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Avatar f tn How many mommies from toronto or GTA??? Maybe we can share stores and other babies info.
Avatar f tn Of course, a second opinion might be a good idea, especially since your doctor has some thoughts about IgE levels that I have never heard. I have heard of people with much higher IgE levels - even reaching into the 3000 range. Usually they have a lot of eczema problems and other issues. I hope that helps some. You have a hard decision to make.
758011 tn?1332269002 We will assemble at the south end of Nathan Phillips Square (Toronto City Hall) near the fountain (map). We will march up University Ave. to Queen’s Park. Please check back soon for more information about the Pram Push and our anticipated guest speakers. Register to Participate. This will allow us to anticipate how many people will be attending. It will also allow us to provide you with additional information and updates by email. If you prefer you may register to participate on Facebook.
Avatar f tn All this has been going on for two months Dr had me on a prescribed noes spray and well as allergy meds and tried me on two different anti biopic and well as prgnazone steroid. Nothing is helping. Dr sent refusal to SENT Dr. But does any one have any idea what is going on? Tiered of middle ear inflections.
Avatar n tn It has increased from 5000 to 9000 in just a few weeks. She has a tree nut allergy but no other symptoms such as asthma or eczema or a parasite. Does anyone know what other things we should test for and what kind of specialist we should see in addition to allergist?
Avatar f tn For me, it's hot dogs and freezies. I have actually started going around to find the best hot dog (so far the local movie theater is winning) and I'm really debating on going to Toronto to get some 'street meat' And my day just isn't complete unless I have a freezer after dinner. I literally cannot fall asleep unless I eat one. On a related note, I had my first craving for pickles today.
4540912 tn?1379630447 I'm from Toronto, Ontario Canada! Just want to see if anyone else is from Canada!!
209987 tn?1451935465 My two yr old son had a blood allergy test done about a year ago...didn't show anything, but pediatrician said that most times the blood ones don't show much unless specifically searched for. My question is...he loves peanut butter...he eats it and never seems to get sick from it, except that he gets a pimply rash on his face where the peanut butter has touched him...could this be an allergy? Is his face possibly just sensitive to the oils?
Avatar m tn itle FACTORS ASSOCIATED WITH REGRESSION OF CIRRHOSIS IN PATIENTS WITH CHORNIC HEPATITIS B (CHB) INFECTION TREATED WITH TENOFOVIR DISOPROXIL FUMARATE (TDF) Speaker: Nezam Afdhal Author: N. Afdhal1*, M. Buti2, S. Fung3, E. Gane4, J. Flaherty5, E. Martins5, N. Bekele5, J. Bornstein5, P.
Avatar m tn just found out today from my nurse that the Liver Study Unit in Toronto,Canada is the where the first place in the world where it was first identfiied as Hep C...from being "non B"...
Avatar f tn Well I havent gone through menopause yet, but I did see a womens health doctor and she tested all my hormone levels and said I was in pre menopause, I was only 31 at the time, she wanted to start me on hormone replacement therapy, she said it would help with my anxiety so much, I didnt want to start HRT at such a young age, and you always hear about women that get cancer with hormone Replacement so I was scared as well. So here I am still dealing with anxiety.
Avatar m tn Are you diabetic? I suggest you see your doctor as high blood sugar is not something you should ignore.
2202729 tn?1377551205 hi i was wondering if anybody here knows of any hep c doctors in toronto canada that has pataints on the tx incivek
Avatar m tn Hi, welcome to the forum, the normal IgE levels fall below 100. Any level above 500 is higher and is suggestive of allergy or parasitic infection. He is known to have abnormally high levels. It can be seen in patients with atopic or allergic dermatitis. It is usually seen secondary to exposure to allergen and subsequent reaction is mediated by IgE antibodies. His body is known to hypersensitive to certain things.
Avatar m tn Who in Toronto tests these levels and what should I specifically ask to be tested for. Or do I just go on estriol cream/patch or estrogel cream....and then figure out if I need t add more, and how do I figure that out - how does one know if she needs progesterin/progestin or testosterone added (either the medical kind or the bio identical kind).
Avatar f tn Seasonal allergies are generally due to pollen or dust. It could be food allergy or allergy to any food ingredient. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn Hi! I'm from Toronto, Canada! After a failed IVF i've become kinda paranoid.I'm also new here so have no idea whatsoever about how things work. I just want to know if there is anyone here from Toronto who knows a good fertility clinic and if someones had a bad experience with a clinic, please also let me know about that. And do u know if i can get a discount for a second try? Should i be changing my doctor after a failed try?The donors we choose from were from the US? Is that Ok?
Avatar f tn Hey... im in toronto im also the first of my friends to have a baby..
Avatar f tn I am 38 years old and have battle allergies my life but began get huge hives a few years ago. After many allergy tests and rounds of prednizone, it was my allergy doctor who realized that I probable had high Ige levels....and blood work proved him right. I began my first series of Xolair with very high hopes. It worked great...but I rebound higher after each series. Normal levels are under 150...I started off with just slightly higher at 183. This was a couple years ago.