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681148 tn?1437661591 s not really a medication, of course, but they need to be aware of this allergy nevertheless. When I was asking what this stuff was called, the male nurse I was talking to asked me what it looked like. He confirmed that this is an allergy. I am not really surprised that I developed this allergy, because I am allergic to band-aids. I have been for many years now. I also have a chemical burn from the cloth first aid tape that they used on my other arm when they drew blood.
2114467 tn?1358210256 my study nurse said benadryl was fine for me and i'm in a clinical trial. i have 1/2 at bedtime. btw it's very hard to find tablets. so i got the generic brand at target and brought it to my nurse. she said it had the same ingredients. so i've been using it. it works great for me. take care.
304573 tn?1345577338 Can anyone tell me if I can take allergy meds on Harvoni.
1469458 tn?1287320290 What could I do to see if this shellfish allergy is also linked to his obvious iodine allergy?
Avatar n tn If it is from the small intestine (gas pressure in the small intestine tends to lift up the stomach, which leads to nausea), it could be enterobiasis. Since you are a nurse you can get in contact with those buggers quite easily, especially if you are either in a geriatric or pediatric ward.
Avatar f tn i had my doctors appointment today the doc afformed me i was 6wks 3days today at the time of my first ultra sound i was approx 5wk 5days no heartbeat only yolk sak and development begfining so the doc said this was normal and heartbeats are usually detected in wk six or even wk seven the nurse tried to say there may only ever be a yolk sac and no bub but the doc and the lady who performed the ultrasound said no heartbeat or fetal pole can be normal at the early stage of five wks now im confused
Avatar n tn I think this is the Forum you are looking for. We ALSO have another SPECIALIZED Forum that is a Pediatrics Forum and here is the link for that: As to what you need to do to treat your child, that can only be given to you by your Doctor.
Avatar m tn It seems like the medication should have completely worked its way out of your system by now. It is a very sedating medication, too. I only take it if I absolutely have to, instead of everyday, like I used to. I would talk to your doctor about this just to be sure.
Avatar f tn I would call L&D and ask them, just call your hospital and ask for labor and delivery, and ask an OB nurse, I don't think it'd be an immediate concern, but I'm not sure, definitely call and ask.
Avatar m tn Has anyone ever heard of such a sudden or violent allergic reaction? Sudden allergic reaction to alcohol. Nurse added it could have been a contaminated glass, cleaning solution used, cross contamination from bartender. IDK!!! Nobody else at the table (and my buddie checked with the manager and no other reported complaints) had any issues or problems. Has anyone ever heard of such a violent allergic reaction to what I assume would be a very small amount of alcohol?
Avatar m tn I got up this morning with nausea, shakiness and feeling generally ill. The nurse at the e.r. told me everyone is suffering horribly with Mountain Cedar allergies, and the pollen is worse this year than it ever has been in West Texas. I live 150 miles west of Dallas. I have even had pains hit my joints but that finally stopped. Someone told me that allergies can manifest in many ways with all kinds of symptoms. Is it possible to feel nausea and feel bad like I did this a.m. from mt.
Avatar n tn Cough drops are safe and I believe zyrtec is safe I would double check with your doctor about allergy meds. My doctor let me take zyrtec when my allergies got really bad I ended up getting a bad allergy cold one day I took allergy meds the next I would do cough medicine I couldn't tell if it was just allergies or an actual cold and I couldn't take multi symptom cold medicine only one that treated cough only.
Avatar f tn Hi I recently found out im about 6 weeks pregnant and I stopped taking my allergy medication (zyryec-D) because I didn't know if it was safe to take while pregnant. The only problem is, is that I'm having the worst time because everything triggers me to sneeze or rub my eyes and at night it's especially bad because I can't breathe as easily as I was able to while on my allergy medication.
Avatar f tn To be honest with you, I don't trust them anymore either. I called his office today and talked to his nurse and she told me he said that it's not the medication thats causing the itching! Well what else could it be? There are NO bug bites, NO sores of any kind, NO red spots, NO dry skin, just normal looking skin that itches like crazy! The nurse said if I'm concerned just to call my primary doctor - for WHAT?!
Avatar n tn I dont have an answere and I have same problem too. All I can do is stop all allergy shots or even medicine. My allergy get worse, but I want a baby badly. I'm on the first IVF because I'm failed all IUIs. I remember the last time I got shots about a year ago, and I got late AF that month. I noticed it to the nurse and doctor send me home without allergic shot then I know should have some thing related to pregnancy. I skip allergic treatment since then.
1398560 tn?1281851178 Following are some treatment for your reference: Dietary avoidance: Avoiding the offending allergen in the diet is the primary treatment of food allergy,you said you seafood allergies, you stop to eat seafood.
Avatar m tn I am getting a skin prick test done on Monday for a possible nut allergy. I have severe anxiety and the Allergist said ok to take .5 of Ativan before test. But now I have been reading that this can interfere with the test? I called and he said no, dont worry about it. Why would this interfere and HOW would this interfere with a skin prick test? Is it dangerous?
Avatar m tn If these are just red spots with nothing else, it may be an allergy. From your shaving your hair under your arm, or acne type spots. An antiseptic cream should help with that. Keep an eye on them so they do not turn to an abcess If they ooze and crust over and feel sore, it is likely to be impetigo. These are contagious, so don't share your towel. See the doctor to prescribe you the correct ointment for these if you suspect that it could be impetigo.
Avatar f tn We have seen 2 pediatric cardiologist, are being treated for sports induced asthma, and seeing a psychologist for possible anxiety attacks. As a mother and nurse for some reason nothing seems to fit the symptoms and so far nothing has helped. I am looking like crazy for answers because my daughter thinks she will die without swimming. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn It very well could be an allergy to the med you took for the sore throat...the Amoxicillin. Many drugs last a lot longer in our bodies after we have finished taking them, so that has been 2 monhths isn't all that alarming. Benadryl is often used for allergic reactions.