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Avatar n tn They also get really itchy, but i use allergy eye drops to help that. However, my eyes still continue to get swollen and dry. I am currently taking Allegra-D and Singulair for my allergies. My doctor had prescribed me to Pata-a-Day Eye Drops as well, but they became too expensive and weren't working very well, so i switch to an over the counter brand. My medicine is obviously not working very great either. Does anyone know of an effective treatment that will help me with this? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Hi Denana. There's no known interaction between zyrtec and singulair. If you have serious allergies and you don't want to take medication (with all the side-effects), why not consider Holistic Allergy Elimination. I'm familiar with "Allergy Antidotes" which I have used on many allergy sufferers with very good results over the last few years. Also NAET (Dr. Namburdripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques) is another similar method.
Avatar m tn I've been experiencing quite a bit of post-nasal drip lately - whether it's due to an allergy or what, I don't know. It becomes quite bothersome at times, especially at night when I'm trying to sleep. It even makes me feel as if I have indigestion. Is there a good medicine I can take for this?
Avatar n tn I went and seen a doctor about this and was told I have allergies, I was perscribed the generic for singulair for 10 days, and zyrtec for about 2 weeks to see if I got better. I opted to take the medicine at night (tonight)...and i can't sleep and my throat is so dry even after water. I really dis like medicine...I get anxious...what are some other options to feel better?... HELP!
Avatar m tn m a singer, age 62 in generally good health. My allergy season is January through March in Arizona. It causes asthma (Arizona Cypress, Mesquite and Palo Verde are the culprits.) Singulair has helped me very successfully in the past. However, I also take a very low dose blood pressure medication (Lisinopril 20mg). I do not have health insurance and have an alternative source for medications.
150689 tn?1333990045 HAs a Dr. suggested Singulair as well as steroid nasal spray well before allergy season? Welcome to our Community!
Avatar f tn My Dr has recommended I try singualr along with Allegra and flonase. He had told me the SIngulair will not make me feel funny, cause anxiety or heart palps etc...yet I see there are a lot of negative side effects. Does anyone have any experience on this medicine or just how safe it is?
Avatar n tn I think the whole point of the allergy is to keep you out of the sun and other UVA and UVB rays. So I would say no, you should not tan even if you are on medications to control it. The medications are to help you for those times that you have to be out in the sun. I dont think it covers tanning. But Im not a doctor so you might call him/her and ask them.
Avatar f tn I have been on many type of antibiotics, use a saline rinse 2-3 times a day, take Nasonex, Astepro, Xyzal, Singulair and headache medicine. Some days are better than other but most days are constant pain, numbness, throbbing. A cat scan showed fluid in maxillary sinuses and some ethnoid sinusitus but my ENT surgeon shows no infection and is now considering a tubinate "snip" as he calls it to because my left turbinate is a bit large.
Avatar f tn Ck with the dr for use of Zyrtec instead maybe? At what age will they allow Singulair for treatment of allergies. Environmental i assume? C~!
Avatar f tn is there another medicine similar to singulair that doesn't have the bad side effects
Avatar f tn t see the need for any x-rays. Instead she put me on Singulair and R-Tanna as I had mentioned before. She said my symptoms are allergy related, but that was only after I mentioned that I had allergies. The coughing up of brown mucus, ear popping and sore throat never went away. I've never had those symptoms with allergies before. Usually I get itchy eyes or a clogged nose. However, my eyes are fine and I can breath through my nose just fine.
Avatar f tn I find that just taking medications when needed is not really managing my asthma.
Avatar m tn So sorry to hear that. Is he being seen by a pulmonary specialist? Is he taking any sort of preventative medications apart from ventoIin? He obviously needs to have his asthma controlled. I do know that they don't like to over medicate children on steroid puffers. But I do believe they are allowed up to 400ug/day safely before any side effects become apparent, such as slowed growth. Does he have a lot of air born allergies?
Avatar f tn I am using my long acting broncodialator ( I am sure I did not spell that right- sorry) first, then using the cortozone, then at night i am adding allergy medication. I am breathing well, this is an odd feeling for me. What I don't understand is I am sleeping more now, not wanting sweets at all and I feel more alert. Any comments, suggestions, thoughts?
Avatar f tn I started taking singulair and almost immediately started to have insomnia and horrible nightmares. I feel as though I am going to die, suffocate and not wake up. It is extremely depressing. I have had my left arm into my hand go completely numb and trying to figure out why, has led me to this posting. I had a similar experience taking prednisone-becoming so depressed and fearful. This experience with singulair mimics that of the prednisone issues.
Avatar n tn Hello. I have been suffering from the worst seasonal allergies in my life this year. I have itchy watery eyes, nasal congestion, and scratchy throat. I haven't been sleeping well at night for the past 3 weeks because of the nasal congestion and have been waking up with a nasty dry mouth in the morning. I have tried benadryl, claritin 24 hrs tablets, zyrtec (also 24 hr tablet), nasal spray (some kind of anticholinergic solution), Singulair and phenylephrine so far.
Avatar n tn I have a cure with fexofenadine (allegra) before and during first 2 weeks of may pregnancy. Does anybody know what is the effect of taking that medicine for the baby ? Actually I am looking for possible reason of rare undeveloped arms of my daghter.
Avatar f tn Stopped taking Singulair 3 weeks ago after having taken for 15 months. Stopped abruptly because of chest tightness, nightmares, fearful thoughts, heart palpitations, insomnia and panic attacks. The advserse side effects started gradually over the past month and then all were happening. Now these same side effects come in waves. Chest tightness stopped for several days as did insomnia. Now having anxiety and fearful thoughts. It was I Sonia last week.
Avatar f tn html) On the other hand, singulair is a medicine called a leukotriene receptor antagonist and prescribed for the treatment of asthma and allergic rhinitis:The most common side effects include: stomach pain, heartburn, stuffy nose, flu, dizziness, headache or rash. (ref: Your rash may be a side effect of the medications you are taking.
Avatar f tn it is worth seeing another doctor and asking for a more complete allergy workup (the egg allergy was never tested, despite years of seeking out allergists!). in the meantime, i swear by vaseline as an anti-itch remedy! (it was recommended to me by her dr. in the hospital and i had never thought of it before) coat her feet and put on some socks before bed.
Avatar n tn Since we discovered the loss - and got the aid - just over a year ago, his behavior and speech have improved. He also has allergy induced asthma. He takes Singulair daily and takes Pulmicort and Xopenex as needed via nebulizer when he starts to show signs of coughing. My husband and I went to his parent-teacher conference yesterday - for pre-school - and we were advised by his team (speech therapist, psychologist, etc.) that we should discuss his behavior with our pediatrician.
Avatar n tn An examination and testing by an Allergy/Asthma specialist is certainly suggested, and if there are positive allergy results, specific therapy directed at addressing those allergies, may be beneficial. Asthma is a chronic disease so you would be better off getting on a regimen under the direction of a specialist to control it, rather than only using what is termed "rescue" treatments.
796974 tn?1237688273 I'Why is it that everytime that I wash my hair I get allergy? I also get allergy without washing my hair but it only last for 1 or 2 days .
Avatar m tn I have got tonsilities. Facing COLD/Dust allergy problem.... each time if there is nany temp. flactuation i got feaver. Then i have to take anitbiotic and it got refife. Is there any permanent solution for the same .