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Avatar n tn Lookout for milk hidden in certain products, like candy bars, and processed foods. You can check out the food allergy network for products that are milk free. I wonder if the diarrhea your baby is having is normal. Infants, especially breastfed infants, have very frequent bowel movements. I couldn't change diapers fast enough. If there is no blood present, then I wouldn't worry too much. If you are still concerned, you could have your pediatrition run an analysis on a stool sample.
Avatar m tn what do you do when you find out that you are metal allergic to all 11 coronary stents installed? Stents aren't like hips and knees. Those can be removed if allergic to them. but not stents. Metal allergy to metal implants is nothing new. It's well documented. So why no procedure for stent removal. Not to bright. shouldn't there be formal metal allergy testing before this one product (that can't be removed) is installed?
Avatar n tn Allergy shots don’t weaken the immune system.It is the time and again exposure of the body to the allergens and infections that causes a response from the body which weakens the immunity levels. Allergy shots help the body build a type of immunity to specific allergens that eventually can prevent or "block" the allergen from triggering symptoms when you are exposed.So in a way they are useful for the body. I sincerely hope that helps.
1691275 tn?1322327507 m hooked on Klonopin, and, just as with Lyme, seemingly about 1% of doctors understand how nasty and prolonged the withdrawal syndrome can be. However, there is a network of doctors who specialize in Lyme treatment (they call themselves Lyme-literate Doctors or LLMDs) and Lyme patients can seek out an LLMD to receive informed treatment and care. My question is this: is there a Benzo network of any kind? Or anything like it?
Avatar n tn eggs,vanilla,apple,milk,soy,corn,pears its all new to us and we're having a hard time finding out what to feed her. we're going to buy a book to help us out. what can you use for eggs to make pancakes. i would appreciate any info.
Avatar n tn I actually experience this same thing if I sneeze REALLY hard - like allergy-hard. LOL! All I can think of is that sneezing involves the upper abdominal muscles & diaphragm, which is right on top of the bundle of nerves called the solar plexus. The pain only lasts for the split second those muscles are involved and then it's gone. Does your pain last more than the time of the sneeze? Do you tend to bend your neck and head forward and down during the sneeze?
Avatar n tn Knowing how things work I called UHC and asked if the facility where they were sending me was in-network. They said it was. I had the MRI and now learn the facility is out of network and we owe $1000 (deductible since out of network). We are now on our 2nd appeal with UHC.
Avatar n tn All of our visits were labeled as out-of-network. They said the dr. had submitted a form to get re-added to the network but all visits occurring before she was readmitted would be treated as out of network they would not pay them retroactive when she was admitted back into the network. Does this sound right. Sounds like they are using a loophole to deny service. They also said it could take 4-6 months to accept the dr as in-network. This sounds completely crazy to me.
631676 tn?1333718203 hi there. was recommended a doctor but they are not in my network. i was thinking of finding one in network as far as the preliminary/lab work etc. is concerned. any opinions?
Avatar n tn I have pretty good insurance and everything will be covered in network, except the NS alone will be out-of-network so I will have a higher deductible there. I just trying to get a basic idea of what I am going to have to pay in the end. The NS's staff told me not to worry about it and they would work with me about the payment, but I would still like to get a basic idea.
4760166 tn?1398357313 t want to rush into any other surgeries for my post-op issues because of this limitation ... Every insurance plan HAS to cover an out of network doctor as in network if there is no other provider in network within your area. I'm wondering if I could go in at the angle of there not being any other Chiari specialists in network (at least that I've found ...) ... if I have to try that I'll let people know if it works or not.
Avatar f tn First of all, I was never told that the anesthesilogist performing the procedure with my surgeon was out of network. My surgeon was in networka and so was the hospital. It wasnt my choice who the surgeon chose to do the anesthesia. Who is responsible for this? Please advise. THey are billing me 1900 dollars.
Avatar n tn Bought health insurance for my college grad when she was going to graduate and lose her coverage with my company. I shopped around and when I asked about in-network providers with the company that I chose, they directed me to their website network provider list. The doctor I was most concerned about was listed. Two months later, my daughter had to see the doctor. I accompanied her.
3107154 tn?1361917605 As a result he was found to have both a mold allergy and a premature heartbeat (atrial contraction) with no cardiac restrictions. We are not certain if the breathing issue is Chiari or environmental (school mold) related yet since this occurred 4 times in a single month (before his Chiari diagnosis) and no breathing episodes since and never outside of school.
Avatar f tn Before I went to the doctor I went to, I contacted Mayfield Chiari Center. Unfortunately they do not take my insurance. So out of network would only cover 50%. Say I do eventually want the surgery, since Chiari is somewhat rare and there are not enough doctors/centers that specialize, has anyone ever successfully petitioned their insurance company to pay it as in-network instead of out of network since we do not have many options/doctors to select from for treatment?
Avatar f tn Since we switched insurances, not by choice of course, the new group is saying it is out of network and so on. My question is if their own in network groups are refusing to see me, shouldn't they be responsible for the bill if I need another rare brain surgery and can't find help anywhere else in network. I also understand it will be under review and am hoping for the best if and when it comes to that. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn As a member of an EPO, you can use the doctors and hospitals within the EPO network, but cannot go outside of the network for care. So there are no out-of-network benefits other than life threatening emergencies. PPO is a Preferred Provider Organization which allows you, as a member, to visit whatever in-network physician or healthcare provider you wish without first requiring a referral from a primary care physician.
Avatar f tn While I got names from ILAD, one said she does not treat lyme any more than a generalist and is just a member. The others are not in my insurance network. I guess this is not something they add to their degrees (LLMD), so how do I find an in network lyme expert? Could those of you in MA provide me with names of Doctors... (I can see about the insurance). But I could use anyone who you have actually used instead of guessing.
Avatar f tn Hi, There may be various causes underlying Interstitial cystitis. It occurs in individuals with a genetic predisposistion and may be mediated by autoimune, allergy, and neurologic components. Treatment with specific medications such as elmiron or bladder instillation can cause the bladder lining to heal and minimize symptoms. The IC diet works differently for different individuals and will have varying results.
Avatar f tn wrote in my file recently that because i had mild congestion at that specific visit my daily headaches must be allergy induced and that flo-nase would fix it. (SERIOUSLY?!) My second issue/question....has anyone had BAD insurance thats got you in a complete trap where you cannot get any help or coverage for a dr who DOES know whats wrong??
Avatar f tn When I had my first child, I had an IN network OB, an IN network hospital but the anesthesiologist on duty was Out of network. No who, I ask you, when desperately needing that epidural asks the doctor that they send to provide it if they work with your insurance? ugh. So, I got the bills and they were 2000 bucks. I went to the insurance company and they stood by the decision that I had to pay as it was out of network doctor.