect the results of any HIV tests! WOO-HOO on your negative tests! Stay well. Dr.
Avatar f tn I'm considering doing allergy shots for my kids. Has anyone had any success with them? Is it worth the time and effort?
Avatar m tn Hi, It is difficult to comment on this as every person is individual and close monitoring of results after allergy shots can only give appropriate answer for this. Immmunotherapy usually is given in two phases the first being build up phase and second phase is maintenance phase. Usually maintenance phase is for 3-5 years or longer depending upon the symptoms you experience.
Avatar n tn I received allergy shots from about 1988 to 2006. I took three shots. I believe one was for cats and dogs, and the other two were for ragweed, pollen, hayfever, etc? I don't remember exactly all that was in the serum. My main concern is that I began taking these shots when I was 3 years old and took them until I was almost 21.
359574 tn?1328360424 Did the shots I took for about 20 years make my immune system overreact and cause demyelination? If kicking into overdrive because of an EBV infection or other viruses is a suspect in the cause of MS, have these other things been looked at?
Avatar n tn For persistent or severe allergies which do not clear off with regular treatments like antihistamines or topical steroids, allergy shots can be preferred. Allergy shots usually help in clearing these allergies and different modes are present in this treatment also depending upon the requirement and time frame which you choose to take allergy shots. Hope this helps. Best.
Avatar f tn I have received cortisone shots in my left knee at least three times and by trigger point injections into my right shoulder once. Whenever I have the shots in my knee, it literally swells up about 2 1/2 times its normal size and the pain is UNBEARABLE!!! Eventually, I hear a pop and the pain eases and the swelling goes away. When I received the trigger point injections in my shoulder, I had a little trouble breathing and felt like someone was sitting on my ribs for 2 or 3 days.
Avatar f tn From age 12 until 16 he did not receive the allergy shots. This year he began allergy shots again, at the advice of the new allergist we began seeing in May. He received about 4 rounds of the allergy shots between June and July 2011. Around the 1st week of July we had a first episode with lips swelling, tingling, persistant itching and redness throughout his body. We assumed it was something he had .eaten, but had never been bothered by this before. After the 2nd occurrence about 1.
Avatar f tn I just had my first allergy shots yesterday. The shot itself is no big deal but I did not feel great afterwards. About an hour or two after the shots, I felt kind of nauseous and fluish and ended up going to bed early to sleep it off. Felt ok this morning though. Anybody else have this kind of experience? I don't think I can do it once a week for six months if this is what it will be like.
Avatar n tn I dont have an answere and I have same problem too. All I can do is stop all allergy shots or even medicine. My allergy get worse, but I want a baby badly. I'm on the first IVF because I'm failed all IUIs. I remember the last time I got shots about a year ago, and I got late AF that month. I noticed it to the nurse and doctor send me home without allergic shot then I know should have some thing related to pregnancy. I skip allergic treatment since then.
Avatar f tn I received my weekly allergy shots today (8/12/11) and a doctor in the office prescribed me methylprednisolone tablets to clear up poison ivy. I am to start the methylprednisolone tomorrow, but wanted to know if it was ok to take with the allergy shots. The pharmacist I talked to was not very convincing when she said it "should" be alright.
Avatar m tn I’m allergic to quite a few things, and starting allergy shots soon. I was just wondering if there’s a difference in the way the body responds to allergens in an allergy shot, and allergens encountered naturally in the environment?
Avatar f tn i hate shots but i want my problem to go away.Is A tree allergy life threatening? the doc ask if i had asthma and i told him i don't think so because i don't gasp for breath. what would happen if i eat a tree? i know this is a silly question lol but i always wonder if people can die from eating harmless things[that isn't food] that they are allergic too.IS surgar cane consider a tree? many years ago when i went to the island i chew on the surgar cane root or whatever it is called.
12699098 tn?1427516440 So my midwife recommend for everyone who wanted to be around the baby to get some shots. My boyfriends family has been ignoring my concerns about it. Am I just freaking myself out ?