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Avatar m tn Have the results of the British Medical Journal study of 2000 on circumcision been validated or is there new information on transmission and circumcision??? As always would app. Teaks answer... New member..
875426 tn?1325528416 org/user_journals/show/291073/Catalina-video More info and videos of our beloved Catalina are on my journal. I hope people will enjoy watching her! I tested allergic to cats last week, but hope we can continue keep her... she's dear to my heart! At least it wasn't in the severe allergy category.
976084 tn?1270872439 I don't want to copy and paste what I wrote in my journal but if someone thinks they might want to help me can you please read it. Thank you for anyone who actually does...
11928313 tn?1437358907 I have a list of safe meds you can take in my journal. My ob gave me the list.
636562 tn?1223667445 Thanks for your suggestion. We just wanted to let you know that the Allergy Tracker is now available. You can add it here:
1216794 tn?1266506453 Ice pack, abortive medicine, and avoidance of headache triggers may help. Some food and drinks with caffeine may trigger migraine headaches. A headache journal may help. There is a headache tracker here in medhelp that you can use. Discuss with your doctor your medicine allergy when considering abortive medicines which may help prevent migraine attacks. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I need help with ideas of possible diagnosis'. My issues are increasingly getting worse and new symptoms have arisen. Please read my "About Me" for my complete medical history and new issues presenting. Not entirely sure where to post this as I don't know how to classify my new issues.
Avatar f tn Hello there, I see you have recently joined Med help. If the something is what you wrote in your journal entry, ie. cocaine , the answer is yes. Should you be using it . The answer is no you shouldn't be using it. It can make you very sick. If you overdose on cocaine, you can damage your brain permanently or die of an overdose. I know what I have told you many sound harsh, but I believe in telling the truth. Knowledge is power.
709686 tn?1277432159 For the past year I have thought that my problem was gluten and once I began to keep a food journal I realized that the one constant food in my diet was a potato. I have made gluten free pizza and about an hour after eating it felt horrible. Could not figure this out and was very frustrated. Yesterday is when I had this revalation as I scrambled a few eggs and added onion, potato and some chicken. About an hour later my body hurt all over.
1297586 tn?1274105947 My hearing loss was caused by a powerful food allergy, I suggest you look into this as one possibility to explore; see my Journal entry for details. Very few ENTs will consider an allergy as a cause for a significant loss. Also suggest avoiding caffeine or other stimulants as they can irritate your hearing.
584024 tn?1218208863 Thanks for the suggestion. We've had a lot of requests from our member for a food tracker. It's definitely on our list of to-do's. We'll let you know when it's available.
Avatar f tn The only thing I can think of is that we had a sink that had been leaking into the carpet for weeks and it is in a small bathroom that has little to no ventilation. I take regular allergy medication for seasonal allergies but it doesn't seem to make any difference here in my office.
402205 tn?1230481005 Boy three was premature and has had breathing and allergy issues. I do not have a medical background just experiences. I'm looking for support in upcoming surgery and would like to share helpful information.
644974 tn?1312758070 Are you trying to write a journal through the Journal interface or through the Tracker interface? On My MedHelp, on the Journals panel, you should see a link that says, Write a new journal entry. If you click that, you should see a form that has text boxes for Title, Journal Entry and Tags. Do you see that?
Avatar m tn anyone else doing a pregnancy journal for their child to read once they're older?:) I've been pretty loyal to mine.:) I hope my son will enjoy and appreciate it once he is older.
1471017 tn?1300570960 I had a TT about 10 wks ago and have been taking 150mcgs of Levothyroxine for about 9 weeks, saw the Endo yesterday and he wants to change me to the brand name Synthroid 137mcgs, not sure why but will give it a try. I am wondering if anyone else wears a medical alert because they no longer have a thyroid and are medication. Someone told me I should get one. Comments?
Avatar f tn I have been trying to scientifically figure out what is causing these conditions - keeping a food journal, seeking help of allergist, dermatologist and a GP. They provide me with antiinflammatories and anti histimine meds, but to no avail. About two months ago, I started reducing my medicaine intake and notices that the symptoms have subsided. The whole overbody hives experience had lessened. Last night, I took 800 ml of Ibuprofen for pain.
Avatar n tn It's very difficult to say what the cause of your allergy is- have you been to an allergist at all? I'd start by keeping a journal- note what you eat, what products you use on your skin, even the weather- anything that you believe could be the cause and note how your rash is. You can also try to eliminate things that you are exposed to when you notice the rash is bad- and see an allergist so they can help walk you through this.