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Avatar f tn Phoenix,AZ here :) hello to all the phoenix mommas here! Congrats to evrryone. Due October 22nd!
Avatar f tn I live in Phoenix/Peoria area and I'll be 14 weeks tomorrow :)
Avatar f tn I think Rocco Lennox is a very nice name.! I live in Phoenix az and a big trend here is having Phoenix as a first or middle name I know personally 8 people who named their kids Phoenix. Lennox is something you definitely don't hear often.!
1142551 tn?1264736930 I've not heard of it, but that doesn't mean anytghing. I would search out patient recommendations on the web.
Avatar f tn m in phoenix! Due June 5!
1294482 tn?1354489288 I'm in AZ and go to Dr. Vladomir Troche. He is on the west side of town (Phoenix/Glendale border) not to far off of the 101. He was highly recommended by my husband's urologist. Also, he has treated other people I know successfully. You can see his stats on the SART site. His entire staff have been wonderful to deal with. I also like that he doesn't force you down any particular path. I have done IUIs with them so far and am halfway through my first IVF.
Avatar m tn they inserted a shunt for a few days, that was May 2010, her symptoms are returning and has no insurance her surgeon (TX) will not return phone calls, is there a hospital in az, i live in phoenix, where i can get a dr opinion. Someone please help me, my daughter is a single mom working part time. I'm scared for her.
14089185 tn?1439417585 I'm in Phoenix az luckily we have AC and a swimming pool and i work indoors so I'm not too worried!
Avatar f tn I'm in fountain hills AZ nice n cloudy today but other days it ***** lol
3172665 tn?1344189235 If there is anyone in the Mesa/Phoenix AZ area can you please recommend a doctor for my mom.... The one she is currently seeing is NOT the greatest and I really would like you guys opinions if anyone lives close to there. Thanks!