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142722 tn?1281537216 Personally I do think colic is a combo of immature nervous system along with gut/allergy issues. But it still seems to be an unsolved mystery for alot of people. Just curious when did he start to become really colickyt? How many weeks old?
889551 tn?1416188083 Lexi is 7w old now and on Friday we took her to the ER for an allergic reaction to the soy formula. She had a rash and started projectile vomiting. She had been constipated since we switched her formula and then her stools turned almost black, although no blood was present. Anyways, at her last appt at 4w she weighed 8lbs 2.5oz. On friday she weighed 8lbs 8oz. I know the scales can be off it really concerns me that in 3w she's only gained 5.5oz.
Avatar n tn hi again girls ive finally been able to post a question its always full when i try ok here goes my dd is going on 9 weeks old and ever since about week 2 she has had some sort of rash spots ect all the time. it started off as milk pimples really bad that went all in her hair neck face ect really bad case so went to docs he prescribed cortisone cream well what a waste of time that was it burnt her skin.
Avatar f tn So after going to the doctor last Friday she told me that what she had in the face was in fact a newborn rash and that a lot of babies had it and it was going to disappear when she was around 6 weeks. I was so relieved cause I was starting to think she had a milk allergy. Anyways now I just realized she has cradle cap! in her eyebrows and ears (and just a liiiittle in her head, like on the front of it). Does anyone knows how to get rid of those yellow crusty thingies?
Avatar f tn Okay, here's my story and a cure for the itching at least! I had a C-Section and had a solid hive from my mid-thigh to my mid-stomach. The hives were due to the betadine (iodine) used to clean the area for my C-Section. I also had a rash on my upper arms and stomach starting about the 8th month of pregnancy. And, about 3 days after birth, I started itching on my legs, arms, stomach, sides, and back that would turn into a rash/hives after I would scratch it.
Avatar n tn For a few years now, I've been getting a red blotchy chest/neck rash in circumstances where I - am drinking alcohol, anxious, nervous, excited, upset - really feeling just about any emotion. It's gotten to the point where I do not expose my chest/neck ever - and cover up whenever I can. I had read once that taking Niacinimide could help - and I've been taking about 1000mg of it for a few months, but am not seeing much improvement.
Avatar f tn My little girl is 18 months old and has been suffering with a severe nappy rash but only at certain times and not always. Have ruled out skin conditions, washing powder and other soap products. My health visitor at weight clinic suggested it could be a food intolerance and all I could think of was citrus and wheat products, advised to keep a food diary and see the doc. She was ok for a while so didn't act on this straight away.
Avatar m tn When someone has eczema -- which is an enitrely separate skin condition, usually caused by allergy -- HSV can take hold in the eczematous rash. I doubt this is happening in your husband's case, since he is taking Valtrex -- which would make such a complication very unlikely. However, eczema herpeticum can be quite serious. Your husband should immediately see a health care provider, preferably a dermatologist to figure out what is going on.
2020005 tn?1476662562 I guess getting a reaction or getting the flu at some point is the same thing, we'll probably go through it at least once this winter, when one of us gets sick, we all do! And we'll have a newborn this winter so I'm trying to cut back on us being sick, haha! Thank you!
Avatar n tn I also developed a rash, and contacted the store, who told me no one else had mentioned it. My doctor diagnosed me with pytyriasis rosaceae which usually develops in the autumn.
Avatar f tn When my boys were little especially around teething time--they would get eh nasties butt rash you can imagine...I would use only warm water and a wash cloth to clean the area---then I would use bag balm---it seemed to work the pest for me--the other diaper rash creams made everything worse....if it doesn't get better in a few days or now if you get that appointment-- just make sure it stay as dry as possible and keep that on.
Avatar f tn I'm assuming that it is allergies until I can take her in to the pedi. They told me 2 weeks ago to begin saline drops to releive her stuffiness, and I have been doing that 2 times a day. Now she's not stuffy anymore, her nose is running with clear mucous, it is not green or yellow... she is sneezing alot, especially since our dog has begun to shed, and her right eye is red.
408496 tn?1269606950 I used pampers swaddlers until DD turned 7 months and then decided to try luvs. I like luvs just as much as pampers and they cost less. DD has never had a leak in either pampers or luvs. I did try huggies but they gave her a rash. I would try the luvs first to see if you like them, if not go to pampers and skip the huggies. Also, I just wanted to mention that when I purchased luvs for the first time I bought the wrong size and opened them.
Avatar n tn What might explain this is that your cold sores were not herpes outbreaks and that your area of breakout is your ear area. Yes, when a person contracts herpes, it travels to the base of the spine in the neck area and can appear anywhere above the breats. You did not reinfect and it does not spread in that sence. It choose a nerve to come up through and its not known why this occurs. You can touch your child as you dont have herpes in the hand ganglion.
Avatar m tn First, you don't know how big your baby is going to be at birth so you don't want to get too many newborn size diapers if he/she is on the bigger side. Also, you have to keep in mind that your baby may have an allergy to certain brands of diapers. You can probably wait a little longer before you start stocking up. As for your necessities of basic onesies, gowns, baby towels, birth clothes, blankets and every day clothes... why not start now?
Avatar n tn I understand how every meal becomes an issue, at 18 months old I had a newborn again with the diapers - and the rashes! Bordreaux's butt paste worked the best. Don't use wipes, use paper towels with warm water, then blot dry and use the cream. It really helped. Good luck - my son is still not 100%, maybe we'll always have food issues b/c I think he thought what he ate made him sick. It probably did. I hope everyone hear finds an answer.
184674 tn?1360864093 If I could wean him now without feeling like I'd be compromising some minor health issues he has with milk (he has a skin allergy to cow milk that causes him to get a hot, red rash and hives wherever it touches him), and knowing I wouldn't have to pay about $30 a can for Nutrimigen, I probably would have weaned him sometime between 6-8 months old. It's just such an exhausting, demanding, and usually painful job.
Avatar n tn basically causes leaky gut. Also might look into Celiacs Disease, which is basically an allergy to gluten. This allergy alot of times doesn't develop or at least doesn't show symptoms until adulthood. And it can create allergies or intollerances to other foods basically by leaky gut again. Either of these could be a possibility, but just something for you to look into.
1238256 tn?1283521029 I love the wipe warmer, Especially in the winter.. I feel so bad when you have to put a cold cloth/wipe on your newborn..
Avatar n tn They live in the rectum and can pop out to form at itchy rash, but you don't report this and your doc would be able to see this. Since these critters are tiny, it's unlikely you'd see them without magnification. Part of the problem in using pharmaceuticals such as mebendazole is that they also kill beneficial organisms whose job is to prevent the bad guys from finding a home, so you might try supplementing with probiotics, particularly bifidus and reuteri.
Avatar n tn my eye doctor told me it was due to mild allergies and prescribed eye drops which didnt help in the least so i turned to over the counter allergy medicine which hasn't helped either (so i dont think it's allergies) and in the last 3 weeks not only are my eyelids itchy but when i wake up in the morning my upper eye lids are bright red and swelled up so bad that its embarassing!!!!
Avatar n tn I do not have a rash. It starts at different times of the day. I feel like I am being eating alive by ants. The only thing that seems to stop the itch is Zyrtex, as long as I take it quickly enough. I also have acne on my face and back (like bumps). I have gained 10 lbs during this time as well. I also have skin tags (that just started to appear) and heavy periods. I asked my doctor to check my thyroid, but the numbers are between the range.
Avatar f tn Not to be used in Allergy to macrolide type antibiotics, eg erythromycin. This medicine should not be used if you are allergic to one or any of its ingredients. Please inform your doctor or pharmacist if you have previously experienced such an allergy. If you feel you have experienced an allergic reaction, stop using this medicine and inform your doctor or pharmacist immediately. Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Certain medicines should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
Avatar n tn And I had an allergy test (machine tested me on 3000 products). I was told that I was allergic to lanolin (sheep wool fat),dust, basil and squid. I was also told that my boots sensitive mascara did not agree with me. I am not aware of ever having used lanolin. I stopped wearing eye make up and only used vaseline around the eyes. Approx. 2 months later it suddenly vanished, not sure how? I had put up with the problem for 11 months, gradually becoming worse.
Avatar n tn It got better for a few weeks but last week I began to have dizzy spells again, this time accompanied by maxillary sinus pressure. I had just switched allergy medications, from Nasonex to generic Flonase, right at the time my symptoms returned. Could allergies have led to a sinus infection? Can the sinus infection cause dizziness and fatigue? Due to the holiday weekend I haven't been able to call my doctor, but after 3 prior visits he's never suggested sinuses to be a cause.
Avatar n tn apnea episodes, and has a severe milk allergy. Then back in the beginning of January, he was suddenly diagnosed with RSV. During this time, he was hospitalized, and due to the virus, not eating well when we were discharged, I was continuously told that EVENTUALLY his feeding would increase as the virus left his immune system. Three months later, we are STILL battling this issue! We have made numerous trips back and forth between G.
Avatar f tn / but thank you for the help. I might resort to trying more Flonase and try a different allergy pill.
Avatar n tn Started with strep throat, was put on antibiotics, then got a virus on top of strep, put on different antibiotic, ran temps, was put on albuterol nebulizer and xoponex inhaler, got rash/hives. is very odd. I've been to the dr and the ER multiple times, I keep being told it is a virus. I even went the the allergist with my son, he has no allergies that we can determine, was put on a nasal spray for allergies anyway, and is still vomitting!
Avatar n tn This does sound very much like what I've been suffering from on and off for the last 17 years. The doctors I'd seen in the past simply diagnosed it as a strange "contact allergy", I'd never had any other sort of allergy in my life so was a surprise. I recently found this site which does accurately describe the symptoms though:- After months of being prescribed various antihistamine creams such as Betnovate RD etc.
Avatar n tn She has also said her hair hurts and fooled with the bottom of the back of her head (which of course is the top of her spine) She also has a rash called pityriasis right now. Obviously my imagination is running away with itself. Help feedback anyone....waiting stinks!