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Avatar f tn I went to an allergy doctor and he prescribed this shampoo that also made me itch. He never even looked at my scalp. Thank you again!!
Avatar m tn In these all products,prservative may be few. Preservative may be causing allergy. you may try baby shampoo. Getting headache as an allergy symptom is also unique.
Avatar n tn Its now in most all liquid products like soap, shampoo, body wash, dish soap, shaving cream, etc. The rash can be a run off from the shampoo on the face. Even the "free and clear" soaps and shampoos have it. Check all labels. Doctors are clueless about this chemical that is now widely used, even old products you have always used may now have this ingredient. Hope this helps. It took me a year to figure this out on my own.
Avatar f tn I have bought a lot of their products over the years and as I mentioned they have excellent products for sensitive skin. I would goggle Yves Rocher if you are interested. I hope you find my suggestions helpful.
Avatar f tn There are some good shampoo products that can be purchased from the pharmacist for an itchy scalp. And the pharmacist, I have found, it always happy to help. It is worth a try before seeking further medical attention and thinking of worst scenarios. Itching of the scalp can also be caused by dryness of the skin and dermal problems, allergies to hair products as well as fungal problems. Nizoral shampoo can be purchased without a prescription and may be worth a try.
Avatar f tn I've used the same type of make-up and face-wash for three years. I went on a vacation to south america, and while i was there, I got sick. I continued wearing make-up and face-wash while I was sick, and ever since, my eyelids get swollen a lot. They swell whenever I use face-wash, make-up, shampoo, conditioners, or any lotions, even if not on the affected area! Even the "for sensitive skin" and hypoallergic products make my face swell.
Avatar n tn I threw away over $200 worth of products and spent another $100-150 on all fragrance free stuff....from shampoo, conditioners, body wash, lotions, etc and after a week of all this, the patch is BACK!!! I am so frustrated.....It can't be a fragrance allergy....I was told to use only clinique and cetaphyl for my face..... the only clinique I have been using is a 100% fragrance free wrinkle cream and I don't go near my "patch"....ANY IDEAS????
Avatar f tn s Bees Hand Repair Creme on it along with avoiding contact with chemicals and personal care products such as shampoo deodorant etc that contain chemicals and fragrances. Natural scents found in organic products, however, are often just fine.
Avatar n tn on line to learn the many different names for soy in food, make up, shampoo/conditioner and household products. (I printed the names on "word" and don't have the websites saved) I now read the labels before I buy anything I put on or in my body. I also carry an epi pen after learning from my dr. that I was in danger of anaphalyxis. I had no idea that the symptoms included nausea, headache itching... all symptoms I'd had at one time or another.
890634 tn?1241186679 I am limited in products that I can use because my Celiac Disease causes me to react to topical products that contain gluten, which is in most products for dandruff shampoo. My scalp is in terrible shape, and my hair is shedding way more than is normal. I do take vitamin supplements and fish oil daily. Please help! Thank you.
2020005 tn?1476658962 I bought no name brand baby soap bars which double as shampoo. I also asked for aveeno brand baby products for my shower.
Avatar m tn wheat, corn, cereal by-products, etc. You want the first few ingredients to be meat (and not meat by-products). There are a lot of great brands out there. -Vitamins and supplements. You can find a basic (dog) vitamin with Omega 3 or fish oil at any petstore, or even purchase a more specific supplement from your vet. My vet also recommended that I add a tablespoon of vegetable oil to my dog's food. -Over the counter Benedryl.
Avatar f tn Or it could be contact dermatitis (skin allergy) caused by a product change. Changing hair products, soap and laundry detergent or perfume could all cause a skin allergy.
Avatar f tn I used both of them as a wash and shampoo with my daughter
Avatar f tn My 10 month old golden retriever has been having some health irritations off and on for about two months now. I had given him a bath with HART tick and flea shampoo this morning and within an hour, he has vomited three times. The active ingredient is pyrethrin, and isn't supposed to be that toxic, but I have been reading a lot about this pesticide and am now worried. It is clear that he is still not feeling well. All he is doing is sleeping... but he cannot get comfortable.
Avatar f tn Aveeno is made by j&j, am 22 wks pregnant with my second and I've always used j&j on my little boy who's 3. I will continue to use it for our second little boy as it works fantastic for his skin and hair. No allergy with j&j products.
Avatar f tn A week ago i noticed that my corona glans is swollen and my penis head is red and it gets irritated when i walk , i noticed a very small red dot on my penis head , it's not painful or itching . But the corona glans is irritated for 1 week and it looks like it's covered with blood vessels, i don't feel any pain unless i touch it then i feel small irritation , i'v had unprotected sex 1 month ago and i was thinking i have genital herpes but i don't have any sores .
Avatar m tn for the past 2 years, i have had severe eye allergies. i'm not talking about a little redness and itching...i'm talking about eyes that look like raw meat and pain like someone threw acid in my face. they sting, burn, itch, water to the point were i can't work or concentrate. i've been to 3 allergist and an immunologist, i've been taking a cocktail of 7 antihistamines plus drops and nothing helps. now, here's the weird part.
Avatar n tn Many skin problems are related to problems with the gut or nutrition in general, but the right shampoo for your skin type or avoiding any allergens there could be helpful. If you have a wheat allergy, for instance, you need to try a wheat-free shampoo like Dove products or Neutrogena. Many other shampoos have ingredients like wheat protein or dextrin. Very irritating to many people. Not sure why they have to add that stuff. I have food allergies of wheat, nuts and maybe dairy.
Avatar f tn I suggest you to consult an allergist and get allergy tests like skin allergy tests( skin ***** and patch tests) and blood tests like RAST done. If it is due to an allergic reaction, then prevention of that allergen is the best treatment. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your dermatologist. I sincerely hope that helps.
6498330 tn?1389709379 Is aveeno baby products good? Please respond.. Would like to know because am goin shopping for my unborn baby...
Avatar f tn I love parents choice diapers. Only brand that works well with my daughter. I use earth mama angel baby products found at sprouts. I love their products. Also, mommy's bliss shampoo smells so good. They both have great products. I Know a lot of mom's that like burts bees products too.
2125174 tn?1339238689 s because of his shampoo or soap. i kept on changing his soap and shampoo. i also tried so many products to ease his discomfort but i guess nothing is working! One thing is for sure it's not because of ticks! i think he has some type of skin problems.. please help! i will greatly appreciate!!! Thanks in advance!