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Avatar n tn It seems like i start feeling better with morning sickness and something else hits! Im not sure if i have allergies or a really bad cold . Ive tried allergy meds and cold meds and nothing helps ! Puffs tissues with vicks and lotion are my best friend right now.
Avatar f tn A couple doctors tell me maybe I have chronic siunitis, arthritis, allergy to cold, or problems from prior injury--I fell down stairs when I was a toddler. On top of that, the ENT doctor said my jaw alignment is off. My right side is off when chewing and she says may be the cause to ear pain in my right ear. This came to light when I took a flight recently and the pressure built up in that right ear something fierce.
1451438 tn?1285236545 probably just some infection or cold. or do you have any allergy? i have allergy reaction asthma and when it started i was all congested because of the allergy. and my throat was start to hurt because of me sneezing and stuff too i thought it was just the flu till couple days later i couldnt breath right. just make sure you get checked up even if its just cold i will go get checked since you have hard time breathing.
Avatar n tn can i call it a cold sores? or just allergy or ??? i need your help and solution for my problems.. hoping for your reply soon.
Avatar f tn Hello ladies im currently 37 weeks & have a very bad cold which makes it harder for me to get sleep at night havent gotten good sleep big tummy++ ugly cold u can imagine right..... Anyways is there any medicine that i can take that wont be risky for anything to happen to my baby ??
Avatar m tn s been three years since then. No genital sores whatsoever or rashes. I do get rarely cold sores on my mouth, but I presume I picked up the virus when I was a kid as both my parents and brother have had cold sores. My question is: were the genital sores I received an allergic reaction to the ointment? Or possibly the condom? I use condoms always and have never had a problem with them since.
Avatar f tn The other night i was rubbing my head for dirt or anything really and i felt this dry spot on my head that seemed to be raised on my scalp i itched and opened it into a little cut it now hurts it was painless at first it is hard and dry got smaller then when i touched it got bigger anyone relate or knkw what this could be and i also just came down with a random allergy cold
Avatar f tn I also took a lot of vitamin C and took a warm bath with the cold and allergy bath salts. It helped out a lot. Also try getting a bowl of steamy water and put a spoobful of Vicks vapor rub in it, stir til dissolves. Put a towel over ur head and hold ur head a few inches above the bowl. It clears it up.
Avatar f tn Is it normal to get a cold,or flu when ur pregnant around the,first month or so the first time I got pregnant I had a,cold and now I feel the same way is that natural though and what can I do or take for a sore throat and runny nose
Avatar m tn s doggy has suffered from allergies with sneezing and somewhat of a cough. . . Told to give him Benadryl. . . Are we able to give him Claritin or something similar???? Any other remedy for him avail, I know, no chicken soup for him . . . .
1524212 tn?1291837200 I think most are usable as long as they do not contain aspirin. There has been discussion here that some may stimulate palpitations. I suffer from permanent AFib, but don't detect any increase in intensity form use of over-the-counter cold/allergy medication. I buy Walmar "Equate" lower cost if I can. Examples are equates for Benadryl and Sudifed (Spelling?).
211605 tn?1219455746 How can I tell if my son has a cold or if its allergies?? My son starting coughing yesterday and today his nose is really runny and he still has his cough. My husband has severe allergies and sinus problems so we were thinking that since it runs in his family it could be that. But I don't know because today he has been really fussing and congested. He hasn't had a fever at all. I have been sucking his little nose out with the little snot sucker but it is constantly running.
7406493 tn?1453999212 Not sure if I have caught a lil cold or have allergies cause the Chicago weather Change.but I'm a bit nervous because can you actually get a cold while prego and be fine? I do get seasonal allergies which I have symptoms of but Im not sure what to take cause I never had allergies while pregnant before. But im not coughing. So Im really leaning to the allergies vs.the cold IDK im confused. I can treat a cold but how do I treat allergies?
Avatar n tn It would get worse after being exposed to wind or cold, or ventilation, etc - even when I would go out in summer at 20C, the pain would worsen in the wind. After another cold, the pains began to spread all over the scalp, worsened/brought on by the same things. It seemed that after a course of antibiotics, the frontal pain has greatly decreased, and the sensitivity to cold has improved. But over time, it came back again...
Avatar m tn If you are not feverish and in pain you could try cold compresses and oral antihistamines and maybe some allergy eye drops like Zaditor or Visine allergy eye formula.
Avatar n tn But still i dont feel any relief in it. My head and my body is always cold, mainly my head is cold, I am in situation where i cant even 2 cups of 1 water at a time max. It would be good, if i get a relief from it!!!
1208279 tn?1289020783 I really love cappuccino because it's so yummy, the combination of coffee, milk and sugar in cold ice really makes my mouth water but everytime and i mean every time i drink one, after a few minutes like 10 to 15 minutes from drinking it. I really get these same reactions from my body. headache, dizziness, lightheaded, the general feeling of body weakness, body malaise and sometimes if it gets really worse i'd get palpitations. it's really not a good feeling.
Avatar n tn i have a very similar problem, my skin has been sensetive to the cold for 17 years. if i am immersed in cold water from any source, whether from rain or swimming in the sea i will go into anaphylactic shock. i have carried an epipen, inhaler and piriton everywhere with me since and have managed to avoid getting into much difficulty, even managing ski trips.
Avatar n tn I'm 36 weeks prego and I'm sick, I have cold like symptoms my head hurts, my eyes burn, my nose is runny,my throat hurts and I've been coughing and sneezing non stop. I've been sick since Sunday should I call my doctor, or what over the counter medications can I take?
Avatar f tn I apologize in advance for this long question but i feel like i should really add all my details. Thanks for your time!! I have been having this cold allergy since maybe 4th grade. I used to get sent home everytime I got them because the "nurse" would say that it might be contagious.The doctor described it as a "CHRONIC ALLERGY" and never actually paid much attention to it saying it was nothing big,she recommended claritin.