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Avatar f tn this is about my daughter I am worried about her, she is 8 year old and suffering from high IGE level, In last blood report IGE level was 700, she is having skin allergy, having itching in her body started from legs back portion, on both thai, entire hand , neck , back portion of neck and now started in face like nose , chin.
Avatar f tn Dr wants me to get shots, I was told this is very dangerous level. I am against any shots. I tried singular, my level went higher during that time. I was told once that if level was1,000 and over the dr could not help me or give me shots. I feel like I don't have an evidence of allergies except some sneezing in the morning and heaviness in my eyes and head. I don't feel this justify s shots. What is the normal level and can you tell me if these shots are the right thing to do.
Avatar n tn My Ig E Level is 409.0 KU/L and results have further shown that i am allergic to some vegetables, yeast, Housedust, Housedustmite, paper dust, Parthenium, Pefume, and some medicines Is the High Ig e level purely due to allergys i have or can there be something else also wrong in my Body , any further tests i need to get done ?
Avatar n tn Hi, welcome to the forum, the normal IgE levels fall below 100. Any level above 500 is higher and is suggestive of allergy or parasitic infection. He is known to have abnormally high levels. It can be seen in patients with atopic or allergic dermatitis. It is usually seen secondary to exposure to allergen and subsequent reaction is mediated by IgE antibodies. His body is known to hypersensitive to certain things and in response his body generates IgE antibodies to tackle the allergen.
Avatar f tn my ige level is 319 (measured by the techology-C.L.I.A).i have red spots on my skin..&have a little respiretory trouble.what is the specific cause of this increased level of IGE? i have to work with blood, serum,etc. in my lab as my study it a cause of this allergy?
Avatar n tn after being tested we got to know her ige level is 140 .doctor told us this level should be 50-60. he asked us to remove tomato and all milk products,non veg from her make her wear full body covered clothes,not to take her to gardens.he said we will have to take these precautions till she is 12. can anybody else help me........
Avatar f tn After a couple of days I developed a severe rash over my whole body (I also have many food, chemical, animal and inhalant allergies). This was diagnosed by an allergy consultant as an allergy to my b12 injections - probably to the cobalt? My doctor basically shrugged this off saying we'd stop the injections in that case, and my treatment has ended despite previously being told I would need them for life. I have already had tests to show I dont absorb b12 orally.
Avatar f tn 05% of the IgG concentration. 7% is high level. “Atopic individuals can have up to 10 times the normal level of IgE in their blood (as do sufferers of hyper-IgE syndrome). However, this may not be a requirement for symptoms to occur as has been seen in asthmatics with normal IgE levels in their blood - recent research has shown that IgE production can occur locally in the nasal mucosa, without the involvement of lymphoid tissue.” Refer: http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar m tn After day 9 the pain was unbearable so I stopped and three days later went to the ER for treatment, I told them I had a bad reaction to the Cipro so they changed my prescription to Bactrim which almost immediately dropped my pain level from a level of 8 to a 2 on a 1-10 scale. I’m still experiencing some pain daily and I’m wondering if it’s the Cipro still affecting my body or is it is it something else?
Avatar f tn Followups with the ENT have shown bloodwork high in IgE and eosinophils. After being placed on allergy medicine (Zyrtec), bloodwork was repeated a few months later and IgE is 7% (?) and eosinophils are still high. What does an IgE of 7% mean? What is the normal range? I never get to speak with my doctor without an appointment, I just get the results of the tests. I have a followup appointment with my ENT in four months and a consult with general medicine in two weeks.
Avatar m tn I have a very high IgE Level of 7920. I suffer from severe allergic reactions, and am unable to go outside. I was a patient at National Jewish in September of 2008. They didn't seem to concerned about the very high IgE. I am looking for other individuals who have these high test results. If you have any advice on treatments that have helped you, or just to share thoughts.
Avatar f tn I started allergy shots 6 weeks ago(I get 3 injections). I received the first shot of the second level of shots on thurs. Beginning thurs nite, my sinus began to react, very swollen, Could hardly breathe through my nose. I took zyrtec and used prescription flonaise on Friday, it helped a bit, but knocked the heck out of me, went to bed with a terrible headache. Saturday I was a bit better but so tired, my head feels like it weighs 50 lbs!
Avatar n tn A friend of mine suffers with breathing problem during winter. She was tested for IgE level and she was found with 375.60 IgE. What does she need to do and what are the possible treatement?
Avatar f tn Hello everyone. My sister has had her gliadin IGg level checked 3 times this year and every time the level has been greater than 100. Apparently the normal is less than 11. All her other labwork including other celiac panel numbers have been normal. Does anyone have an idea what might cause this elevated level? Any ideas would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn My 3yr daughter has very high level of IgE. it is 792.14 lu/ml. My doctor perscribed me to go to anothor scin specialist. so wtat should i do. Is it very much serious. plz suggest me..?
Avatar f tn Also i am very fatigued. This is how i feel today. There are many other symptoms i battle with on a weekly basis. So as of right now im not taking anything. I dont have allergies to pain medication and would like to know is anybody has had any success with that? What about marijuana? Sorry for the lengthy message.
Avatar f tn Hey ladies anyone of you on allergy medication. I ask because today getting my 5 year old ready for school I made a mistake of taking his allergy medication (singular 4 mg ) insted of my prenatl pill. know I'm waiting patiently on my ob to call me back...
16586576 tn?1449410735 Again, I feel my allergy can pass to others. I tend not to feel so but I kind of hard not to see others reaction. I feel if I feel nervous, the allegic level will be increased, and my nasal area seems will release allergen to cause others allergic too. I tried not to think so much but hard. Feel moody again.
Avatar n tn To compound things I live at 5200 ft elevation so the oxygen level is even lower than sea level. I have another big race in October and would prefer to not cough the entire time.
Avatar m tn At the allergen level, where you can consult an allergy specialist, who after doing some skin tests, will be able to specify some allergens. You can either avoid exposure to these allergens or desensitize yourself. The second level is prevention of the attacks. For this, there are steroidal sprays for allergic rhinitis and steroid inhalers for asthma. The steroid content is very minimal in both, sprays and inhalers and long-term use will prevent attacks.