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Avatar m tn I'd of thought someone would reply to this, they're pretty standard questions for the allergy forum. not very helpful at all.
Avatar n tn Hello and hope you are doing well. Zyrtec can cause side effects like skin nodules, rash, pruritis (itching), acne, urticaria, photosensitivity reactions and eczema. So, the itchy red cheeks could be due to Zyrtec. Discuss your symptoms with your consulting doctor he may change the dose or the medications. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn im sorry i have soo many not trying to annoy anyone i anyways i was wondering if when you are pregnant can you continue to get a allergy shots.i get them every week and i also take a regular allergy pill along with asthma meds..if i am pregnant, will this hurt my baby?
Avatar f tn I'm due in 17 days and have the same exact questions I feel none of the last weeks symptoms
Avatar m tn You need to have the plates in until you are fused, but if you have any unexplained health issues after fusion surgery, you may want to be tested for metal allergy and consider having the hardware removed.
Avatar n tn Hi - I have read a few post's on the different "thyroid topics" and have a few questions. Back in August I had a terrible rash over entire body / itching /swelling of hands that lasted for about a week and then cleared up on it's own. Well it came back again in mid - January. I immediately made an appointment with PCP. Since along with the rash I was having joint pain and swelling he wanted to rule out Lupus, Rheum Arth, etc.
Avatar n tn What is a Dermographic allergy and what causes this kind of allergy? What are the stuff that I must avoid? is there any cure? I am so feed up with it. Thank you so much.
Avatar f tn How can my mom live without milk and milk curd ? These are questions you should be asking your doctor. There are alternatives to milk. Some people are allergic to milk and they can't drink it.
Avatar m tn ur docs correct..
Avatar n tn // Recommended!
Avatar f tn t had the allergy test I never would have found out my severe allergy to June grass pollen. The allergy test I had didn't hurt. At least then you will find out what you're allergic too. Good luck to you.
Avatar m tn i have two questions to u the first is that i have allergic to certain drugs like metronidazole[flagyl] i have seen to black spots once in my glans[prepuce]and the other in my elbow..then i met a dermatologist and he told me that this is [fix drug eruption] the next question is that i have seen a lot of itching in my scrotal area and skin pigment is changed around that area and the doctor said this is an eczema cosed by allergy that can u help me plz..
Avatar m tn Is dizziness upon standing a symptom of gluten intolerance, wheat allergy , or oat allergy? I have read that oats don't have gluten is this true, or will they affect people who are gluten intolerant? Im pretty sure they do affect me.
Avatar n tn If this is a reaction to the materials in the crowns will they have to be taken out? Can they be taken out? If they get taken out what can be done then? Sorry for all the questions but I am concerned. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I have my appointment with the doctor this weekend, so I am definitely going to ask all of these questions to him...
Avatar f tn Those are questions for a doctor, not a public forum.
Avatar f tn I have just found out my 12 year old has.
Avatar n tn An allergy, or more correctly, a sensitivity, to latex would have cleared up by now. If you were allergic to latex, you would have had full body symptoms, and they can be life threatening. It could be an std. Getting tested would help answer these questions.
Avatar m tn Hello bluegc, I have a couple of questions after reading your post. Have you ever had an allergy test ? If you haven't had an allergy test perhaps this is something you might consider. I had an allergy test a number of years ago now. At least then you will know what you are allergic to. Where I live, you need a referral for an allergist from your family doctor.
Avatar n tn I guess I am wondering about implants vs. the repair work. From a cost standpoint, I imagine they could be very similar. If I have the repair work done, the next time anything beyond cleaning needs to be done, I must find a sedation dentist, the closest of which are in Omaha, which is over 100 miles away. That seems awful far to go if you're in pain. If I do the implants, it's a one-time procedure, that with care, should last me the rest of my life (I'm 58). Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn Well I've just been diagnosed with asthma and I have a few questions (my appointment with my pediatrician and pulmonologist isn't for another month). 1 - I am currently taking symbicort and ventolin, and someone told me that if I stop using them (even for just one day), I will have an asthma attack because of my perfume/irritant allergy. Is this true? 2 - What am I supposed to do if I have an asthma attack?