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5002615 tn?1366014009 does anyone live near Seattle or in the state of WA?
Avatar f tn Aberdeen WA is a small community and rent is not too high (yet). Jobs have been hard to get in WA since the demise of the building industry, but a person who holds a CDL license can get a job right now. Look for social services to help house you until you can get placed in a HUD home .
976897 tn?1379167602 thank you for your best wishes, but I have to ask toeroe what you mean by "lasted me for a number of years"? I'm wondering what happened after that.
Avatar f tn Morning Everyone, Lately, I become increasingly sick whenever I eat any dairy products. I have been on this new "Paleo Diet" which requires me to ONLY eat protein. Maybe this has something to do with it?
Avatar n tn Hi, ItchyM could be right about you being allergic to any of the products you are using. try stopping the products and also using products approved by your skin specialist or dermatologist. Have you started using any new products recently or changed any of the products you were using otherwise? How are you doing now? Is there any improvement in your symptoms? have you been to see an allergy specialist yet? Let us know if you have any doubts. Regards.
Avatar f tn So I'm 24w3days now with my first child. We're having a boy May 20th!!! His first name will be Sage last is Foreman. I like Everett as the middle name but just can't decide. What are y'alls opinions on Sage Everett Foreman and list and other middle name options plz. Thanks ladies and congrats!!
Avatar f tn I have NEVER had an issue with dairy products. However through my pregnancy I feel as though I'm almost developing a mild intolerance to it. It wasnt bad in the beginning, but now at 37 weeks any time I take in dairy it upsets my stomach. Kinda makes me afraid that my little one may also have an allergy to dairy then since I plan to breast feed. Any one else ever encounter this??
Avatar n tn -200 hours after I drink it. Well I did the allergy test and it had about 10 things I am allergic. Not dairy. One thing is geotrichum. I looked it up and it said it was found in dairy products ect... I am moderately allergic to it. Does this have anything to do with me feeling sick when I drink milk and sometimes when I eat cheese on stuff?
Avatar m tn The baby may show reaction towards breast milk also if the mother is taking dairy products in her diet.Diagnosis of milk allergy can be confirmed after skin ***** or patch tests and food challenge tests.Confirmation can be done with blood tests like RAST.It also helps in differentiating milk allergy from lactose intolerance.You need to consult an allergy specialist for that. Treatment involoves elimination of all dairy products from the diet.
Avatar n tn Hi hope u find the names u like but here are some ideas Girls-Elayah, Elexus, Erella, Eslyyn Boys - Ezren, Edmon, Boy or Girl Eston, Eden
Avatar n tn It is more likely that you are allergic to something your clients are putting on their hair or, more likely, allergic to something that you are applying to their hair. You could remove the products you routinely use on people's heads one at a time. You could also use a nasal steroid spray, prescribed by your doctor.
Avatar f tn There are labels warning of products that are not peanut products that say that they are made on the same equipment as where peanuts were processed. Be on the alert for this, depending on how severe his allergy is. I'm sure your son's pediatrician or allergist must have also tested for all other nut allergies. Be on the look out even if he tested negative for the other nut allergies. People can have sensitivities that tested negative for allergies.
Avatar f tn Hello and hope you are doing well. It could be an allergic reaction. It is possible to develop allergic reaction to substances, to which we did not exhibit a reaction before. We can develop allergies to different things throughout our lifetimes as the allergy develops in response to a repeated stimulus. If you haven't undergone formal allergy testing, that might be beneficial. In the meantime for relief from your symptoms you can take OTC antihistamines.
Avatar n tn Symptoms of contact sensitivity and ulceration from oral menthol/peppermint-containing products improved with discontinuation and avoidance of these products. 61 Following ingestion of 40 drops of peppermint oil, a patient with no known allergies reported mucosal burns and edema of the tongue and oral cavity. 52 Excessive consumption of mint-flavored sweets caused stomatitis with oral papillary hypertrophy. Avoiding it might be wise.
Avatar f tn I suggested Everett but daddy doesn't like it.. my mom suggested Canyon.. not sure how I feel about it.
Avatar m tn hi, please me some advice about hepa B....... yun po bang forever living products ay nakakagamot, kc meron pong ng claclaim na nakakagamot.... nag try po ako ng 3 months kaya lang itinigil ko na rin po kc masyadong mahal... yung pong alt ko tumaas from 18 to 28.... masam po ba yun pag tumataas.... ipinatest ng doc ko yung hvbdna 303 iu/ml and 1700 copies/ml.... mababa naman daw po yun di naman kailangan ng gamot.... mg pa test na lang daw po muna ako ng alt after 3 months.....
148588 tn?1465778809 " C. Everett Koop, known as America's Family Doctor during his tenure as surgeon general from 1981 to 1989, died today at his home in Hanover, N.H., Dartmouth announced. He was 96. Koop made a name for himself for the surprising stands he took during the AIDS epidemic, as well as for his efforts fighting for a smoke-free country.
Avatar f tn I know you have to be careful of products purchased from a bakery if you have a peanut allergy because bakery products often warn of traces of peanuts. I have a niece that has a peanut allergy and a nephew that has a severe peanut allergy. He carries an epi pen with him but he is in his twenties and has had the peanut allergy since he was a child. My niece is only five years old. Her mom is not allergic to peanuts , but my niece is allergic to peanuts.
177465 tn?1288238463 My 15 month old underwent an 8 tray food allergy test on Monday and it showed up positive for wheat allergies. I took him off all wheat/gluten products and within 24 hours he seemed better. His face has been red for 7 months and it was finally clear. Now, today, his face is more red than ever before and his bottom is BRIGHT red and bleeding from an apparent diaper rash. He has had no BM or diarrhea at all, just the redness and bleeding.