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964234 tn?1331949207 t have the rash at his last appointment. Doctor dismissed the thought of an allergy to milk because of this. Now that he has this rash I am starting to wonder? Any thoughts and experience would be appreciated. Also, the doctor was saying switching him to soy would probably make his gas and constipation worse? But, she said I can give it a try if I want. Another thought of hers is that he has an immature digestive system. I can use which ever formula I want, he will still be fussy.
Avatar n tn To begin, my daughter had GERD as an infant. Now she gets these HORRIBLE rashes on her bottom.She will be fine and 1 hr later it will be so bad that she is bleeding. This began at about 1 yr of age when she was switched to milk. I began to avoid milk products and she would do fine. Slowly, it began happening again. This past January I took her to an allergist who diagnosed (scratch test) her with allergy to milk, casein, corn, tomato, carrots, bannana, apple, grapes.
Avatar f tn Its normal for infants esp. 1 month old to get yeast rash, but frequent and persistent ones could reflect compromised immunity. Were you at an increased risk prior to being pregnant? (Multiple partners etc) Please get tested because every symptom will have you losing sleep.
Avatar f tn a possible cows milk protein intolerance/allergy, but will only drink aptamil 1st milk -21ozs a day and is on 3 meals a day, why is he putting on so little weight? my daughter is 2 and half and was loads bigger than him at the same age!!
Avatar f tn Has anyone's infant been allergic to formula?? I think my son is he has a horrible rash and it keeps spreading nd getting worse. The formula is the only thing I can think of since I increased on that over the breast milk. He also woke up with a swollen eye. I dnt wanna go to the er nd they send us baq home. What should I do? Nd wat does it look like exactly?
Avatar m tn If it is scabies (the rash caused by mites) you more than likely will develop blisters along with the rash. Scabies is VERY contagious. It is possible for an allergic reaction to last that long if you are not doing away with the culprit. Example: laundry detergent; if you are allergic to it and still using it, the rash will remain until you do away with it. Your rash sounds like a possible contact dermatitis.
Avatar m tn I've had this rash for almost a month and a half now. It started as a small spot (about the size of a quarter) on my back, and since then it's spread all over. After a month I went to a dermatologist, where his jaw dropped after seeing it, then said "I don't know what it is, it seems to be a combination between excema and psoriasis) and he prescribed me some generic meds. Neither helped. It itches like friggin crazy. I don't trust the doctor's diagnosis.
Avatar n tn The only other thing that strikes me as weird is the red ring around his anus that will not go away with traditional diaper rash creames. I need help. Some say it's acid reflux while others say it's gastritis from formula changes (even though the problem started while on the same formula --nestle good start). The doctor denies malabsorption issues, but put him on Pregestamil anyways. Does anyone have any ideas.
Avatar f tn We heard it could be a food allergy, so we took him off gluten and milk. It seemed to get better for a few weeks, but it is back. When it first started it looked totally uncontrolled. Now it looks like his eyes are bothering him. He will rub his eyes or stick a finger in his eyes when it happens. Sometimes he will start shaking his head (like he is saying no) and rolling his eyes and doesnt want to stop.
Avatar f tn We seem to have no cause although she has had a cleared up rash come on after a dog nip (she is a dog groomer).(her allergy tests for dogs is negative) The first rash lasted about 6 months and cleared for about two months and the next rash was 1 year and cleaqr for a few weeks and now has started agian. She was diagnosed with celiac sprue as an infant but w/o the biopsy.
Avatar m tn So what does the rash or acne like stuff look like? Does it itch? Does it follow the hair follicles? Is there all the time? Do you have any fever?
Avatar f tn An itchy rash behind his ears, a rash around his eyes and on his face, a rash on his neck and hive like rash on his belly. The rash took a few days to subside. We are in the process of having him tested for allergies.
889551 tn?1416184483 Lexi is 7w old now and on Friday we took her to the ER for an allergic reaction to the soy formula. She had a rash and started projectile vomiting. She had been constipated since we switched her formula and then her stools turned almost black, although no blood was present. Anyways, at her last appt at 4w she weighed 8lbs 2.5oz. On friday she weighed 8lbs 8oz. I know the scales can be off it really concerns me that in 3w she's only gained 5.5oz.
Avatar n tn The blood immediately stopped after we changed the diet, but brown diarrhea continues. Could this mean another allergy to either soy or something else in my wife's diet? They were both in an extended hospital stay after delivery and my wife developed C-DIFF. We tested the baby for C-DIFF as well as other bacteria that could cause the bleeding and it all came back negative. No mucous present either.
Avatar f tn Last spring, it began with a rash across her cheeks. As the weather warmed, she began developing a rash on her arms and eventually a light rash upon her legs. As the spring turned into summer, the rash subsided. I took her to her pediatrician last year and was received with a shrug. No explanation was given and so I did my own research over the months and concluded she may be reacting to the sun. So I patiently awaited this spring to see if the same thing occurred.
Avatar n tn I seem to be having a rash reaction to Doxycycline and have taken far, no other symptoms after 10 hours. If I keep taking Doxy for the next 10 days, will my symptoms likely get worse or stay the same? With such a long half life, I'm likely to have this experience for several days anyway.
Avatar f tn could be some sort of allergy, have you any rash , are you using anything different or taking meds ?
Avatar m tn my baby as had a fever for 4 days with rash, runny nose and bad cough,family doctor says she is fine but i beleive every parent knows when their children are sick,i have been told it could be roseola,what should i do ,please help
Avatar n tn Is it possible to have a reaction (rash) to a cortisone shot one week after injection?
Avatar n tn i have a little spots on face and hand it look like measel is this kind of allergy?